Giannis Antetokoumpo's postgame press conference after winning the 2021 NBA Finals | ESPN
The Milwaukee Bucks' media availability following Game 6 against the Phoenix Suns.
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  • Chill Bro
    Chill Bro

    haha I'm happy for this young man! he balled his heart out!

  • itunified

    " have to enjoy this moment, we might not have another one"..............god honest truth....tmrw is not promised today

  • Robert Harris
    Robert Harris

    This just a thought. Jrue Holiday came to a team with GIANNIS AND K. MIDDLETON. BOTH ARE ALL-star max players. So is he talking about Jrue too???

  • Felix’s Flix
    Felix’s Flix

    Did Malaysia get their question off? Lol

  • Tyler & Christina
    Tyler & Christina

    Don’t get me wrong he’s a great guy on and off the court but I don’t know.. hearing him talk can be cringing to me lol. Much respect giannis

    • Creeper Creep
      Creeper Creep

      Don't get me wrong but you make me cringe!

    • Tommy Rex
      Tommy Rex

      Why is it cringey? Cuz unlike others, he just tries to be himself instead of like a cardboard cutout of what society thinks is cool like many others? Or is it his accent? I'm just curious.

  • LEX

    He had 47 points in the last 19 seconds, they gave him 50 with 1 free throw. LOL

  • Will Sani
    Will Sani

    13:00 for all parents out there, this is what you bleed for.

  • Troy

    This dude is the second coming of Mike Olowakandi.

    • Troi Hawley
      Troi Hawley

      U good my boii

  • Mike Khouzam
    Mike Khouzam

    Just wanna point out, after game 4, Nick Wright correctly predicted the bucks winning games 5 and 6 and that Giannis would now be known as the best player in the NBA.

  • Riley Freeman
    Riley Freeman

    1:25 he won cus of family🤝

  • Yahya Rajaee
    Yahya Rajaee

    This is the first time that an athlete truly made me believe that we all can be successful in what we do.

  • watchyoutubeaccount

    loll is ESPN bootlegging this? why is this on zoom lol

  • Martavious Tisby
    Martavious Tisby


  • Quentin Robinson
    Quentin Robinson

    9 dislike are sun fans

  • DharpaanTV

    Look at Giannis man, so inspirational

  • Sergio Martins
    Sergio Martins

    A well-deserved Championship 👏 Congrats Greek Freak

  • Carlton Vincent
    Carlton Vincent

    There's no such thing as the best player in the world in the NBA. You have the best players.

  • L.A Lakers 2020 champions
    L.A Lakers 2020 champions

    The 9 Suns fans who disliked 🤣

  • D D
    D D

    It’s cool how global basketball is now. Giannis finals mvp, Jokic reg season mvp, Embiid reg season mvp runner up. It’s a team sport and the foreign players are better trained in the team aspect. It will be interesting if the US team doesn’t win gold in Tokyo for this very reason.

  • Greek89yanni

    E ellas ellas ellas ellas

  • Micheal Jordan
    Micheal Jordan

    I can already see it. SPACE JAM 3. Gianni's has to go back in time and win every award before Before the giant evil catipillers eat his family

  • Wally Marsh
    Wally Marsh

    Let’s not overlook Giannis thanking the reporters for doing their job

  • javier book shadows contributor du
    javier book shadows contributor du

    so I'm guessing he is going to resign with the bucks

  • Jerome Turner
    Jerome Turner

    The most honest and real interview.

  • Daniel P
    Daniel P

    This is the way

  • Jason Murdock
    Jason Murdock

    Love this guy so much respect congrats

  • KSU 1989
    KSU 1989

    Let's be honest, who gives/gave you more useful & meaningful nuggets? Giannnis or Shaq?

  • jimmychu

    James Harden kicking rocks right now 😭

  • theicecreamjones

    man it's great to see a star stick it out and win with the team that drafted and the players they drafted... no begging guys to join him for a super team or him leaving to join to see it...just wait till this guy can hit freebies on the reg and develops a 3 pt shot, it'll be a wrap for the rest of the league

  • Jae KiDd N His 508Cents
    Jae KiDd N His 508Cents

    You gotta love this guy I don't care if you're a bucks fan NBA fan hes just a stand up guy an a easy guy to like an route 4!

