Giannis’ ring or Kevin Durant’s 2 rings: Which would you rather have? First Take debates
Giannis’ ring or Kevin Durant’s 2 rings: Which would you rather have? First Take debates
Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman and Kendrick Perkins debate whether they would want to have Kevin Durant’s two rings with the Golden State Warriors by joining a super team or have Giannis Antetokounmpo’s one ring.

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  • Nino LifeGawd
    Nino LifeGawd

    He said Garnett instead of Durant 😂😂😭😭😭

  • LaMarcus Partridge
    LaMarcus Partridge

    Lebruns 2016 ring > dirks ring > Giannis > KD and all the warriors rings combined

  • interia

    2017 Warriors wouldnt have beaten the 2017 Cavs without KD

  • Mark Sloan
    Mark Sloan

    Giannis, KD joined the best team in the league and often wasn't the best player on the team. Giannis did EVERYTHING to make the Bucks win.

  • gray dec.
    gray dec.

    I hope GIANNIS will not go to the other team just to win another championship... Stay in Bucks for the rest of your career. You've proven already that your a real champ!

  • gray dec.
    gray dec.

    GIANNIS ring is more impressive! 💍😃

  • Frank

    Septhen A just probably dont like Non-American NBA Champions. 😂

  • Αργύριος Μπουζιανάς
    Αργύριος Μπουζιανάς

    Giannis 🇬🇷😤

  • Shawty Mane
    Shawty Mane

    Kevin Garnett 😂😂 ?? Did what now when this happen nd nobody stopped max

  • Sprting Eteb
    Sprting Eteb

    I admire K/D but let's be honest we can't compare GSW with Bucks I respect all the opinions but it's like trolling if u say Bucks are better

  • Michael Levinson
    Michael Levinson

    History will remember Giannis.

  • Ray Charles Brown Jr
    Ray Charles Brown Jr

    This is stupid

  • Line Hagen
    Line Hagen

    Giannis man how is that even a question?

  • Infomir Connection
    Infomir Connection

    👉👉 When a player has to go build a team in a microwave to win a ring or earn one on the stove its no comparison, its like home cook to bull shyt.. Imagine if MJ or Kobe ran off to different teams and getting rid of all the risky players and pick up stars in their place, getting coaches fired to pick up coaches that let the player coach the team.. They wouldve won 10 a piece lol

  • Matt Vincent
    Matt Vincent

    Kevin Garnett lmfao 🤔

  • Maurice

    Tell me right now that if both of them retired Giannis would go down much greater than KD and he just finished his prime

    • Zack Rodriguez
      Zack Rodriguez

      @Maurice so his performance in the Olympics is what we’re using to rank him all time? Dirk only had 1 MVP, not 2, and if you want to argue finals appearances, then KD still has more that dirk with 4. I do agree that Dirks championship run was more impressive than both of KDs, but that doesn’t make mean that 1 ring is more valuable than 2. And the gap defensively between Giannis and Durant is not as large as you may think. KD, especially when he was with the warriors, developed a lot defensively and is now one of the best defenders at his position

    • Maurice

      @Zack Rodriguez in talent but not greater than. I'm not hating im just stating facts. I dont care about warriors nor KD you just looking at talent. Dirk had 2 MVPs amd 2 finals apperance where he won in a huge upset being down in the series to LeBron big 3. You have to major credit to someone who does that. Was KD not supposed to win title they just won 73 games not to mention he had them down 2 to 1. That was sissy move and he cant get full credit. I will say it again right now he neck and neck with Dirk he can pass him though. If him and giannis retired today giannis goes down as greater than him. Was about the whole defense aspect of it. Kd knows thats why he has burner accounts and argues with people like me and you. He is probably the most talented in the NbA 7 foot and due what he can but he not the best you seeing that in the Olympics

    • Zack Rodriguez
      Zack Rodriguez

      @Maurice dirk > KD???? Yeah you just hating bruh, either that or you’re still mad about him going to the warriors. KD shits on Dirk. I’ll take 1 MVP, 4 scoring titles, 11x all star, 9x all nba, and 2 rings to be honest, I’m not saying giannis won’t be better when it’s all said and done, but right now KD is head and shoulders over giannis.

