'Chris Paul has to dominate this game' - Perk has high expectations for CP3 in Game 6 | SportsCenter
'Chris Paul has to dominate this game' - Perk has high expectations for CP3 in Game 6 | SportsCenter
Dave McMenamin and Kendrick Perkins preview Game 6 of the NBA Finals between the Milwaukee Bucks and Phoenix Suns.

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  • Barbara Jackson
    Barbara Jackson

    It seems the Suns can’t beat a healthy team!!🤷🏾‍♀️

  • Jae KiDd N His 508Cents
    Jae KiDd N His 508Cents

    Literally cp3 Was almost invisible this whole series up until 2 games ago if he just played 75% of what hes capable of it might be a different outcome but he vanished come the finals

  • Cristina Villafana
    Cristina Villafana

    I wonder why these so called basketball pundits have still high expectations on Chris Paul...We all know that CP3 is already old, he hasn't done it- winning a Championship during his prime years, so why would they expect him to win a Title now that he is over the hill???...CP3 has a terrible history of Choking during playoffs-- that's why he was called Chris "Choking" Paul.

    • benji boii
      benji boii

      CP0 back at it again

  • Trivium 17
    Trivium 17

    CP3s record is consistent. FAILS he just got swept again

  • underwearonly 🩲
    underwearonly 🩲



    The Bucks are playing bullie ball just historical great defense as well. I believe it's over in 6

  • Not a Trap rapper
    Not a Trap rapper

    Just because you say you’re excited doesn’t mean you don’t feel the pressure. Did you expect them to say they were scared?

  • Zan Dale
    Zan Dale

    CP3 doesn't have to dominant the whole game. But he does have to play very well in the last 3 minutes of the game. The suns could have won 4 and 5 with good decision making in the last 2 minutes of each of those games

    • Zan Dale
      Zan Dale

      @Nick Farwell With 4 minutes left in the 2nd and it doesn't look like CP3 will get 40

    • Nick Farwell
      Nick Farwell

      Chris Paul needs to go out and get 40 tonight and get this thing to a game 7

  • Bone Collector
    Bone Collector

    I just pray he don't go out like this again

  • Bone Collector
    Bone Collector

    Cp3 always does this smh

  • Manny Ramos
    Manny Ramos

    Cliff Paul 😂😂😂

  • Constanzo Harris
    Constanzo Harris

    Boy perk a fool not salein insurance) no commercial.

  • Carlos Gonzalez
    Carlos Gonzalez

    Scott foster... Scott foster... if you suck, you lose. Easy observation.

  • Antonio Mitchell
    Antonio Mitchell

    I got high expectations for myself to

  • Yungin Glo
    Yungin Glo

    Y’all forget what jrue did to dame dolla, cp3 ain’t no dame in terms of scoring

  • Anasia Jones
    Anasia Jones

    Its funny to me how everybody believe CP3 is the answer to the Suns winning. Its not Devin Booker is!!!! The 🌞's are who I'm rooting for! But relying on CP3 to be the rescue for his team!!!! NOT!!!!!

  • pirota819

    I can't stand this bust in the name of Perkins. You are a Giannis hater you don't need to imagine what people will say.

  • rwarren58

    He can't sign with the Lakers. The NBA would cancel the trade as being "bad for the league". Again.

  • Rod Talingting
    Rod Talingting

    Perk: Chris Paul has to dominate this game or I'm gonna lose a ton of money

  • jd2616

    Win two games straight against a team that has just beat you three times straight, don't think so.

  • Ignacio Ortiz
    Ignacio Ortiz

    i remember this bozo of perk saying the suns were going to be dynasty, buddy they were almost going to game 7 with a clippers team without kawhi

  • PFC 4
    PFC 4

    Fool what u talking about top 10 PF, what do you know about top players

  • Liberal Democrat
    Liberal Democrat

    If the Suns want to win they need to bench Chris Choking Paul

  • Liberal Democrat
    Liberal Democrat

    Chris Choking Paul: I play to lose the game

  • Liberal Democrat
    Liberal Democrat

    Chris Choking Paul has always been a natural born loser. He's never won anything and he will never win anything

  • Matt

    I mean let’s give Holiday his credit he’s an elite defender

  • Nick Farwell
    Nick Farwell

    CP0 on the verge of blowing a 2-0 lead

  • Caleb Clemmons
    Caleb Clemmons

    CP3's going to have to be patient...

  • Darnell Taylor
    Darnell Taylor

    That ref thing make u think who they want to play whole time

  • Kenneth Noble K-No
    Kenneth Noble K-No

    C.P. will make history win or loose the series.

  • Zero Tolerence For Haters
    Zero Tolerence For Haters

    Suns gon win tonight to force a game 7...