  • Sodbileg Bolor
    Sodbileg Bolor

    Such a legend

  • Jae KiDd N His 508Cents
    Jae KiDd N His 508Cents

    To think this guy's biggest weakness became his biggest strength in this series he shot over 90% from the free-throw line after having that be his struggle leading up to the finals

  • Allen Garcia
    Allen Garcia

    Perfect example of a champion

  • Elizabeth Kabuta
    Elizabeth Kabuta

    I cried for him tears of joy. Respect for the Greek Freak and his team

  • AJ Taylor
    AJ Taylor

    If you hate Giannis for winning this ring, I'm convinced you hate the American dream of working hard to be great. Dude came all the way from Greece, came from nothing, over to the US after being drafted by the Bucks, worked his way into a starting role, overcame the loss of his father, put in more work to develop his skills, and most importantly remained loyal to the city and team that drafted him and did it the right way instead of trying to team up with multiple All-Stars to build an unbeatable team. No easy ring chansing for him. He did it the way he wanted to and he can now say he's an NBA Champion. Dude has a HOF resume at ONLY 26 years old, and he still has so many years left to build on it. THIS is the type of storybook ending and representation the NBA, and sports as a whole, should want. A hard-working, humble, loyal, and determined guy on the top of Mt. Everest. Congrats to Giannis and the city of Milwakuee. First title in 50 years.

  • Mark24XX

    The bucks are gonna be scary next year when Durant joins them! Haha

  • Aaron Ramirez
    Aaron Ramirez

    Do you know what is easier than being in a Super team, is is winning a championship with every other team hurt,so he had it easy to win a championship, but he won't be back thats for sure .

  • IamDia music
    IamDia music

    We need a whole giannis doc

  • Luther Menard
    Luther Menard

    Stunt on them!!! Did it the hard way! lol 🏆

  • Omar Faizy
    Omar Faizy

    Young legend

  • Speedy Cerviche
    Speedy Cerviche

    I’m really happy for him now his little brother ain’t the only one with a championship trophy 🏆 🏆

  • Psk 8387
    Psk 8387

    Super deserving Title win for the Buck’s and Giannis Antetokounmpo. He’s definitely IMO the new face of the NBA

  • Tc Blaize
    Tc Blaize

    Never seen a Superstar more REAL!!!

  • Ryan Irwin- Diehl
    Ryan Irwin- Diehl

    7:30 Giannis is calling out Durant😂😂

  • RJ Manalang
    RJ Manalang

    Giannis a real one. No wonder he's destined for greatness.

  • jaysonborn

    Anyone seen Kendrick Perkins? Does he even work here anymore?

  • Brandon Riley
    Brandon Riley

    ESPN: It's great for the NBA that Giannis stayed in the city that drafted him! Also ESPN: WHERE SHOULD DAMIAN LILLARD DEMAND A TRADE TO IN ORDER TO FORM A SUPERTEAM???

  • CSJiGSaW

    Its a Kardashian Curse. Thank Bookers girlfriend 🤧🤧😂😂😂

  • robertino o
    robertino o

    This is the best possible outcome for the NBA this year.

  • Gary Lee
    Gary Lee

    The 7 Dislikes are Suns fans

  • SirHookYouUp

    He said I know I’m a role model…

  • Johnnyy Bravoo
    Johnnyy Bravoo

    M.V.P. Giannis it finally happens!


    He is the only player with a chance to be the greatest ever

    • Colby Martinez
      Colby Martinez


  • Poetic Writer
    Poetic Writer

    The Antetekumbo Boys are champions. Last year his brother, now him. Eat your heart out Manning Brothers.

    • Poetic Writer
      Poetic Writer

      @Spec I hope they play the Lakers opening night so all 3 of them would be there during the ring ceremony.

    • Spec

      And his other brother who is also on this Bucks team

  • Imanawalah Malak Dawadah
    Imanawalah Malak Dawadah

    Giannis holding those trophy’s like twin newborns is everything right now !! 😂😂

  • Stephen

    Breaking News: Kevin Durant asking for trade to Milwaukee!

  • J D
    J D

    Giannis took a shot at Durant

  • Jay R
    Jay R

    They laughed at his jumpshot, laughed that he resigned in Milwaukee, laughed that he couldn't shoot free throws, laughed that he got stopped by a Miami Heat wall, but he kept coming back and getting better and ignored the haters. Congrats! You can't hate on that. He got it done!

    • ThePsyclosis

      it called heart and want to .... as a sixers fan ... Simmons we are looking at you extra crazy now .... yall came into the league dam near a year apart and this dude had no jumpshot free throws were blah and just kept working and being aggressive and now look hes a champion ... grats milwaukee

  • Mr.steal yourgirl
    Mr.steal yourgirl

    I love this game and everyone who loves it with me. Great day for basketball

  • Brent T
    Brent T

    You know what’s crazy ??? He did what lebron and KD couldn’t do, stay and become a champion. CRAZY !!!

    • Matrix Seven
      Matrix Seven

      @Akshaj Molukutla Stop the excuses… Lebron created a big 3 in Cleveland the 2nd time around and only won in 2016 because he cried to the refs to suspend Draymond Greene Get out to feelings boy 🐷

    • Brent T
      Brent T

      @Akshaj Molukutla dude just saying players could have signed with lebron but a lot of players don’t want to, hence why he left.

