Giannis will go down as a top 10 power forward of all time if he wins the Finals - Perk | The Jump
Giannis will go down as a top 10 power forward of all time if he wins the Finals - Perk | The Jump
Kendrick Perkins and Richard Jefferson discuss what an NBA championship would mean for Giannis Antetokounmpo’s legacy.

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  • Michael_Loncar

    The biggest understatement for a HRposts title ever 🤣🤣🤣

  • Tunak Tunak Tun
    Tunak Tunak Tun

    Giannis is on pace to threaten Duncan for his title as arguably the greatest power forward of all time. IMO, 3 more rings with fmvps and consistent all-nba and all-defenses will be enough for him. Gonna pan out and maybe even end up as a top 5 player of all time assuming he has a long career too

  • TJ 3much
    TJ 3much

    Top 5 yu mean smfh y does he get so much hate

  • David Brazil
    David Brazil

    In other news, water is wet.

  • AWi

    Recency bias… imagine he gets injured and barely makes the the all star team for the next 5 years and then retires early. Would you still rank him over KG, Dirk, Mailman, Barkley? Guys who did it for 15+ years at an all nba level? You simply can‘t rank 26 year old players objectively. After Rose had his MVP year people also where fast to say he is already a top 10 point guard at 22 years of age. Look where they rank him now

    • AntiGrav1ty

      He won a ring for Milwaukee, 2 time mvp, finals mvp, DPOY, MIP, 5 time all nba. Why you comparing him to Drose who has a fraction of Giannis' accolades and who hasn't even reached the finals. Age doesnt matter. Giannis is in the conversation of all time players because he has already accomplished as much as them. If he retires on the spot he still has the resume of a top 5 PF.

  • kk

    Giannis is already behind tim duncan.. top power forwards winning a chip... top 5 already

  • Junior-Corrado Soprano
    Junior-Corrado Soprano

    Did I see becky. Where Becky

  • abraham abriza
    abraham abriza

    Best plays a block in a home game an alley op in the next and a 50 point avalanced thats case closed no more harden comment on skills no more cp3 comment on freethrows coz giannis chew you alive periooddddd

  • javier book shadows contributor du
    javier book shadows contributor du

    242nd comment

  • grandmaster3211

    No particular order. Mj kareem lebron kobe Duncan shaq olajuwan Magic bird wilt. He would have to win 3 rings to knock out that top 10. All these guys have dominated, won mvps scoring rebounding blocking assist titles.

  • Validiktoreans King
    Validiktoreans King

    Lol top 10.. more like top 2 or 3. Two time mvp. about to be a champ

  • Xavier L2R2
    Xavier L2R2

    This the same dude calling the suns a dynasty. Foh

  • Earl Ezpeleta
    Earl Ezpeleta

    If Giannis ends up winning at least 4 champs, will he then be considered for (at the very least) top 10 player of all time? Will he now be ahead of LBJ? I have my answers, just want to know yours

    • Brendan Bloom
      Brendan Bloom

      Rings are a team accomplishment so that shouldn't determine where he ranks

  • Conor McGregor
    Conor McGregor


  • Trump24

    Perk can’t name 9 PF ahead of Giannis

  • Adam Ragas
    Adam Ragas

    As a Californian , perk was spot on with that in n out line at 11pm .... in n out on artesia is packed 11-1 am everyday 😂😂

  • Adam Ragas
    Adam Ragas

    As a Californian , perk was spot on with that in n out line at 11pm .... in n out on artesia is packed 11-1 am everyday 😂😂

  • Derek Peterson
    Derek Peterson

    He already in the top 10 lol

  • Fire Blood
    Fire Blood

    Top 10? Try top 5. He’s already beyond Garnett in all time stuff if he wins.