    • Golden Okoko
      Golden Okoko

      U sound dumb

  • javier book shadows contributor du
    javier book shadows contributor du

    99th comment

  • T Love
    T Love

    Suns ran into a healthy team......and got exposed....they aint all that

    • Golden Okoko
      Golden Okoko

      Lol fr

  • T Love
    T Love

    Send Suns home....got to cocky to fast. Media has been biasly favoring Suns because of Nba boy toy Chris Paul....Send them home Milwaukee Bucks....im so sick of them and the sports gossipers

  • charlie iem
    charlie iem

    This foo said cliff Paul 💀💀💀🤣🤣

  • JPOnline

    Perk: 'CP3 cannot show up to the game being Cliff Paul.... Jrue Holiday is not trying to be in commercials. Jrue Holiday is not trying to buy insurance' 😂😂😂🤣

  • Shortboy Scoop
    Shortboy Scoop

    It’s something about ESPN’s née thumbnails that I don’t like…AT ALL

  • Jose Ruelas
    Jose Ruelas

    Go Suns ☀️ 🏀

    • Trey DavisIII
      Trey DavisIII

      Love both teams suns☀ and bucks🦌.. But The Suns have to step it up if they wanted go to game 7. If they lose this tonight The Suns are done deal. 😐 but happy for both though in the finals of the season.🏀🏆

  • Rius Franco
    Rius Franco

    This might go unnoticed but I’m an up & coming Artist worth the listen 👂

  • JeVaughn Ferguson
    JeVaughn Ferguson

    They really pushing this Suns narrative

  • My Pain Vs My Motivation
    My Pain Vs My Motivation

    I just wanna see a good game!

  • Spurs_

    If Perk had 10% of the expectations about himself, he would've had won titles in OKC

    • Spurs_

      @victor dela Cruz Im mad at Perk because he's a sellout and a clown for ESPN.


      He knows he didn’t have the talent these players have.

    • victor dela Cruz
      victor dela Cruz

      Why u getting mad tho. Hes right u know, for the suns to have a chance cp3 needs to be like the HOF that he is

    • Bonez001

      @DaOfficalJunkie2x Perk was nice defensive anchor for like 4 seasons, but outside of that bro was an average center lol

    • DaOfficalJunkie2x

      Perk was a beast ‼️do yo research ‼️👌🏾

  • Jason Tan
    Jason Tan

    Even if he does, it wouldn’t be cos of you clown azz bij. Stop acting like you’re some motivational speaker. You’re wrong 98% of the time now carry on

  • Kurt Cobain
    Kurt Cobain

    0-12 vs. Scott Foster Ayton will get in foul trouble again.

    • Rod Talingting
      Rod Talingting

      or Booker will get 10 fouls and not foul out

    • Miguel

      So he should stop fouling...

  • Mike Z
    Mike Z

    Chris too old. He matched up well in WCF but with the bucks not so well. But he is the key to the game. D book makes a lot of young player mistakes in crunch time. Chris can't do that this game.

  • Chamber Davins
    Chamber Davins

    Jrue Holiday exists

  • SourceAbove

    "He got to ulivate himself and the team." 😄

  • Paco A
    Paco A

    I saw someone at a dodger game post suns in 7 in their stories... I hope the suns lose.

  • I'm back
    I'm back

    Top 10 PF of all time? He's already there, this Championship would put him in the same conversation with Kevin Garnett. MVPs, Championship, DPOY, Finals MVP, the only thing KG would be ahead in is longevity.

    • J R Hugz
      J R Hugz

      I would take Giannis #1 PF over anybody!!!!

  • Terry Griffin
    Terry Griffin

    To much hype over CP3. He is 36 years old. I don't think he can pull it off.

    • JeVaughn Ferguson
      JeVaughn Ferguson

      Way too much

  • John Black
    John Black

    Glad to her Perk say Monty has to be a better coach. He needs to stop all of that cheerleading with his inspirational speeches and start coach this this with schemes, sets and expectations. If they lose then Monty and Chris have to go as they will not be able to help the team any further.

    • Chamber Davins
      Chamber Davins

      Uh no I think Monty and CP3 should stay regardless. Both of them have been a large part of the team’s success

  • John Black
    John Black

    Suns have got play beyond their comfort zones and dominate. Control every possession. Stop shooting the three, and drive to get the Bucks in foul trouble. Be willing to give up your body. Take care of the ball and Monty must be smart and call his time before the score drops below a 12 point lead if you have it.

    • James W. Hamilton
      James W. Hamilton

      They need to play Cam nore minutes and include Bridges more in the offense

  • Corpy Hogan
    Corpy Hogan

    No excuses for CP3 if they lose! They were up 2-0

  • 26 LIM WEI JIE S1A
    26 LIM WEI JIE S1A

    Scott Foster 💀

  • Caden Meliska
    Caden Meliska

    Suns really have to step up more than needed. Scott Foster is officiating. We have to stay out of foul trouble as much as possible. especially Ayton, he has to stay out of Foul trouble, if he gets in trouble, suns are screwed.

