Giannis took the two trophies to Chick-fil-A 😂🏆 |
Giannis took the two trophies to Chick-fil-A 😂🏆 |

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  • Scott Kuechenmeister
    Scott Kuechenmeister

    I wonder if he knows America is the world's largest racist State?

    • Dima is a tree.
      Dima is a tree.

      America is by far the most diverse country in the world you clown. Go outside and interact with real people instead of judging everyone by what some news channel tells you

  • OHiWONder Gaming
    OHiWONder Gaming

    Lmao this video is hilarious man

  • GreekVibes

    I like how settle Giannis is during games like he doesn’t speak up about people fouling him he’s very settle and fun and I have not once heard a curse word come out of his mouth. He gonna be a great dad… SHOW MERCY ON THE KIDS, some day they’ll be dunking on you!!!

  • Tracey Pressley
    Tracey Pressley

    Well deserved👏👏👏👑

  • G-Roc 44
    G-Roc 44

    Harden punching the air right now lol

  • Badzingan

    Shaq: "Look at my ring.." Giannis: "Hold my trophies.."

  • Miya Kemp
    Miya Kemp

    I just love him!

  • Rick Rodriguez
    Rick Rodriguez

    We know now he hungry for that 2 Peat ! Enjoy it Giannis 🤟🏽

  • Sammy Woo
    Sammy Woo

    That's a sneaky ad for Chic-fil-A, because the real trophies aren't leaving the Bucks' office.

  • CDub's Cards
    CDub's Cards

    That's awesome!!!!

  • Dale Mayfield
    Dale Mayfield

    Soak it all in big man. You’ve earned it! Cheers 🥂

  • Andre Faelnar
    Andre Faelnar

    We love an nba superstar that has a personality and i'm happy for him that he's finally a champion.

  • First Last
    First Last

    Glad he won! Very well deserved!


    His wife probably didn’t let him lol

  • Millz SZN
    Millz SZN

    Wow giannis 1st flop @0:33😂😂😂

  • Millz SZN
    Millz SZN

    wow he said he don't sleep cuz he don't want to fall asleep and it's all a dream and he keeps the trophies so he can touch them so he can know they are real

  • Frank James
    Frank James

    Thank good those divas in LA and NY did not even get to the final.

  • Ignis22

    i wouldnt be surprised if Giannis was caught going for a walk, pushing the trophies in strollers

  • Chapin 286
    Chapin 286

    Congratulations man.

  • Michael Hines
    Michael Hines

    “I got Larry and Bill with me”

  • Monika Müller
    Monika Müller


  • The Debate
    The Debate


  • Joey GC
    Joey GC

    Im honestly glad he won he has a great personality

  • Ddd Ddd
    Ddd Ddd

    No one else sees him holding a joint in his hand hahahahahha The MVP getting high

  • Krzysiek Stuttgart
    Krzysiek Stuttgart

    Such a nice humble down to earth guy. Props from a fan of 90s basketball to guys like him

  • s0meguy09

    who tf needs a vegas party when you have chick fil A

  • The Family Guy
    The Family Guy

    Championship = His Girl 💁🏽‍♀️ MVP = His Son 👶🏽 The Champion = Giannis 🦌💪🏾

  • deejay sensation
    deejay sensation

    How humble are you? Giannis "yes"

  • Nir Louk
    Nir Louk

    Real person. Real Greek. Family, Food and Friends - always come first. ;) Greece needed a superstar just like yanis. The right man in the right time, from the right country! Shine on!

  • Luis Torres
    Luis Torres

    Is that Malika Andrews with him? I always knew.. 🤜

  • Jn Mc
    Jn Mc

    Youre not dreaming man. You won the trophies and you deserved it. Enjoy!

  • Mr. P
    Mr. P

    Thats the chick-fil-a I always go to so this is crazy

  • John Saechao
    John Saechao

    When your hungry. Your hungry

  • Tate Cramer
    Tate Cramer

    Suns in 4???

  • Orion Malley
    Orion Malley

    Cheat meal

  • Dan Silvester
    Dan Silvester

    I always thought he would have a Greek accent. Surprised he doesn't.