    • Maurice

      @Zack Rodriguez you crazy. Think about KD got 1 MVP and got a ring the all time sucker way. Giannis got 2 MVPs and a ring the hard way. MVPs carry weight. O yea and defensive player of the year which Jordan and hakeem the only ones. Yea kd more skilled but not greater at this point. This the scary part giannis 26. Kd not over Dirk yet

    • Zack Rodriguez
      Zack Rodriguez

      Giannis is not in the same breath as KD when it comes to all time rankings, respectfully

  • Young Sugar Young Sugar Kim
    Young Sugar Young Sugar Kim


  • Calvin Groover
    Calvin Groover

    The legal act theoretically dream because adult ectrodactyly pine mid a languid surname. windy, hard-to-find delete

  • Nel Mellomida
    Nel Mellomida


  • Bruce McCowan
    Bruce McCowan

    Whoever seats down and writes these topics is just awful. We already know this. Why push the knife in further? KD will never be able to validate his rings at this point...

  • jonathan oh
    jonathan oh

    1:27 Ran strrraaaaiiight to the comment section 😂🤣😂

  • robel abreha
    robel abreha


  • Moises Zet
    Moises Zet

    Would you rather have KD's 2 rings where he was recruited by a championship team or LeBron's 4 where he pouted his way into having at least a second superstar. Let's not forget 1 of the teams in Miami had Ray Allen as well. So you had LeBron, Wade, Bosh and Allen. Giannis ring is the most significant win since the GSW won their first ring. Teams that were built not recruited by a diva Superstar.

  • West

    KG: 1 championship, 2 finals mvp’s

  • Killa Kam
    Killa Kam

    I mean rings are rings, so if your asking me if I'd rather have one or two then I'm choosing two no doubt. But if your asking me if one means more than the other I'm gunna say no, not in this case...some will say KD's rings are tainted because it was an ultra superteam but some will also say Giannis' ring is tainted by crazy amount of injuries and he got all time lucky.

  • Keith Turner
    Keith Turner


  • Pritom Gogoi
    Pritom Gogoi doesn.t matter cause I would take both their ring,mvp,s and their fmvps...that,s it ..

  • L. Mendoza
    L. Mendoza

    Stephen A “Nigerian-Hater” Smith

  • G .M.
    G .M.

    why do they credit lebron with super teams?? acting like chris bosh was this insane player putting insane numbers before lebron and wade. if anything lakers did the first "super team" with kobe, shaq, payton, malone. did we forget about that??

  • Isaac Williams
    Isaac Williams

    2 rings is 2 rings, but KD took the easiest road ever to win em.

  • Jamal Green
    Jamal Green

    Giannis ring > kd's rings, lebron's ring and 08 cetics ring

  • Jeffery Thibodeau
    Jeffery Thibodeau

    These super teams are not morally Formed in a competitive way.

  • Max Wells
    Max Wells

    This is why stepehen A is a joke when he has nothing to say he just spits out bs dude no one cares about what they want its about which is more impressive

  • ZjRsXzJm LCB
    ZjRsXzJm LCB

    The Greek Freak all day

  • Jonathan Silva
    Jonathan Silva

    Wait, Garnett?

  • Stardu5t

    So the media loves to go after KD , Lechina James got all his rings on super teams. Why isn't the question would you rather have Giannis ring or Lechina James rings ???

  • MOE

    Giannis easily ‼️

  • Robert De Pesci
    Robert De Pesci

    Giannis injured kyrie with a cheapshot. Won by cheating

  • Sam Park
    Sam Park

    Stephen a is high. The first super team is 2nd threepeat bulls. Sick of these so called experts creating stupid narrative

  • K L
    K L

    You can't blame KD for leaving the thunders they choose Westbrick over him


    What you can argue with boston is, all 3 of those guys were pretty much exiting their prime as to lebron and Co in their prime

  • Clint Coleman
    Clint Coleman

    Forget all that, and everybody's take. Kevin Durant himself has proven to me that a Giannis type ring is best. He won 2 rings, and was unhappy. If he was secure and happy, he wouldnt have gotten into a twitter beef with a child amongst all the people who hated on him. Plus he left because he knew Warriors would be "STEPH's" team, no matter how many rings they won. Durant himself knows a Thunder ring would be sweeter than 5 Warrior rings.

  • Nostalgia Corner
    Nostalgia Corner

    People who say KD’s rings are retarded

  • Nico

    giannis wins 1 ring and everybody loses their mind lol. not a kd fan but kds rings are better

    • Mytakeonit K
      Mytakeonit K

      @Ty Ngo 😭😭😭😭😭you just destroyed him with facts my brother

    • Ty Ngo
      Ty Ngo

      @Nico don’t tell me joining the record setting 73-9 win team that should have won in 2016 with a unanimous mvp and the best shooting backcourt ever in which you choked a 3-1 lead to the season earlier is hard 🤡

    • Nico

      @Ty Ngo dont tell me giannis way to the finals was hard 🤡

    • Ty Ngo
      Ty Ngo

      What are you smoking and where can I get some

  • Avery Ryan
    Avery Ryan

    Dumb segment

  • Agentshadowolf

    Is this a serious question lol? Giannis won his ring with the team that drafted him and he didnt need to leave during the bad times and join a superteam. KD took the easiest route and was the weakest move in the NBA to get hollow rings lol. Giannis > KD

  • Ace Pro
    Ace Pro

    This is a horrible show now lol

  • SCDeerAddict

    2 Beats 1

  • LEW Heff
    LEW Heff

    Giannis1 ring over Lebrons 4 rings!