    • Caden Meliska
      Caden Meliska

      @Elmz Tana no that was game 4. Foster Officiated game 3, where book went 3-15 or something like that

    • Elmz Tana
      Elmz Tana

      🤦🏿‍♂️ wasnt he the ref when booker had 8 fouls

  • rip5tar

    Valley Oop

  • Mike J
    Mike J

    Giannis is getting 40-14-6 and Middleton gonna get 26-6-5 and for Jrue he'll get 24-6-4 and my score will be like 124-111

    • Unreal Climax
      Unreal Climax

      Jrue holiday will not be consistent

  • 인생은like candy
    인생은like candy

    At CP3's age of 36, MJ was retired (came back 3 years after), and Iverson was playing overseas (Turkey I believe). It's crazy to think that, at 36, suns' win depends so much on CP3. Both game 1 and 2, CP3 dominated and he prolly gave his all. But at his age, the will just isn't enough to overcome father time, especially when he's prolly dealing with so many injuries. CP3 carried the team on his back at 36, and his body has paid for it. Now, it's his crew that needs to step up for their captain. I know Booker will do what he does, it's Ayton, and it's other role players that need to step up.

    • Sed Said
      Sed Said

      @인생은like candy if Chris Paul is the point god people talk about he should prevail on these types of situations. Also that’s not “carrying this team”. Also last year if Ayton wouldn’t have been suspended for half the season they would’ve made the playoffs

    • str8duval

      @인생은like candy he gotta finish the job. No one said it was going to be easy

    • 인생은like candy
      인생은like candy

      @Sed Said except he's constantly guarded by Holiday who's stronger, faster, and younger. Also Holiday is known for his defense specialty. Other than Booker, suns just don't have playmakers, which they have relied on CP3. That's what I meant by carrying the team. (last year, Booker alone couldn't do it for the team, hence their drastic improvement with CP3)

    • Sed Said
      Sed Said

      Cp3 hasn’t carried this team on his back lol he just needs to pass the ball and not turn it over.. and that will open his shot. He does the same routine every game but if he can’t pass and can’t hit his shot than they’re gonna lose

    • Sing Out Loud
      Sing Out Loud

      No, CP3 needs to flop more to win.

  • Ryan Irwin- Diehl
    Ryan Irwin- Diehl

    Real talk: Will Paul retire if they lose tonight

    • Rod Talingting
      Rod Talingting

      nope. He'll probably join the Lakers

    • Ignacio Ortiz
      Ignacio Ortiz

      if they lose, it's going to be bad for his legacy and he will go down as one of the most overrated players ever by some people because everyone wants cp3 to win and he didn't face a healthy lakers or clippers, but still can't get the job done. that's sad

    • Bonez001

      @CardsPride15 Ehhh, I think you forgot CP3 and Doc Rivers having intense beef, that’s one of the reason why the Lob City Clippers weren’t even able to get to a WCF

    • CardsPride15

      Paul to the sixers makes the most sense

    • Jay Williams
      Jay Williams

      Still doesn't guarantee a championship if he does sign for Lakers. It's now or never.

  • ريان

    I like how they have clips of misses and makes depending on the narrative or the topic

    • Manou Traore
      Manou Traore


  • Franco Bradshaw
    Franco Bradshaw

    Perk “CPR” 🔥🔥🔥🔥 bar

  • Steven Roberts
    Steven Roberts

    Chris Paul and Devin Booker need to play lights out especially with the other guys Crowder and 22 I believe is the guy. Can’t remember everyone. My apologies but let’s go Suns! You got this!

  • Dan Davis
    Dan Davis

    Let the Suns shine brightly (and turn to carbon everything that they encounter towards the championship)!

    • Docraki Docraki
      Docraki Docraki

      They’re going to turn to carbon cause they’re gonna get flamed

    • Ervin Flores
      Ervin Flores

      Thank you for this

  • Jacinto Garza
    Jacinto Garza

    “The Suns are going to need to score more points than the bucks if they want to force a game 7.” - Big Perk

    • I'm back
      I'm back

      Mind-blowing insight from Perk. Probably came to the pre-show meeting all excited and was like, "guys, I figured it out!"

    • Rod Talingting
      Rod Talingting

      ohh really?

