65,000 fans outside the arena in Milwaukee for
65,000 fans outside the arena.

17,000 strong inside.

Milwaukee is ready for Game 6 🦌

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  • Q8_ Hasan
    Q8_ Hasan

    the bulls

  • Michael

    look at all that covid

  • Rich

    Why allow 65,000 to stand outside elbow to elbow without masks? What is truly going on here?

  • Cmac 613
    Cmac 613

    82 thousand people in that area including arena and we wonder why covid won't go away. Lol. In all seriousness congratulations. Looks epic

  • Mike Talle
    Mike Talle


  • Brad PITT
    Brad PITT

    Man covid is gonna rise like crazy there

    • Don't Blink
      Don't Blink

      Yeah it will 😬 I just went somewhere else to watch

  • Ran vil
    Ran vil

    These are Trumpsters. What a shame.

  • Charles

    I liked this just because of the fan support

  • James 101 ride
    James 101 ride


  • Vyronn Jay Bonghanoy
    Vyronn Jay Bonghanoy

    WOW! 65K Fans Outside the building in Milwaukee.

  • Eriverto Gonsalez
    Eriverto Gonsalez

    The bucks are the new champs congrats.

  • tjmagnifico

    👏 Wow!

  • Jae KiDd N His 508Cents
    Jae KiDd N His 508Cents

    Giannis > KD The debate is over this guy made his biggest weakness be his biggest strength he never got ahead of himself or down on himself when things wasn't going his way This is what every NBA franchise wishes they superstar would be and act like Hes beyond a class act an a all around humble down 2 Earth Good guy

  • UserInterface00

    Kang and Sylvie: Release the Delta Variant

  • Eazy Duz it
    Eazy Duz it

    Break that record ufc

  • soul hunter
    soul hunter

    my guess is at least 5 of them got covid

  • Derrick Franklin
    Derrick Franklin

    😷 congrats to da BUCKS 👏


    GOAT James tells Giannis.. "Win a chip in a small market? Been there, done that. Don't think that you are at me level yet, young man."

  • Brandon Riley
    Brandon Riley

    ESPN: It's great for the NBA that Giannis stayed in the city that drafted him! Also ESPN: WHERE SHOULD DAMIAN LILLARD DEMAND A TRADE TO IN ORDER TO FORM A SUPERTEAM???

    • Barclay Pierre élève
      Barclay Pierre élève


  • JJ

    C19 is gonna have a feast

  • Rocket Power
    Rocket Power

    No one wearing a mask, God have mercy

    • Gematrinator_85 _
      Gematrinator_85 _

      @Jorge If ya know ya know Actually anyone who wanted to go could have gone. Perhaps Covid isn't the killer you're all brainwashed to believe eh?

    • Jorge If ya know ya know
      Jorge If ya know ya know

      i think they need a vaccination or a negativ etest so theyll be fine

  • Eric Chao
    Eric Chao

    Delta variant bouta hit different

  • Frank James
    Frank James

    Come for the game leave with covid, Freaking morons

  • Paco A
    Paco A

    Lakers never got this enjoy it

  • Kshitij Dobriyal
    Kshitij Dobriyal

    Corona am i joke to you

  • Equinox79

    Here i am DELTA V. 😅

  • Ragnar Lodbrok
    Ragnar Lodbrok

    Lol remember COVID?

  • cacaf

    "small market"

  • RVegasGuy _
    RVegasGuy _

    Look at all the demokkkrats celebrating the delta

  • Sammy Woo
    Sammy Woo

    MKE deserves a, MILWAUKEE, THIS (trophy) IS FOR YOU!

  • jaqen H'ghar
    jaqen H'ghar

    Next on the news outbreak in Milwaukee

  • Krzysiek Stuttgart
    Krzysiek Stuttgart

    Corona social distancing...I guess people finally see this is all BS



  • Triple BLACK
    Triple BLACK

    What happened to COVID-19?

  • Mister Mike307
    Mister Mike307

    That's nice and all but wear are the mask 😷

  • JD Russell
    JD Russell

    Giannis just dropped 50 Points to help Milwaukee do something they hadn’t done in 50 Years 🏆

    • Caleb dejoun
      Caleb dejoun

      @Tej S 😂 ik

    • Tej S
      Tej S

      @Caleb dejoun very iconic and poetic and where is Brandon Jennings need him to scream Bucks in 6.

    • Caleb dejoun
      Caleb dejoun

      50 points for 50 years iconic

  • weekendtrailerparksupervisor 420
    weekendtrailerparksupervisor 420

    Suns in what??? 🤣

  • alliK

    cp3 to Shanghai sharks

  • NostalgiaMan

    Love Giannis. Stayed in a small market. Stayed loyal. No super team. So happy!