    • Brendan Bloom
      Brendan Bloom

      Better player or just better resume? Ranking off resume is lazy af and is flawed

    • Fire Blood
      Fire Blood

      @Super Man top 5 pfs ever not players ever. If he wins the title, he’ll be talked about for the rest of his career as a top 5 pf ever. Barring catastrophic injury of course

    • Super Man
      Super Man

      @Fire Blood he has to play at least 10years at a high to level to be in the Top 5 all time…cut it out…Longevity matters

    • Fire Blood
      Fire Blood

      @Super Man if he wins a title he’s past Malone bro. And obviously we’re not assuming he retires after this season

    • Super Man
      Super Man

      @Fire Blood Garnett is a 15x NBA all star…Giannis needs to keep this production well into his 30s to be past Garnett…Then he has to pass Karl Malone…

  • Will Cozine
    Will Cozine

    He already is lol

  • Bucks Fan
    Bucks Fan

    He number 2 I’m not bias he will have a ring he a 2 time mvp and a champion dirk a mvp and champion kg has a ring no finals mvp he batter than Malone he has no championship

  • Gentrified Kanye
    Gentrified Kanye

    Giannis is automatically the 2nd best PF ever if he wins a chip. Duncan > Giannis > Dirk > Malone > Barkley. KG is a career loser who missed the playoffs three straight years in his prime and rode Paul Pierce and Ray Allen to get a chip.

    • R

      How is he better than Karl malone one had to play the goat in the final twice the other a lucky overrated suns team and an injured nets team this is such recency bias

    • Kevin Hate
      Kevin Hate

      KG is a little bit overrated because that 2008 celtics always brag about themselves, but i think his dpoy put him ahead of chuck

    • David H
      David H

      Thank you

  • I'm back
    I'm back

    He's definitely top 10 already. He'll be in the group with Dirk, KG, Karl Malone, all of them with strong cases for that spot right behind Tim Duncan.

  • Ceez

    Let's see the top power forwards are Tim Duncan, Hakeem, Dirk, Kevin Garnett, Karl Malone, Charles Barkley, Kevin McHale, Pau Gasol, (am I missing anyone) and I think Giannis is better than most of them with exception of maybe 2 or 3

    • Super Man
      Super Man

      Hakeem was a center

  • Adrian Jones
    Adrian Jones

    Giannis cares about top 10 all time not top 10 for a position.

  • crazyazndriver23

    ESPN has this top ten list from 2016: 1. Tim Duncan 2. Karl Malone 3. Dirk Nowitzki 4. Charles Barkley 5. Kevin Garnett 6. Kevin McHale 7. Bob Petit 8. Elvin Hayes 9. Pau Gasol 10. Dennis Rodman. Giannis having 2 MVPs, 1 DPOY, 5 all-NBA selections and 4 all-NBA defensive selection. The only reason he isn't already top five is because he hasn't played enough years to grab 10+ all nba teams, but it should definitely be taken into consideration if he wins the title and finals MVP this year.

    • Brendan Bloom
      Brendan Bloom

      Are you ranking players or resumes?

  • Franco Bradshaw
    Franco Bradshaw

    He may be there already Perkington

  • Bugout

    So is Giannis gonna be the a Top 10 PF all time as a Robin also or…?

  • Peter Nguyen
    Peter Nguyen

    Giannis will retire as a top 5 player of all time.

  • Scruff D0g
    Scruff D0g

    He will only Go Up the Ranks, In 5 Years Giannis will be an All-Time Great Player.

  • Ethan Bushay
    Ethan Bushay

    He's already top 10, I'll put him top 5 if he wins

  • Rich Loen
    Rich Loen

    I’d love to watch this show, but just can’t anymore after everything that happened

  • ny_kia31

    He's arguably better than Karl Malone, right now.

  • JustMoseyinAround

    *3:00** LMAO There goes Rachel throwing all the voters under the bus as if she voted for Giannis. Calm down Becky 🤣🤣*

  • Elana Reese
    Elana Reese

    When Giannis gives his speech I need him to quote LeBron ...."GIVE ME MY D*MN RESPECT" that wasnt Bron's quote, that was Giannis's quote.