    • godduchiha

      As if no one knew that already Perk. Carry on

    • Manou Traore
      Manou Traore


  • Alex Mclife
    Alex Mclife

    When the tough gets going you won’t find CP3 and that’s his history. He won’t dominate. His history has disappointed me many times. Always first games he’s there and dissipates like a candle

    • Edgar Camacho
      Edgar Camacho

      CP3 hasn’t been the issue. When he played with the Clips, Blake Griffin and DJ couldn’t hit free throws the hack a Jordan strategy really derailed the clips. I remember CP3 closing out the Spurs in game 7 against the Spurs in 2015 hitting the game winning bucket over Tim Duncan. Guys like Jamal Crawford bricking 3s he was hitting all season long. Also injuries have always plagued CP3 especially in the Playoffs. If he has a 20 point game tonight with over 10 assists and they win, people will say he showed up, assists only count if the person you passed the ball to hits the shot. The Suns are lucky to even be in the finals. They played short handed Lakers, Nuggets, and Clippers. The Bucks close it tonight because they are the better team. And I’ll tell you what, Kawhi Leonard being a very quite guy would probably sign with Milwaukee during this offseason. Imagine Giannis, Kawhi and Middleton.

  • 24x

    I respect players that stick with one team. Go giannis

    • str8duval

      His career ain't over lol

  • Brian Dieck
    Brian Dieck

    Jrue playing right?

  • Yungflyhero Good
    Yungflyhero Good

    Hornets CP3 or the Rockets CP3 tonight?

    • Yungflyhero Good
      Yungflyhero Good

      @Kaliba King That's harsh fam 😏😓😂😂

    • Kaliba King
      Kaliba King


  • Kaliba King
    Kaliba King

    So do I

  • freezy 101
    freezy 101

    Jesus loves you ❤️

    • sku36

      the dude from the big lebowski? nah thx im good

  • ChenelleLife 123
    ChenelleLife 123

    Bucks gotta come out in black uni’s it’s a funeral tonight!!!

  • Supreme J
    Supreme J

    Who is mr. perk?

  • Carl Lane
    Carl Lane

    It's crazy that Chris Paul is being blamed. If you were expecting a 36 year old undersized point guard to average 30 points a game, you were delusional

    • Who Dat
      Who Dat

      @Ethan Walker leave my guy alone

    • str8duval

      He's a allstar and MVP candidate so he is expected to perform as such

    • Nick

      1. They said he was the main reason for the suns success so why should he get the blame? He was the one getting voted up as an MVP? I like CP3 but the excuses y’all give this man after y’all hyped him up is ridiculous.

    • T Noyce
      T Noyce

      @Ethan Walker yup lol they call him the point god....by that he better be ballin

    • Nick Wright
      Nick Wright

      Scott foster gonna save cp3 days fellas

  • You Got Me
    You Got Me

    And i bet Perk has low expectations for Giannis tonight.

    • Daniel Galan
      Daniel Galan

      Why you say that

  • John Sharpnack
    John Sharpnack

    Let go CP3

  • Paul Jansen
    Paul Jansen

    Wasn't Perk the one saying CP3 needed CPR? never seen a man changing his opinion this often....

    • godduchiha

      Let me introduce you to bandwagons

    • Spurs_

      KD was right. Perkins is a sellout.

    • Terry Griffin
      Terry Griffin

      Perk is just a mouthpiece. He is funny, and has some gems at times. But, his opinions her surface to which way does the wind blow.

    • Nick Wright
      Nick Wright

      Scott foster gonna save cp3 days fellas

    • Jo Om
      Jo Om

      @MrGenexxx I wholeheartedly believe the bird would simply fall and crash

  • Sports Now with Darius & Aiden
    Sports Now with Darius & Aiden

    CP3 has to play close to perfect in orde trot the Suns to win this game! Booker has done everything in his power for the Suns to win! Ayton has to be more agressive same for Bridges! Suns need to perform nothing but there best tonight! We have a sports show called Sports Now with Darius & Aiden and we would really appreciate it if you would check us out!

  • SimplyJay0

    Win or lose Cp is a top 5 pg to ever play the game this don't affect his legacy at all

    • Jo Om
      Jo Om

      Magic, Isaiah Thomas, Oscar Robertson, Steph Curry, John Stockton are all above CP3, he might crack top 10 but not top 5.

    • rip5tar

      Top 25

    • Kaliba King
      Kaliba King

      MJ Curry Stockton Kidd IT West all better just to name a few

    • Jerome 3456
      Jerome 3456

      'Says a CP3 fan'

    • A AB
      A AB

      GTFOH!!!!!! he always choking, we've seen it throughout his career...he's overrated.

  • Aidan Pipe
    Aidan Pipe

    Cmon cp3. You gotta step it up

  • Jehush Domino
    Jehush Domino

    Come on cp3

  • Lor JayJay
    Lor JayJay

    “CHRIS PAUL” do mean “D.Book”???🤔

  • Synclon

    Game 6 Is CP3's Game☀️

    • Mike J
      Mike J

      Are you sure about that?

  • niklavs

    Leta go nets 2022

  • Tyler Hackner
    Tyler Hackner


  • Kaisa Afegogo
    Kaisa Afegogo


  • Isaiah Martinez
    Isaiah Martinez

    Yes new vid

2,8 mil.