    • Hero

      And won a ring! So happy for him as well

  • Dick Riggles
    Dick Riggles

    I feel like the NBA kind of rigs things to make the fans care about franchises that are about to fold and leave town. Not too long ago, Milwaukee almost seemed pointless to keep an NBA team in. Then they got Giannis, a new arena, started winning...now they'll get a number of fools to start pretending they are diehard fans of the Bucks for a couple decade. Look at the Pistons, my God, if they don't turn things around, it's over. Went to a game some years ago and never saw it so empty, even back in the nineties when they were bad for some years.

  • Oceanz

    God, i would hate to be a Sun's Fan....blowing a 2-0 leading to lose 4 in a row.

    • Dick Riggles
      Dick Riggles

      Chris Paul threw this.

  • Hero

    So happy the Bucks won!!

  • Gabe Mendoza
    Gabe Mendoza

    Hope it was worth it, lol. Regardless, congrats to the Bucks. I remember the Ray Allen days, they should have gone to the finals then.

  • Dick Riggles
    Dick Riggles

    Chris Paul threw this. This is why I always say, don't bet on sports. Love Giannis but was rooting for the Suns and this was so disgusting. Always happens in the Finals, some world class player suddenly forgets how to play or what the rules are. This is why I don't watch or care about sports as much as I used to. Congratulations Vegas.

    • Rocky Starfire
      Rocky Starfire

      you're just bitter and mad that the team you wanted to win, lost. constant disappointment can make anyone disinterested in something.

  • Mr. BeatsMachine
    Mr. BeatsMachine

    And it wasn't a waste nope nope nope AYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY ATTA BOY JRUE

  • I'm happy-go-lucky
    I'm happy-go-lucky

    Congrats Milwaukee buck fans you showed class unlike the Phoenix sun fans the sun fans are pos

    • solo dolo
      solo dolo

      Foo your pfp says alot about class.

  • thatboy dre
    thatboy dre

    Bucks brought a ring before packers

    • weekendtrailerparksupervisor 420
      weekendtrailerparksupervisor 420


  • Isaac Howard
    Isaac Howard

    This was great am cool

  • L.A.C

    Lol it's like as if poor Milwaukee only had basketball games as a source of entertainment 🤣😆

  • jailen rose
    jailen rose

    They about to be shitty an pissed

  • Elite Clinical Research
    Elite Clinical Research

    Delta variant just checked in

  • Hot Wheels Costa Rica
    Hot Wheels Costa Rica

    I only see one porta potty..Yikes!


    Corona :- Am i joke to you

  • Angel C
    Angel C

    How can you dislike this vid????

  • Derrick's Werld 🤟
    Derrick's Werld 🤟


  • Woke AF
    Woke AF

    This is easily the greatest event people in Milwaukee will ever see. This is like finding Bigfoot!

    • William Spain
      William Spain

      The trial of Jeffrey Dahmer

    • Dick Riggles
      Dick Riggles

      Just the NBA trying to make a franchise that was almost considering leaving care for a couple decades.

    • Darrius 414
      Darrius 414

      Salty Lakers fan

  • Sean OBrien
    Sean OBrien

    Science: we need social distancing to eradicate the virus Capitalism: that doesn't work for me

    • MrMASH50

      Controlled science will tell you whatever the narrative they decide

  • Taylor Anderson
    Taylor Anderson

    Covid is rubbing its hands like Birdman

  • Kyle R
    Kyle R

    Imagine if they lose and the Suns win game 7

    • weekendtrailerparksupervisor 420
      weekendtrailerparksupervisor 420

      Nope. Bucks sealed the deal

    • Hero

      Good thing that didnt happen

    • Est97

      You wanna bet on this game ?

  • Dee Pee
    Dee Pee

    Those fans deserve covid more than a championship smh

    • All Above Else
      All Above Else

      Oh my god a flu !....

  • Bo Rood
    Bo Rood

    Wow! That's like their whole population,

  • D Wnright
    D Wnright

    Delta variant - thank you Milwaukee

    • Jorge If ya know ya know
      Jorge If ya know ya know

      @All Above Else 🤡

    • All Above Else
      All Above Else

      Scam variant u mean

  • Super Choco
    Super Choco


  • GRawdy

    If only we can come together for the right thing boy I tell u this just a big distraction

  • Dido Dilenga
    Dido Dilenga

    No covid huh

  • LosAngeles_ King
    LosAngeles_ King

    Covid out there having a blast to

  • GreaTMaX32

    New Delta Variant...

    • All Above Else
      All Above Else

      Stop trusting media. Delta is dangerous for vaxxed people

  • steven mcilwain
    steven mcilwain

    I would hate to go through all of that just for the bucks to lose lol. But I think the bucks will win it tonight Edit: Well it’s good they won.