  • Teddy From the block
    Teddy From the block

    This man real deal so relatable... He said "I can't go to sleep what if I wake up and this is all just a dream" also he saying him being able to touch the trophies whenever he want is basically the equivalent of someone saying "Pinch me" when they think they are dreaming to let em know it's real

  • Ron Figg
    Ron Figg

    Such a lovable dude!! Congrats Freak!!! I wanna party with you!!

  • T S
    T S

    Chick-fil-A isn't even good.

  • Gsw

    Better then bringing bottles of liquor

  • Ghost’s Shadow
    Ghost’s Shadow

    Dont down em, Crown em

  • Millennial Made Media Group
    Millennial Made Media Group

    LMAO he's a massive KID 😂😂😂 his reaction to the pinch was lame AF, but he's funny and I'm happy for him. He's got a bright career ahead of him if he keeps his head about him.

  • leavornshaw

    So happy for the Greek Freek congratulations

  • Stephen Daly
    Stephen Daly

    boycott chick-fil-a

  • Out Fished Angling
    Out Fished Angling

    Celebrating with a blunt and some chick fil a

  • Francisco Jimenez
    Francisco Jimenez

    For those criticizing Giannis for going to chick fil a, this guy comes from nothing! he was even stateless! he can buy the whole franchise of chick-fila is he wants.....he is living the American dream, he is a true success story

  • The True King DJ
    The True King DJ

    🤣🤣🤣 yo he just an good dude man I'm happy for him

  • Pablo Marquez-Gonzalez
    Pablo Marquez-Gonzalez

    We got chick fil a here in Vegas Big G.

  • ShotbyReginald

    Humility and Hard Work PAY....Order breakfast bowl salsa on the side and a chicken biscuit

  • Daniel Obi
    Daniel Obi

    😂😂😂this dude

  • Noah Sebastian
    Noah Sebastian

    He a real one l

  • Brenda Smith
    Brenda Smith

    This was all that!, Congrats!

  • Bryce Blackwell
    Bryce Blackwell


  • Sam Oye
    Sam Oye

    Loooool he turned so Nigerian 😂 My Nigerian brother 🇳🇬


    NO SLEEP 4 GIANNIS! Dude had a Larry OB “TROPHY” eating CHIC-FI-L¥ DAY-DREAM. Be careful of INSOMNIA?? 😂🤣😅

  • Big Cheefa Da OG
    Big Cheefa Da OG

    Congrats to that bully Giannis! A monster in the paint. The whole NBA should b n a weight room right now thinking about Giannis & the Bucks

  • xPolqrForces - Minecraft Bedrock
    xPolqrForces - Minecraft Bedrock

    happy for giannis! he deserved it!

  • Irvin Ramirez
    Irvin Ramirez

    Green freak

  • Azariah Tedford
    Azariah Tedford

    Talk like Michael blackston

  • Azariah Tedford
    Azariah Tedford

    Young men finally

  • Jamal Daniels
    Jamal Daniels

    You got to love greek freak he might be the most humble superstar of all time

  • The Journey Within
    The Journey Within


  • DaMerious Johnson
    DaMerious Johnson

    So happy for him

  • Nade Cha
    Nade Cha

    He’s smart. He’ll probably get sponsorship from them but free food forever.

  • Joshua Heston
    Joshua Heston

    Love this guy!! The antithesis of LeBron James.

  • 0 1
    0 1

    Thanks for Kevin chicfila some love.

  • Dan Pen
    Dan Pen

    How much chicken can i get for these two gold things

  • Darell Mclean
    Darell Mclean


  • SamSam

    theeeeese trophhhhies 😂 . i like this Dude he seem Down to earth . not those Drama Queen in LA .

  • King Williams
    King Williams

    IN OTHER NEWS: "Chick-fil-A stock just skyrocketed 70%"😂

  • Tonio Sheppard
    Tonio Sheppard

    Congrats Freak 💪🏾

  • Yarmis Potter
    Yarmis Potter

    Am I they only one who wants Chick-fil-A now?

  • Ant

    Sounds like he’s bout to bust out & start singing “DE STREETS R CALLING MY NAME-IM HEADED TO DE STREETS” 🎶

  • Childe Harold
    Childe Harold

    Giannis, don't change! Keep on preferring Chikfila over Vegas (both vile but not without appeals), keep on thinking cigars are "nasty," keep on being humble in a big world of arrogance-as-virtue, keep on just shooting 3s now and then!