  • Jonathan turner
    Jonathan turner

    “Garnett” 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Raffy Haberberg
    Raffy Haberberg

    Man talking bout it wasn’t oracle yea right cuz a bunch of fair weather gsw fans cheering a superteam more impressive than 65k BUCKs fans outside the stadium getting lit tf up right

  • Boyke Napitupulu
    Boyke Napitupulu

    are you a politician stephen a? if not, answer the question straight, dont circle it, you are not paid to do that...we've had enough politician who sucks big time especially during pandemic.

  • KKAP P
    KKAP P

    Giannis one but Tbh KD balled out super team or not

  • Youwin Louw
    Youwin Louw

    This is a dumb question

  • Antonio Ollison
    Antonio Ollison

    2>1 duhh

  • Conor McNugget 🐔
    Conor McNugget 🐔

    He really said Kevin Garnett. STAY OFF THE WEEED MAX 😂😂

  • Jerik Balisi
    Jerik Balisi

    Giannis' feels much more earned. KD's were just a rideon on GSW's already elite team.

  • Nuso World
    Nuso World

    Kevin Garnett?

  • vinifari 2300
    vinifari 2300

    🙄 2 is more than1! GTFOH

  • Faithful9er

    Kd finessed his way to a ring while giannis earned the hard way. No brainer, Giannis>kd

    • Prince Zane
      Prince Zane

      @Anthony Jones you mean it started with the big 3 the celtics did. This video is purely about KD and you can't even call both the same thing due to different scenarios and context behind it. I'm not a lebron fan but I atleast look at the facts. KD literally had a contending team/had golden state by the throat 3-1 literally could've ended the warriors and won a chip. Instead..he choked it and decided to go to the team who beat him, that's like MJ going to the Pistons after they beat him in the playoffs the prior season. Lebron (who had no type of help around him thanks to Cleveland's owner during his first stint) got fed up with the lack of building around him so he decided to go team up and help Dwade. Rather than joining the celtics Maybe if you get over your lebron derangement syndrome, this can actually go better.

    • Anthony Jones
      Anthony Jones

      @Prince Zane LeBron started the team up with other Superstars in this era so yes it has everything to do with LeBron 🤡

    • Anthony Jones
      Anthony Jones

      @Nikhil Trivedi Lebron can join Brooklyn and y'all still would give him a pass lmao

    • Anthony Jones
      Anthony Jones

      @Andrew Lewis Stop crying over the truth lol

    • Prince Zane
      Prince Zane

      @Anthony Jones this has nothing to do with lebron, Also..two completely different scenarios

  • Giannis Antetokounmpo
    Giannis Antetokounmpo

    I mean mine is worth more than K.D cause I actually stayed on the same team for years and years and went through the bad times but we got back up i helped this team get this championship so let K.D talk his stuff his rings are still nothing worth than my ring

  • Jacobymans

    Perk, Stephen A isn’t funny. Stop laughing.

  • AncientRune

    The correct answer is Dirks ring

  • Bryan4569

    Why tf is this a thing?🤣

  • Chris Crowley
    Chris Crowley

    Kendrick is very careful about this topic cause he knows he is was one of those so called “role player” at best. That’s why he has that ring with the Celtics. XD

  • robTFifteen

    lebron wouldve had the warriors since they had the warriors downloaded. kd just wanted a piece of the pie.

  • Stefon Cabo
    Stefon Cabo

    Steven a is trash...tired of him already and his fake takes.

  • Stefon Cabo
    Stefon Cabo

    Durant had a dream team...giannis ring worth more!!!!!..kd paid for the irving and harden hes a ring chaser..could never do it alone.

  • J B
    J B

    The right way? Are super teams illegal? Gianni's title is better than KD's. KD's championships were pretty easy. It was already a dynasty. Stop saying the right way, please.

  • e monèt
    e monèt

    Stephen a chump

  • Over Charging For The Cold Crush!
    Over Charging For The Cold Crush!

    SAS is a hater he want give Greek freak his props

  • Bradders 344
    Bradders 344

    14/15 and 15/16 Warriors weren’t a super team!!! They only became a team when KD joined them

  • AXZ1974

    0:15 Fortune favours the brave. Simple as that.

