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  • Calvin Coats
    Calvin Coats

    I'm,d have punched Smith in the mouth YEARS ago.

  • Huseyn Memmedli
    Huseyn Memmedli

    Aight lets say Lowry will be traded to the Lakers. Then who gonna be a starter pg ? Demar DeRozan can be a better fit,they need star shooting guard,but i don't think Lowry will be traded to the team that have its starter superstar point guard.


    Definitely Travis. But nobody's going anywhere without a defense and an offensive line.

  • Kurt Cobain
    Kurt Cobain

    Hey Skip Bayless, are you reading my comments? The Lakers are going to beat the Nets with BRUTE FORCE. LeBron and Russ will PnR with AD or Dwight all game. Either they'll attack or they'll lob. Nets are too small.

  • CWE Bed-Stuy
    CWE Bed-Stuy

    Lakers don’t have cap space to sign Derozan or Lowry plus they aren’t going to play on Veterans minimum. Keep dreaming clueless Laker fans

  • Jerome Nichols
    Jerome Nichols

    They will probably end up on the Clippers. 😡 Lowry, Derozen, George, Leonard and Zubac. For Mann and a 2nd rd pk lol. Yet the Lakers would have to give up EVERY pick and EVERY player for the foreseeable future for 1 guy smh stop the hate

  • dipsetkory

    This free agent class is beyond sad. Literally no game changers. LA setting up to be the squad all washed up veterans go to

  • Bryan Starke
    Bryan Starke

    As if CP3 is giving up 43M at this stage in his career. We know what his decision will be 🤣

  • Jake Bobby Miami hurricanes 305
    Jake Bobby Miami hurricanes 305

    Miami heat need both of them

  • Johnny Cash
    Johnny Cash

    Watch the Lakers be a bust next year. The basketball gods have never blessed Westbrook

  • David H
    David H

    Dallas should get them both

  • David M
    David M

    Giannis could win back to back like Hakeem if he has enough shooters. Best 3 point shooters go to Milwaukee for your ring not L.A.

  • Nicholas Jordan
    Nicholas Jordan

    This is a weird hill to die on.

  • Calvin Herrington
    Calvin Herrington

    I wish Derozan & Lorezan both take a 1 yr 15 million deal & try to win a chip with LUKA 🏆

  • chillrobp

    Dak’s first four games and all the games before the injury, was garbage “come from behind” stats and a bunch of losses. Gurley gave them a win vs Falcons. Dallas has the worst coach in the conference. Quinn will probably take over by week 7 or 8.

  • Vernon Howell
    Vernon Howell

    Love them both!!!!

  • Kurt Cobain
    Kurt Cobain

    If the Fakers win the championship, it's based off BRUTE FORCE. They will never be a good shooting team. It's all about size and physicality. Dwight, Russ, and LeBron will make them the worst team in FT%.

    • CWE Bed-Stuy
      CWE Bed-Stuy

      They aren’t gonna win, chemistry issues

  • Yuriel Cundangan
    Yuriel Cundangan

    Popular Opinion: Every single one of ya'll agrees that Demar with Lowry made our day Better:

  • Yuriel Cundangan
    Yuriel Cundangan

    Popular Opinion: Every single one of ya'll agrees Lowry with Demar made our day Better:

    • Sumisu

      They were like brothers, sucks for Derozan to be traded to Spurs and never won a ring

  • Shirt Jackers
    Shirt Jackers

    ..Morris chestnut- Hilarious

  • Luigi Rebollos
    Luigi Rebollos

    J.J Reddic should sign a minimum contract.

  • David M
    David M

    Scottie is right. We love you Rachel! You are the best on TV for NBA male or female. You are number 1!

  • Hernan Rio
    Hernan Rio

    Your picks are garbage smith

  • JahNuhThun Dee The One And Only
    JahNuhThun Dee The One And Only

    Lowry to the Heat and DeRozan to the Mavs

  • Himmy Lau
    Himmy Lau

    Dak is back

  • Viet Le
    Viet Le

    Whoever the cameraman is needs to get it together. Stephen a goes “what’s that right there! And the camera is on his face? Lol

  • Lance Vance
    Lance Vance

    LeBrons gonna want Westbrook off the team by mid season. They dont fit together at all

  • T U
    T U

    What is the hype about DeMar? I don't get it

  • Hernan Rio
    Hernan Rio

    Fuc u smith how dare you question this guy for managing his body ? He will play when he’s ready and your lucky he got injured he would have stripped and blocked that noodle body kd he’s soft gone in the second round lol 😂

