Can the Bucks beat the Suns to win it all? | NBA Finals Game 6 Preview | Hoop Streams
Cassidy Hubbarth and Christine Williamson welcome in Kendrick Perkins, Gary Striewski, Treavor Scales, and David Jacoby to get you ready for Hoop Streams' preview of Game 6 of the 2021 NBA Finals between the Milwaukee Bucks and Phoenix Suns. Tonight our crew welcomes in Zach Lowe and Dave McMenamin to run through everything that's happened in the Finals thus far. Also, our crew is joined by the Bucks' in-arena host, Melanie Ricks, to give insight to just how rowdy the Deer District has been. Plus, Richard Jefferson gives us his thoughts on the Bucks' potential to win the championship in front of their home fans and what the Suns need to do to force Game 7.

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  • Franco Bonetti
    Franco Bonetti

    He could still win a chip. If Booker and Ayton improve dramatically. And the West doesn't improve. Plus Brooklyn is injured. If all those things happen, then possible

  • Jim Gahn
    Jim Gahn

    Yes we did!

  • Dave Merfeld
    Dave Merfeld

    go Lakers....... oh hehe they done long time ago

  • IC4c3s Gaming
    IC4c3s Gaming

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  • timhoward5

    *I will say yes.*

  • Xa Veere
    Xa Veere

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  • Nickolas Gaspar
    Nickolas Gaspar

    The dude in the left said something really simple that everybody misses. If you are unable to take rebounds and play defense, you need to be shooting really great. That was all that Suns needed...and of course that is really difficult under the "spotlight". Giannis on the other hand thrives under these really strong lights after all he had an historic 100% night at the All Star game.

  • Ra Thesungod
    Ra Thesungod

    The bucks are laughable no serious basketball person believes a win is a win!!! First there are a new line of steroids in pro sports!!!!!and Olympic!!!!basketball baseball ⚾️ and ufc mixed martial arts!!!and in pro sports!!!!in general!!!!PRO SPORTS!!GET YOUR HOUSE 🏠 IN ORDER!!!!

  • Ra Thesungod
    Ra Thesungod

    NBA IS A FRAUD!!!!

  • Brandon Riley
    Brandon Riley

    ESPN: It's great for the NBA that Giannis stayed in the city that drafted him! Also ESPN: WHERE SHOULD DAMIAN LILLARD DEMAND A TRADE TO IN ORDER TO FORM A SUPERTEAM???


    🦌'$ bested the 🌞'$

  • Soja !
    Soja !

    When KD said to Giannis:"Every possession,go get one"

  • Chris Chris
    Chris Chris

    Devin Booker signed a 5 year / $158,253,000 contract needs to be restructure and then trade him to Cleveland... He is just not consistent enough for that kind of money... Holiday was the difference maker for the Bucs....

  • Jason Lampkin
    Jason Lampkin


  • Just_an_anime_weeb 4
    Just_an_anime_weeb 4


  • funny guy sometimes
    funny guy sometimes

    Damnit I feel bad for cp3

  • IWashMyOwnBrain


  • Ketchupz Studio
    Ketchupz Studio

    CP3 is cursed!

  • Rov Nathan Caguimbal
    Rov Nathan Caguimbal

    Y'all Jinxers just jinxed chris paul's first championship, smh

  • Aaron Rodgers
    Aaron Rodgers

    THEY DID!!!!! GO BUCKS!!!

  • Gary Reid
    Gary Reid

    Yes Milwaukee.... Bye bye Paul you loser...

  • Miloš Momčilović
    Miloš Momčilović

    And its all over. Congrats Bucks, go GA, love from Serbia

  • Karl Mawby
    Karl Mawby

    Hay Booker, who had many shots mised n you are the Disappointment.tonight not Paul.....

  • Amiel Benedict Mirasol
    Amiel Benedict Mirasol

    PJ tucker won a ring before harden and cp3

    • Kana Jingly
      Kana Jingly

      Yes, he won a ring by fouling and complaining like a madman. Nevertheless he has worked hard enough to make it on a championship team, and get's a nice prize for effort. Also more importantly, he seems like a good dude. Unlike the other wankers.

  • Mark Tiupin
    Mark Tiupin

    Bucks beats Suns 108 - 95. Let's congrats Milwaukee Bucks for win NBA finals.

    • Science RBLX
      Science RBLX

      Now that is a victory, I am proud of.