  • Erik Dayne
    Erik Dayne

    The people that own Chick-Fil-A donate to a lot of anti-LGBTQ groups. You might not care, but if they were donating to groups that don’t think that you have a right to exist, you might care.

  • Erick Griffin
    Erick Griffin

    Have fun young man.....I love it!

  • Carlo N.
    Carlo N.

    Congratz!! Giannis is such a humble and likable guy.

  • Black Boy D
    Black Boy D

    Congrats for winning the Chip without the Superteam

  • Amzo Tall
    Amzo Tall

    He is just waaaay too adorable!!! I definitely can relate with him , Senegalese immigrant in southern Italy ,Naples as a street vendor back in 1999 ,early 2000s just like he and his family did in Greece , the hardship was real. I went on to study and ended up with a diploma in logistics and now live comfortably in Sweden. I kept rooting for him to win the chip. I'm enjoying this morning a lot!! 😁😁😁

  • ee thaw
    ee thaw

    He has the most genuine reaction of winning tite

  • Wanbli Wakua
    Wanbli Wakua

    I haven’t been this happy for someone celebrating a chip since Ron Artest/Metta Worldpeace was shitfaced at Lakers Parade in 2010

  • EAS Illinois
    EAS Illinois


  • Shoptified

    He's such a good guy. Funny too. Ahh.....ahhhhhh!!! Happy for him. Congrats Giannis

  • homeboi 1988PB
    homeboi 1988PB

    Congrats champ

  • KaneLLo'

    He is drunk 😂

  • H8ED

    Well deserved,

  • Colby Martinez
    Colby Martinez

    MJ - Stone Cold Killer Kobe - Evolution and Heart Curry - Swag at 1 million Lebron - Narcissistic and Dramatic Giannis - Innocent, Childish, Kind

    • Colby Martinez
      Colby Martinez

      @LeSean Walston Energetic, Fun, Exciting - SWAG… all things that you’re obviously not 🤣

    • LeSean Walston
      LeSean Walston

      Retire the word "Swag" please..😒

    • Domonique Robinson
      Domonique Robinson

      Perfect breakdown, all of them 100% accurate.

    • Mr.Avocado

      Curry ?? Swag???

    • mahesh vi
      mahesh vi

      So true and so aptly put especially wrt LeB

  • Ezekiel Bourne
    Ezekiel Bourne

    What an amazing human being

  • Terry O
    Terry O

    His hair looks like he just woke up😂

  • Dionte Russell
    Dionte Russell

    Dude is silly🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Benjamin From The Tribe of Judah
    Benjamin From The Tribe of Judah

    Lmao Giannis is just a big kid that will tear your team's heart out 😆😆

    • Colby Martinez
      Colby Martinez

      He literally talks like a 10 year old who won a big game. Humble, happy, kind... goodness the world fell in love with Giannis after these playoffs. It's impossible not to like him. I'm so glad we ALL get to a his personality now.

  • Terron Isaac
    Terron Isaac

    He seems like a really nice guy

  • Scott -O
    Scott -O

    Talk about being on cloud 9😁I’m loving him more and more

  • james thompson
    james thompson

    Now ppl can see his sense of humor and why his teammates love him

  • Jordan Hatch
    Jordan Hatch

    Now That's A Real Humble Genuine Person. Don't Change And Congrats!

  • DonDada 12
    DonDada 12

    Somebody go bip his window

  • Mr. Ronald Lawrence
    Mr. Ronald Lawrence

    Giannis is funny. Congratulations Bucks!

  • Demetrius Jackson II
    Demetrius Jackson II


  • Spike Shooter
    Spike Shooter

    white women want him cancelled now LMAO

    • Spike Shooter
      Spike Shooter

      @Baby Hitman because white women hate Chick-Fil A

    • Baby Hitman
      Baby Hitman


  • siuL SG
    siuL SG

    I’m a salty suns fan I was very hurt last night but to be honest I’m not mad this man won I can’t hate him

2,8 mil.