    • Fack U Mean
      Fack U Mean

      @Chad Kriefall Buck you then

    • Chad Kriefall
      Chad Kriefall

      @Fack U Mean It really doesn't

    • Fack U Mean
      Fack U Mean

      @AtomicPineapple Weed smells good

    • Cmac 613
      Cmac 613

      @AtomicPineapple thats a good thing. Lol

    • AtomicPineapple

      I was there. It wasn't that bad except the whole area smelled like weed

  • Bot

    60,000 ppl outside Coranavirus: allow me to introduce myself

    • Bot

      @Jorge If ya know ya know what's the point of having a vaccine if all it does is "minimize" the symptoms

    • Jorge If ya know ya know
      Jorge If ya know ya know

      @Bot you do realise that vaccines do not prevent the virus from spreading to you. they help to minimize symptoms lmao.

    • Bot

      @Hero the vaccine is actually not helping at all ppl still get covid after taking the vaccine I know a few family members that got vaccinated and still got covid

    • Hansm Ransm
      Hansm Ransm

      @4 Yeah well I ain't one to risk it.

    • 4

      @Hansm Ransm lol fake , 65% of people who got already got the jab 2wice already got the vi- rus again in UK, this is social engineering, they gonna keep droppin new strains, and keep locking down/isolating people from eachother, and then keep creating fake solutions that are require you to hand your rights over to em over and over

  • James e Lewis jr
    James e Lewis jr

    Now that's what you call a super spread of the virus

    • Daniel Eagan
      Daniel Eagan

      Anyone think they will cancel the Olympics in Tokyo

    • Q45

      Keep living your life in fear 🐑

    • All Above Else
      All Above Else

      @asap yonkers even vaccinated u still can get infected and spreading

    • asap yonkers
      asap yonkers

      We're all vaccinated cuhh Bucks in 6

    • All Above Else
      All Above Else

      @Nikolas Cruz true lol

  • nicelemon2

    PUFF. Covid gone like a fart in the wind!

    • weekendtrailerparksupervisor 420
      weekendtrailerparksupervisor 420

      Wanna cry about it some more?

  • 3rd Level Intellect
    3rd Level Intellect

    Giannis leading the league in travels in an NBA Finals series.


    Look at all that “social distancing”

  • Toruk Makto
    Toruk Makto

    It seems corona is on vacation, natural selection.

    • All Above Else
      All Above Else

      @Luke Minosky 99.8 % survived even not being vaxxed

    • Luke Minosky
      Luke Minosky

      @Legend Status yes it is. 99% of hospitalizations and deaths from the delta variant are unvaccinated people. You may get it if you’re vaccinated, but you either won’t know you have it or it’ll be like a cold

    • Hansm Ransm
      Hansm Ransm

      @Legend Status actually it is

    • Legend Status
      Legend Status

      @Luke Minosky its not harmless to vaccinated people do your research

    • Luke Minosky
      Luke Minosky

      You mean the disease with 99% survival rate and is harmless to vaccinated people…I’ll take my chances

  • da man
    da man

    That is a football game

  • Gibson Simba
    Gibson Simba

    Got to love that coronaville though wow meow

  • Gibson Simba
    Gibson Simba

    remove these stupid ads

  • thedirty530

    I hope ya'll get it too...As a Packers fan from California, Milwaukee deserves this one!

    • Pure chaos
      Pure chaos

      @Sophisticated Warriors Fan it doesn’t look good the packers offered Rodgers a massive contract and he declined and there’s word that he will just sit out the season then leave in free agency

    • Sophisticated Warriors Fan
      Sophisticated Warriors Fan

      @JS vlogs bucks 71 suns 69

    • JS vlogs
      JS vlogs

      @Sophisticated Warriors Fan Score updates lods

    • Sophisticated Warriors Fan
      Sophisticated Warriors Fan

      @thedirty530 yep

    • thedirty530

      @Sophisticated Warriors FanYeah, I'm from his hometown too... so we got our fingers crossed but it is what it is!

  • HOFHooper

    Bro why does this look like it was filmed in 2005

  • HUSSLA god
    HUSSLA god


  • Isaiah Hughes
    Isaiah Hughes

    Imagine bucks losing

  • Rash S
    Rash S

    Now they go out to kill others because they can do it. They don't care for they life they families life and nobody else life.

    • Luke Minosky
      Luke Minosky

      Please shut up

  • Michael Connell
    Michael Connell

    My throat hurts watching this video.

    • z man
      z man

      @Michael Connell and in your mouth

    • Michael Connell
      Michael Connell

      @z man The joke is in your pants.