  • RaZe. JIJ .
    RaZe. JIJ .

    the way stephen a talks like as if he's a superior analyst in every way, a calming voice, just triggers something inside of me...

  • Fack U Mean
    Fack U Mean

    Milwaukee wouldn't have won the chip if it was KD on that team instead of Giannis

  • Sports Injuries
    Sports Injuries

    2 is better than 1 just like 6 is better than 4 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ cry as much as you can ,,,

  • A- ROD1299
    A- ROD1299

    "Don't you ever compare Giannis to me" - Kd Giannis - Wordd?

  • Austin Kendrick
    Austin Kendrick

    KEVIN GARRRNETT🤣🤣 max high

  • Phooj Xiong
    Phooj Xiong

    Dirk champion is more impressive than lebrons 2 in Miami and durant 2 in golden state.

  • A- ROD1299
    A- ROD1299

    We talking about KD vs Giannis

  • Chris G TV
    Chris G TV

    Kevin Garnett who?

  • Carlos Soto
    Carlos Soto

    I don’t call it lucky I call it only the string survive. That’s part of the game injury’s and things like that. When you play ball being healthy plays a big part and the bucks was the strongest team that’s why they are the nba champs

  • James Diaz
    James Diaz

    Giannis earned his ring and KD ring chased for his rings (everyone knows that) like I feel it’s more about the hard work, effort, and determination you give during the regular season, post season, and finals that give your rings a value. KD will NEVER experience that

  • Sweh'yah T
    Sweh'yah T

    Who did Giannis beat? THat you have respect for...ill wait

  • Tracy Smith
    Tracy Smith

    stepehen a hatin on giannis cuase he stayed and proved him wrong gianns one ring means way more for the game small market team winning their second ring ever

  • Emuesiri Ofovwe
    Emuesiri Ofovwe

    I hate everyone on this screen and I only came here to post this comment. Perk = Idiot, Stephen A = Absolute TOOL, Molly = Clueless.

  • Huge Brain
    Huge Brain

    And they STILL try to find a way to include LeBron in this convo 😂

  • Moon Moon
    Moon Moon

    Giannis 1 ring by far for me.

  • AP 1901
    AP 1901

    Stephen A, you contradict yourself so much. Why are we even talking about Durant?


    Gianni's 1 ring or Lebron's 2 with Miami? Ask yourself why the media would never ponder this Media hates KD, Kyrie, Kobe, AI, MJ and a few others

  • Itz Phxntom
    Itz Phxntom

    It says which would you have, honestly. I'll take 2 rings over one. If the question is, which means more. Then we know the answer

  • Itz Phxntom
    Itz Phxntom

    Not it's not even that the nets weren't fully healthy, it's that kds foot was 1 inch too long

  • Tyrone III
    Tyrone III

    Bro a championship is a championship 🤡🤦🏻‍♂️ SHUT UP MAX YOU DONT KNOW WHAT YOUR SAYING.

  • Jesse Garcia
    Jesse Garcia

    this just goes to show that KD can’t do it on his own & win a ring, he needs a super team 🤷🏽‍♂️ just like how he couldn’t win on his own vs the Bucks when Kyrie & Harden went down, no excuse 😂 I thought KD was the best player in the world according to SAS 🤣

    • Jesse Garcia
      Jesse Garcia

      @Zack Rodriguez ok

    • Zack Rodriguez
      Zack Rodriguez

      @Jesse Garcia you’re telling me that KD, Kyrie, and Harden all healthy cant beat giannis Middleton and holiday? Lmaooo you delusional af

    • Jesse Garcia
      Jesse Garcia

      @Zack Rodriguez still would’ve lost but ok. 👍🏼

    • Zack Rodriguez
      Zack Rodriguez

      He had a 49 point triple double in gm 5 and 48 in gm 7 and sent the game to overtime with what would’ve been a series winner had his feet not been enormous, stop being delusional.

  • harrymic75

    F-it... Gianni's or Lebron's rings (in Miami)? That's the real question...let chop it up

  • Swaggy Dee
    Swaggy Dee

    Anybody who think KD rings mean more is a puss 😂

  • RED Network
    RED Network

    Kevin Garnett

  • salman ahjum-mathee
    salman ahjum-mathee

    Stephen A. might as well have said nothing. Dude did not even come close to answering the question

  • Pen Name
    Pen Name

    Stephen A: "to answer the question directly..." *proceeds to talk about everything but the question...* SAS really just yells to cover the fact that he's scrambling to say something relevant

  • Manuelbells

    Kevin garnett? Woah max ur high brothee

1,5 mil.