    • Akshaj Molukutla
      Akshaj Molukutla

      @Leoni Lebron's second best player on those early Cavs teams was Mo Williams. Giannis's was Khris Middleton. LeBron came back and took the Cavs to 4 straight finals. 5 in total.

    • Leoni

      @Akshaj Molukutla its not like he stayed and they drafted and traded for kyrie and love. He signed after they stock piled a bunch of 1st picks and got kyrie. These guys developed at the bucks the past 8 years. Its different. Its not quite the same what giannis and LeBron did.

    • Akshaj Molukutla
      Akshaj Molukutla

      LeBron came back to win. 3-1 too. He even carried some of the worst finals teams to a ring. His front office was horrible and didn't surround him with the necessary pieces.

  • Cam Adams
    Cam Adams

    Best in the game right now DPOY, 2x MVP, Champion, FMVP 💯💯

  • rizwanzulfiqar2

    Congratulations bucks

  • Pokerbrat626

    Congratulations 50 piece 👏..harden where u at lol loser

  • Saurabh Shetty
    Saurabh Shetty

    Btw the future face of nba is doncic..the league MVP is jokic and the finals MVP is giannis..Americans busy flopping.all the best for the Olympics btw

  • Paco A
    Paco A

    I'm happy for him, but this might be the only one he gets in a while lol healthy nets, and healthy Lakers 🤣

    • clickfanatic

      You crazy if you think Giannis won’t be great next season, they are already championship team before all injuries. Now that they have tasted the feast, do you think they won’t get to work ?

    • Jay R
      Jay R

      Assuming health is a big assumption. LeBron is getting old too. His game will start declining soon eventually

  • Martti Hänninen
    Martti Hänninen

    It is nice to have superstar, that is not concerned about his brand or any of that outside noise. He does not even want to be friends with players in other teams and i respect that, because i grew up with 90`s basketball.

  • David Ben Pitts
    David Ben Pitts

    Gianni's represents Greece well!

  • makrides22

    Indeed a raw model for Europe and Africa

    • Colten Dudley
      Colten Dudley

      I don't want no part of a raw model

  • Fulando Mcclarin
    Fulando Mcclarin

    Congratulations sir. You deserve it!

  • Lawrence bolt
    Lawrence bolt

    Ya'll going to learn at some point to stop letting us Nigerians through the border. We about to dominate in everything. Naija boys no dey carry last💎

  • FP4

    I guess Lillard is staying in Portland after this 🤷🏾‍♂️

    • deboman81

      He's American, he's going to leave lol.

  • S A
    S A

    The man can literally do everything that a team needs him to do and is no longer afraid of the big moments. Truly inspiring to see this guy getting better every series and game of the playoffs. It’s crazy to think that if he hadn’t blocked that 2vs1 lob in game 4, not hustle down to catch jrue’s pass in game 5, or missed even a couple more freethrows tonight, we might be seeing game 7 or suns winning the chip.

  • legendary soldier
    legendary soldier

    Giannis answered kobe challenge

  • Tmac 01
    Tmac 01

    after game 2: Don't you ever compare me to Giannis ever. Giannis: Bro try winning without a superteam and I dropped 50 in a closing game which you couldn't do

  • MohShiZiro

    You won against a weal finals, lebron was out , Nets players got hurt, and others ,

    • Joseph Stephen
      Joseph Stephen

      That doesn't matter injury comes with any sport so don't down play the man's accomplishment it just makes you look petty.

  • maria marie
    maria marie

    He has a pretty smile

  • Vershawn Copeland
    Vershawn Copeland

    If I'm not mistaken...all Three brothers have a ring now✌🏾

    • G AL
      G AL

      @Picklechin Forehead one does in Spain..

    • Picklechin Forehead
      Picklechin Forehead

      He still has 2 other brothers but they don't play basketball

    • Hernandez Family
      Hernandez Family

      Yes, they beat the ball brothers

  • JustPrincess

    Like Kobe, Jordan & Dirk - he did it the RIGHT way! Congrats to Giannis and the rest of the Bucks! What an amazing series!

    • Mister XVS
      Mister XVS

      And Steph.

  • OGbobbyT215


  • Sam Garret
    Sam Garret

    We all know who he was talking about when he mentioned how easy it is to win on a super team. Exposing the Beard lol

    • Saurabh Shetty
      Saurabh Shetty

      Still that flopshow will come out yappin..don't care whether brookylyn wins it or no .this Milwaukee wi. Is gonna run hard on all of them for the next decade or so..