  • Cinema Scenes 101 bin
    Cinema Scenes 101 bin

    What I can't figure is how a few years back Lakers had Lonzo, Ingram & Kuzma and no cap space and losing record. Same boat as Knicks except Knicks had cap space. Fast forward a few years. Lakers have LeBron, AD and now Westbrook. Not to mention an NBA title. The Knicks have one and done playoff appearance and really no signings or significant trades. 😕

  • DᴇMɪᴄᴋᴇʏ DᴇRᴏᴢᴀɴ ➐
    DᴇMɪᴄᴋᴇʏ DᴇRᴏᴢᴀɴ ➐

    I want DeMar to be on the lakers, I don’t care about spacing anymore 🥲

    • CWE Bed-Stuy
      CWE Bed-Stuy

      Derozan isn’t playing on a veterans minimum

  • Yuzi Drexel
    Yuzi Drexel

    Bye bye Gasol LAkers needs shooters

  • Kurt Cobain
    Kurt Cobain

    2004 Lakers 2013 Lakers 2018 Cavaliers 2022 Lakers Same OLD 💩.

  • Hernan Rio
    Hernan Rio

    Kawhi will be ready when he’s ready

  • Mahd Sani
    Mahd Sani

    Lowry & DeRozan should team up in Philly, sixers should trade Simmons to create cap space.

    • Chris Z
      Chris Z

      @David H agree I’m not a mavs fan but would like to see them with Doncic

    • David H
      David H

      Naw dallas

  • joseulise

    this guy is just repeating what everyone else is saying...

  • JBenEdits

    imagine Dallas offense and Washington defense that would literally be Super Bowl built team and they would be unstoppable

  • LoganPlays

    Lakers getting Lowry and derozan 100%

  • Juan Santos
    Juan Santos

    Drozan going to the lakers

  • iRllyDidntAsk

    kyle and derozan to new york💪

  • R P
    R P

    The Lakers are going to have the most obnoxious Super Team in NBA history & I am here for it! I can’t wait for us to rampage through the league & win the 2022 NBA title & watch the other 31 teams’ fans go ballistic on social media! Bwahahahahaha!!! LMFAO!!! Oh my sides hurt!!! 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤡🤡🤡

    • Andres Martinez’
      Andres Martinez’

      @R P 🧂

    • R P
      R P

      @Kurt Cobain You’re brain doesn’t work! LMFAO!!! 😂🤣🤡

    • R P
      R P

      @Andres Martinez’ STFU!! 🤡🤡🤡

    • Kurt Cobain
      Kurt Cobain

      Your team is OLD, but ok. Believe that.

    • Andres Martinez’
      Andres Martinez’

      Say less 🤷

  • Semi Depressed Celtics Fan
    Semi Depressed Celtics Fan

    Kyle come to Boston

  • SD Fishin
    SD Fishin

    Funny how Lowry would fit perfect with heat but not lakers

    • Desmond Ervin
      Desmond Ervin

      You forgot almost nobody on the heat has rings. Bias take 😂✌️

  • yereje yetmon
    yereje yetmon

    If we could get Kyle Lowry our roster would be like Pg. Lowry SG. Westbrook Sf. DeRozan Pf. James C. Davis

    • E Surf
      E Surf

      @Andres Martinez’ To soft to play center and im a lakers.

    • CWE Bed-Stuy
      CWE Bed-Stuy

      @David H they are Lebron fans not laker fans

    • CWE Bed-Stuy
      CWE Bed-Stuy

      Lowry and Derozan isn’t going to play in a veterans minimum

    • GUKilljoy

      It literally cant happen. Only one way to get Lowry and thats via S&T and then the lakers will have an illegal roster because of the hardcap.

    • David H
      David H

      Y'all Lakers fans rode the short bus

  • James Kaplan
    James Kaplan

    Boy this actually aged well considering DJ is still on the giants while Haskins was doing so much except practicing and studying film forcing the Redskins, I said what I said, to cut him and shitsburgh to pick him up

  • Eazy Hunter
    Eazy Hunter

    Come to the warriors!

  • smithfan22

    Where does Demar Derozan go? Lakers? Mavs?