  • DY

    Looks to me Devin Booker did not want to win game 6.

    • Kana Jingly
      Kana Jingly

      He did, he just couldn't. And to be frank, I'm glad :D

  • Richard Bustamante
    Richard Bustamante

    Cyril Paul get out.looser

  • Ichigo Kurosaki
    Ichigo Kurosaki

    fix is in refs totally siding with phoenix suns

    • Ichigo Kurosaki
      Ichigo Kurosaki

      phantom calls against the bucks. CP3 … you will never deserve this championship. you flop like crazy

    • Ichigo Kurosaki
      Ichigo Kurosaki

      five straight BS calls against the bucks

  • C D
    C D

    Portis is a bab you don’t do that to another black man especially not Chris Paul and I want the bucks to win championship but you love attention cause you obviously have never had any put some respect on Chris Paul game Fool!

  • ThousandairesClub

    *i bet Cass smells Daisies and Morning Dew

  • edwardtone

    Jeff Van Gundy has no idea what he's talking about. He was actually a coach in the NBA.

  • D amaro
    D amaro

    The play by gianiis before they went to commercial about minute 7:30 in the 3rs quarter, there was like 3 fouls, didnt want to call it. They NEED a game 7

  • My Other Car Is A DeLorean
    My Other Car Is A DeLorean

    Why are people sitting courtside wearing masks, but everyone else in the back rows is not?


      They are to close to the NBA players

  • Zach Williams
    Zach Williams

    you would see better action on a friday at a ymca

  • Imrans Mohamed
    Imrans Mohamed

    Let’s go

  • Rick Western
    Rick Western

    Its unfair to only show the fans of the sucks and not the suns fans. Our arena is sold out. But getting no play. Very bias broadcasting. Very very biased broadcasting. Terrible.

  • JS vlogs
    JS vlogs


  • JS vlogs
    JS vlogs

    Score for bucks and suns for game 6

  • JS vlogs
    JS vlogs

    How many bucks and suns score

  • Ramonica Hill
    Ramonica Hill

    They are playing so slouchy and so bad they just throwing the ball in the air I ain't even trying to make a shot they not skillful in this game and it's wrong

  • lee Dixon
    lee Dixon

    OMG!!! Nobody has on mask!!! Is every body in Milwaukee Vaccinated??? What's their %?

  • Reyn enrile
    Reyn enrile


    • JS vlogs
      JS vlogs


  • Bobby Digital
    Bobby Digital

    Feeling like they are going to have a rough night and PHX WILL PULL OUT THE WIN! THIS IS MOST DEFINITELY GOING 7 GAMES!!!

  • Ayawoke

    Mecca? Horns in the floor?…people need to bless that place, 1,000% chance there’s some dark magic going on.

  • Kana Jingly
    Kana Jingly

    Looking good after 1st quarter. 13 point lead for the humble bucks.

    • Kana Jingly
      Kana Jingly

      @ChumBue And now the humble Bucks are humble champions!!

    • ChumBue

      And now the Suns have a 5 point lead

  • XxDream_CasterxX 2020
    XxDream_CasterxX 2020

    Eh I liked Lakers, championship more better and Raptors cuz Kawhi was a beast that playoffs, giannis and Middleton got it easy this playoffs and you can't denie it. Every team they faced it's either all star players injured or 1 all star player they are playing against. Bucks congrats you broke your 3 years of trying to get a championship.

    • Kana Jingly
      Kana Jingly

      @XxDream_CasterxX 2020 I would not say raptors at all. Because kevin durant was injured and made the warriors work. Also the bucks in the eastern conference finals were not as formidable an opponent at the time. The only test was the 76ers, but they themselves had many flaws. Lakers had an easy route to winning the finals as they were favourites each step of the way and their opponents were very weak. The miami heat were an incredibly weak finals opponent and the nuggets were not very strong an opponent at all. Compared nuggets to this year's finals suns, and it would be a harder series. If Lakers played this years Nets, it would be a harder series. So the mountain the lakers had to climb was not as high. And as time goes along people will continue to talk about how great a run this was for the milwaukee bucks. This is as close of a great run I have seen to winning the nba championship since the dallas mavericks in 2011. This will go run will go down in history as one of the greats and people will continue to talk about for a long time.