    • z man
      z man

      @Michael Connell i get the joke

    • Michael Connell
      Michael Connell

      @z man 👏👏🤡💩

    • z man
      z man

      Cuz ur sucking the suns off

  • Stephen Curry
    Stephen Curry

    These fans don’t know what personal space is

    • d c
      d c

      @AtomicPineapple I am glad to see people thinking for themselves.

    • AtomicPineapple

      @d c your point?

    • d c
      d c

      No...they don't care. Most people have stopped wearing masks.

    • AtomicPineapple

      I was there. It wasn't that bad

    • DemhA FDJH
      DemhA FDJH

      If you want personal space don’t come there dummy

  • Stilez

    Whatever, Jurrasic Park was the first.

    • MBA 84
      MBA 84

      With a max of 10K. 65K last night and was averaging 25K most of the finals.

    • Terron Isaac
      Terron Isaac

      That’s fair

    • Trevor Persaud
      Trevor Persaud

      Thank you.

  • Deni

    i dont want to sound like a covid person, but Milwaukee about to be a hotspot

    • 4

      @Deni real but also synthetic and over-exaggerated, also being used as a psyop to test the waters for their "G" reset

    • All Above Else
      All Above Else

      @Luke Minosky the only people who have problems with delta is vaccinated people. Our immune system is ok . Vaccine is more dangerous than covid himself

    • Luke Minosky
      Luke Minosky

      @All Above Else is that people that have gotten it or hospitalizations and deaths? It really doesn’t matter how many people get it as long as they’re not getting hospitalized or dying

    • All Above Else
      All Above Else

      @Luke Minosky most of delta in London (70%) are vaxxed people . Israel still have restrictions even with vaxxed population. We don't need this vaccine.

    • All Above Else
      All Above Else

      @Deni it's statistically not . My sister is an doctor and it's a scam. 99.8 % of infected survive. Even my grandmother 97 got covid and still ok whiteout vaxx

  • P Pratt
    P Pratt

    We deserve all this to come crashing down again.

    • Luke Minosky
      Luke Minosky

      Bro shut up

  • Pokerbrat626

    Hope u all get covid and lose. How is the government allowing this

    • My Teams suck
      My Teams suck

      The fact u like the government telling people what to do tells me everything I need to know

    • Mr. Morris
      Mr. Morris

      @Luke Minosky come make me

    • Hero

      @Pokerbrat626 false

    • Pokerbrat626

      @JS vlogs suns won by 3

    • JS vlogs
      JS vlogs

      Plssss update score

  • J

    COVID-19 is still happening

    • J

      @All Above Else great, I've been looking for a rabbit hole to go down

    • All Above Else
      All Above Else

      @J wait will send

    • All Above Else
      All Above Else

      @john thonig conspiracy ? What ? Talking about facts and agenda is conspiracy ? Not trusting drugs companies is conspiracy ? Thinking by ourselves and not by media owned by billionaire is conspiracy ???

    • john thonig
      john thonig

      @J all above else is a nut case

    • john thonig
      john thonig

      @All Above Else As are you

  • Uriz Blue23
    Uriz Blue23

    Amazing. I'm from Chicago but Milwaukee fans making us proud.

    • Mr. Morris
      Mr. Morris

      @Kendall Gilchrist and you live in a dirty part of America that no one cares about, get over it

    • Kendall Gilchrist
      Kendall Gilchrist

      @Mr. Morris and it was dumb.

    • Mr. Morris
      Mr. Morris

      @Kendall Gilchrist I said what I said.....

    • Don't Blink
      Don't Blink

      We love y’all too except the bears and Cubs 🙏🏽

    • EG Goku
      EG Goku

      @You Are Censored gtfo 🤡

  • PackAttack


  • G

    New Delta variant hotspot is Milwaukee 😂

    • Gematrinator_85 _
      Gematrinator_85 _

      @SpaceLabs There's been thousands massive indoor gatherings without masks in the past few months. Where are all these super spreader events where everyone suddenly dies off? But this is what I would expect from someone who bases their intelligence on their diploma lol. Go live your life.

    • TRINI818

      More like "Delta District" Fear the Covid .LOL

    • Marko

      @SpaceLabs This will actually be the perfect test. So, if numbers of infected people significantly rise in Milvoki in next couple of weeks you'll prove your point but if numbers don't go crazy after 60000 people were tightly squeezed together, then you are wrong. So I guess we will know in just couple of weeks.

    • Jenni

      That's exactly what happened here in New orleans after Mardi gras 2020

    • All Above Else
      All Above Else

      @Parallax Peak nope , vaccine doesn't protect you from spreading and being infected. Our immune system is doing thd job . We have chloroquine, ivermectine and vitamin c . We don't need experimental vaccine. Stop watching tv for 2 min....

2,8 mil.