    • Dominic Hampton
      Dominic Hampton

      If he stays in Texas he will stay with the spurs but if he doesn't I'd love 2 see him kome home 2 the Lakers

  • blacboy clark
    blacboy clark

    Miami it’s your chance

  • Tyler Hackner
    Tyler Hackner


  • James Tolbert
    James Tolbert

    best qb of all time next to aaron rodgers

  • Batman Pop's
    Batman Pop's

    Someone once told me that toilet water taste like 🚽💩 I had no choice but to believe them no questions asked 😭

  • Batman Pop's
    Batman Pop's

    Yall come to Miami 🔥

  • seth harvey
    seth harvey

    Overrated team

  • Kyle Lowry
    Kyle Lowry

    Kyle Lowry to Miami

    • Goo * Nas215
      Goo * Nas215

      Bro how tf do you have that profile pic already😂

  • Juan Santos
    Juan Santos

    We can’t be surprised if they repeat. They are that good. But there are a lot of other teams that are coming too like the Seahawks Dallas and Green Bay and lets not forget the chiefs. But the buccs for sure are Capable of repeating

  • J Aye
    J Aye

    They coming to LA if they want this hardware

    • Dominic Hampton
      Dominic Hampton

      @E Surf after the Raptors did him dirty after he didn't leave for LA and resigned with the Raptors to get traded it's been a long time koming 2 kome to Lakers

    • Clifford The Big Red Dawg
      Clifford The Big Red Dawg

      @E Surf yes it's possible he joins on MLE and maybe work out a pay raise for the future. But a starting 4 of Russ DeRozan LeBron AD is gonna have poor outside shooting but excellent playmaking. Interesting.

    • E Surf
      E Surf

      @Clifford The Big Red Dawg Derozan more willing because he wants to go home.

    • Clifford The Big Red Dawg
      Clifford The Big Red Dawg

      Lol. Don't need all them players bruh. If DeRozan joins I wouldn't mind but I don't see him taking so little.

    • smithfan22

      @ClaxtonBay123 I would be shocked if Demar isn't a Laker. Actually I'm ready for this older generation to retire. CP3, LeBron, Melo..they need to go

  • Rius Franco
    Rius Franco

    This might go unnoticed but I’m an up & coming Artist worth the listen 👂

    • Jason Allen
      Jason Allen

      Stfu please.

  • Locked In
    Locked In

    WHO CARES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Madd Sage
    Madd Sage

    Lakers best bet is having Westbrook tear through the regular season at the cost of Lebron/ADs stats, then have Bron and AD go 100% in the playoffs and pray. Lmao

  • 00 CD
    00 CD


  • Jacko Bai
    Jacko Bai

    Obj been terrible for like 4 seasons now

  • Leopold Longo
    Leopold Longo

    You stink because you can't behave like a human

  • Merkathomas

    Baker already overthrowing people in camp! It's over already

  • 1986

    How great were the Chiefs before Mahomes got to KC ? NUFF SAID!!!

  • ebizzness1000

    Swagu nailed it.

  • Omar Hai
    Omar Hai

    Y’all know this was referenced in Space Jam 2?

  • Axel/Aqua Cassieb12
    Axel/Aqua Cassieb12

    Marcus with the Shao Khan MK3 laugh

  • Brutus Smithers
    Brutus Smithers

    It means E$PN is destroying the tradition of college football. Very sad.

  • Jacques-Ari Etienne
    Jacques-Ari Etienne

    Mahomes for MVP this season

  • RFN TV
    RFN TV

    An still I watch it everyday

  • 1986

    1-4 in NFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAMES ( LUCKY Jay Cutler got injured otherwise he would be 0-5) but he's a "BAAAAD MAN!" 🤦🤣🤣🤣🤣 O V E R R A T E D !

  • Teddy Boehm
    Teddy Boehm

    Cam Newton throws a football 🏈 like my my 10 Year old old son throws his bottle 🍼

  • Elvin Gallard
    Elvin Gallard

    LeBron always brings the ball up, Westbrook can't push the ball if he doesn't have it. The Lakers need to get Dwight Howard and JaVele McGee again with two shooters, use Russell Westbrook in a trade to make that happen.

  • The Goblin King
    The Goblin King

    aw man alex is stunning

  • Simplyme Nowandever
    Simplyme Nowandever

    Jalen although his analysis was more accurate his sentiment wasn't. Seemed personal even though he stated it wasn't. One fan commented on Stephen A towards Max which is more demeaning I think of any of the commentators on ESPN as well. Max being as accurate even with NBA thoughts at times doesn't deserve the harsh criticism from Stephen A which is at times down right childish especially as an intelligent black man. Get it together J & P kiss and make up and keep it real.

  • Tierell Knight
    Tierell Knight

    I’m a Chiefs fan. Swagu and Max is right but I think Tyrann Mathieu should be up there.

  • Steve Smith
    Steve Smith

    Don’t doubt the GOAT