    • XxDream_CasterxX 2020
      XxDream_CasterxX 2020

      @Kana Jingly I would say Raptors lakers, and bucks

    • Kana Jingly
      Kana Jingly

      Lakers were favourites to win. Raptors were favourites to win. Bucks had a higher mountain to climb to get to the top. They were not favourites against nets nor raptors. Bucks fought harder than both those teams to win. In order of hardest championships: 1. Bucks. 2. Raptors. 3. Lakers from last year. Also Bucks are the most humble champions of all. So this championship won by the bucks was by far better for the basketball world and people who care about nice people.

    • Scep

      all the suns teams they faced in wc all had injuries and you only talk about bucks

  • Jamythicus

    Today may be the first time you see the sun cry.

  • Mrcz TV
    Mrcz TV

    Nice game

  • fightnight14

    Funny how we started with “Suns in 4”. Sorry but Bucks winning it tonight, no game 7

    • JS vlogs
      JS vlogs

      Who is the win game 6

  • edan haha chuo
    edan haha chuo


  • edan haha chuo
    edan haha chuo

    Bucks your the champ go go

  • Hobert Ang
    Hobert Ang


    • JS vlogs
      JS vlogs

      Who is the win for game 6 idol

  • Patrick Smith
    Patrick Smith

    Just curious, anyone know if this is the lowest fouling series in NBA history? Outside if Air Papadopoulos, I do not recall a whole lot of others shooting free throws.

  • SssSondial

    She-he wants to try on my Atef crown before it gets blown out!! Nice try but that's not the McCoy

  • Francis Lazott
    Francis Lazott

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  • Stanley Opuoro
    Stanley Opuoro

    I don't want to believe the ESPN analyst but this is a moment of win so I believe in the bucks cos this is the bucks moment of a win to recognizing in the NBA gallery with others

  • Dallas Buxton
    Dallas Buxton

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  • ShAcKo B.
    ShAcKo B.

    Wihtout watching the game, CONGRATULATIONS BUCKS for this win and ring.. easy

  • jleon grae
    jleon grae

    The NBA REFS chose who they want to win

    • January 1st
      January 1st


  • Nate Bascombe
    Nate Bascombe

    Let’s go bucks let’s go

  • Glyph Careers
    Glyph Careers

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  • Alvin Botona
    Alvin Botona

    I love bucks ❤️ because very humble team

  • Tony Howard
    Tony Howard

    Get these 2 Ws Suns!!! Let's GOOOO!!!

    • Jermie

      nope bucks in 6

  • Lisa Harris
    Lisa Harris

    Suns can't lose tonight.

    • JS vlogs
      JS vlogs

      score suns and bucks


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    • OuZi

      Raised on the 3rd day?, Kawhi could use that type of game managment, who's gods agent? Its probably moses. Lol

  • Pick And Choose
    Pick And Choose

    Pj tucker ankles tho

  • Ch3m1cal Cookie
    Ch3m1cal Cookie

    Let's gooo bucks

  • Veronica Bridges
    Veronica Bridges


  • Virginia Yazzie
    Virginia Yazzie

    Refs' game no fouls call against da bucks 😤 wah...jini

    • ThomasFromTN

      Wow...blaming the refs when your team loses. I've never heard that before.

  • James Suarez
    James Suarez

    Scott Foster

  • Niko_422



    Booker is dropping 50 tonight. Or 70.

    • Kana Jingly
      Kana Jingly

      You mean Giannis?

    • cris clay
      cris clay


  • E Brawler
    E Brawler

    Go bucks

  • apope06

    Thanks for the apology!

  • Dready


  • Caeden Tupper
    Caeden Tupper


  • Dankest Ranch
    Dankest Ranch

    Worst finals ever

    • JS vlogs
      JS vlogs


  • Jacqueline Hornickell
    Jacqueline Hornickell

    Bucks for the win to night

    • JS vlogs
      JS vlogs

      How many score bucks and suns

  • Spark Micer
    Spark Micer

    Let’s Go Karl Malone !

  • Yuan Hwa
    Yuan Hwa


  • Lala2Real

    $lalaa2Real for the bucks. Or the suns !!

  • Chace McCarthy
    Chace McCarthy

    go buck s

  • Cashton Ziegler
    Cashton Ziegler

    Let’s go suns

  • Myrna Gaeth
    Myrna Gaeth

    You got this Bucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • JS vlogs
      JS vlogs


  • Noah Daville
    Noah Daville


  • Nowaf Rahimee
    Nowaf Rahimee

    Are they gonna start lol

  • Karlo madafaka
    Karlo madafaka