  • Basquiat

    One things for sure, everyone is coming out hard next season after that comment lol

  • Basquiat

    26 years old leading his team to a chip! Gotta give it to the guy!

  • CJ Vergara
    CJ Vergara

    This was one of the best Finals Postgame interviews ever. If I ever feel down and need to be inspired, I can watch this. Congrats Champ!

  • GxP

    new face of the nba


    Kevin Durant after the bucks historical win " I'm taking my talents to Milwaukee "!

    • Hernandez Family
      Hernandez Family

      They beat his team so that might happen , Durant has the history of joining the team that just beat him.

  • Ty Hamell
    Ty Hamell

    im glad he stay its time to teach the kids about loyalty…. there are no more small markets if u’re great u can win anywhere

  • MC Sub
    MC Sub

    from nothing to the top great journey by Giannis! Stay there for long years buddy 🏆🏆🏆

  • ItzTone

    "This is the hard way to do it, and the right way. And we did it, we F**king did it" Words of a real man! bruh clapped up the league at 26, 2 reg season mvps, 1 defensive player of the year and 1 finals mvp...what more is there to prove? bruh can retire today and be 1st ballot HOF

  • Troy M
    Troy M

    ): Gianni you’re amazing

  • Michael Babin
    Michael Babin

    How can you not like this guy. Breath of fresh air for the NBA.

    • Chill Bro
      Chill Bro

      dude this is actually only the 2nd interview i've ever seen of him. I am happy for him big time :)

  • aaron de’andre
    aaron de’andre

    He stayed in Milwaukee and did it the hard way instead of going somewhere else and being a super team…much respect to Giannis 💯

  • Big B.
    Big B.

    He's a good kid, man. Inspirational, humble, funny - & talented AF. Right on, bro. Enjoy your moment. :)

  • nelly nel
    nelly nel

    This generations shaq

  • deejay sensation
    deejay sensation

    "He can't shoot midrange, can't shoot 3, he can't shoot free throws, he can only dunk" and yet they still cannot stop him putting historical numbers This championship is bigger than just winning the NBA title. coming from Nigeria to Greece without nothing just to become the most dominant player since Shaq. A true warrior, champion and well deserved Finals MVP

    • deejay sensation
      deejay sensation

      @Creeper Creep 🥳

    • Creeper Creep
      Creeper Creep

      @deejay sensation ok dumbo lol!

    • deejay sensation
      deejay sensation

      @Creeper Creep ok creep master

    • Creeper Creep
      Creeper Creep

      He didn't come from Nigeria to Greece. Get your facts straight. He was born in Greece from Nigerian parents. That's why first name is Greek. He does not even speak the Nigerian language. He only knows Greek and now English.

    • flowerz

      @Abhilash Singh yea the thing is he actually has a serviceable midrange jumper now and he clearly wants to shoot more 3s which is pretty scary going forward. Now he’s gonna have his confidence up Middleton also showed he is a beast and has a clutch gene. So bucks look pretty scary going forward imo.

  • ThreeKDinar

    Giannis going for 7 finals mvp

  • Urbain Delva
    Urbain Delva

    Giannis is, without question, the new face of the NBA. This was one of the best post-championship interviews ever. He was humble, passionate, grateful, emotional, funny, and wise with so little effort. From where he started to where is now is one of the greatest stories in sports.

    • Fire Blood
      Fire Blood

      @Colby Martinez you do realize the king nickname is just a marketing play on his name right? Idk how old you are but back then, player nicknames were a thing, so Nike used that as the marketing campaign. Air Jordan, black mamba, the diesel and on and on 😂

    • Colby Martinez
      Colby Martinez

      This guy is the TRUE King. No self proclaimed, not doing the super friends, not joining the enemy, not promoting himself over his team… this guy is the King of the NBA. I couldn’t be more happy for him. This is some inspirational stuff.

    • Fire Blood
      Fire Blood

      The sports media is going to fight tooth and nail to stop that. But he’s taking it. He’s writing the narrative himself.

  • Hengel Andrews
    Hengel Andrews

    Well that was wholesome! I guess I passed an hearing exam too.

  • Phillip Taylor
    Phillip Taylor

    Giannis “I MADE MY FREETHROWS!!😂” Antetokoumpo

    • Chill Bro
      Chill Bro

      hahaha Right!!

    • Corey Hansen
      Corey Hansen

      Difference in the game right there. Giannis built different tho

  • Sam Sitt
    Sam Sitt

    How can you not like this guy?

  • n.1 c
    n.1 c

    Hey this guy is awesome 😎 Man, what a game to seal the championship too, for this guy. The points, blocks, everything. He played with his spirit. He made his free throws! Lol. Be blessed Giannas. Awesome game, and work sir