  • Trey Jenkins
    Trey Jenkins

    I think you mean top 5. He’s been top 10. PF is not a hard category

  • sheila merisca
    sheila merisca

    He already is hes somewhere between 4-7 already

  • abeer talukder
    abeer talukder

    Lol top 10??? More like the best Power-forward ever.

    • XXSteel

      Tim Charles dirk kg and Karl Malone played in the nba too

  • Keith Starks
    Keith Starks

    Giannis is already a top FIVE PF of all time. Let's not BS, he's winning a ring this year & it won't be his last. His comp are all teams led by guys like D.Booker & heads up Giannis will out perform these new stars unless they have a team built to beat him. He's almost as athletic as Kobe & almost as strong as Shaq. He's getting another ring or 2 after he gets this one. As for that top 5 PF list... Duncan/Malone/Garnett/Barkley/Antetokoumpo, it's already set.

    • DionDaStorm

      Curry, And Klay ain’t went no where. KD and the super friends when healthy would of won, LeBron & AD still exists, so when is he getting 2 other rings?

  • Javontae Pinder
    Javontae Pinder

    Everybody seems to forget he also won Most Improved in 2017


    First Perk took my Deandre "David Robinson 2.0" Ayton comparison and now my Giannis comparison However Giannis will retire as the Goat. Appreciate this man while hes here. Im sure a few years from now, Perk will steal this too.


      @Richard The King210 sorry but thats not enough

    • Richard The King210
      Richard The King210

      Tim Duncan enough said.

  • Fb Sports
    Fb Sports

    Kendrick perckins is dumb giannis is the 2nd best PF all time if he wins

  • One Skill Point
    One Skill Point

    Outside of Duncan, McHale, possible Walton, who's ahead of him?

    • Super Man
      Super Man

      Kevin Garnett

  • Vansh Comar
    Vansh Comar

    He will probably be top 10 all time soon.

  • Karim Wood
    Karim Wood

    Job not done.

  • Tupac Reincarnated
    Tupac Reincarnated

    1. Tim Duncan 2. Dirk Nowitzki 3. Giannis Antetokoumpo 4. Kevin Garnett 5. Anthony Davis 6. Karl Malone 7. Charles Barkley 8. Kevin Mchale 9. 10.

  • Beelze _sama
    Beelze _sama

    He already is

  • Lunny 01
    Lunny 01

    But he is a robin remember

  • A- ROD1299
    A- ROD1299

    Worth more than Kd's rings

  • Marvin Coine
    Marvin Coine

    He'll never be better Tim Duncan so it doesn't matter where he lands on that list... Period

    • Marvin Coine
      Marvin Coine

      @Steezy Mobreezy you not a real Tim Duncan fan if you don't know that TD was even more dominant than Giannis... Giannis is a Great talent and player no doubt can't take nothing away from his achievements he deserves everything he's earned... But he got 4 more titles to win and Tim Duncan career was consistent for 20yrs... Giannis been in the league 8yrs and the first 4 he was basically irrelevant... That was never the case with TD21

    • Steezy Mobreezy
      Steezy Mobreezy

      Oh yeah ? As a Tim Duncan fan he aint NEVA been this dominant

  • John Saechao
    John Saechao

    What about lebron James.. he be number 1 greats in small forward.. not all time.. Michael Jordan is the GOAT

  • Evenson

    isnt rachel nichols racist?

  • Anthony Tyler
    Anthony Tyler

    Perk the 🐐 for the in-n-out reference 😂

  • Bonez001

    He already is a top 10 PF. If he secures this ring, he would be cemented as #2 behind Timmy in my opinion. No other PF would have a resume better than Giannis assuming he wins the chip: - 2x MVP (back-to-back) - DPOY (in same season as 2nd MVP) - 5x All-Star (ASG MVP) - Championship + FMVP -Multiple 1st Team All-NBA selections -Multiple Defensive 1st Team selections Name one PF outside of Tim Duncan that has a better resume than the one I just gave Edit: Giannis is only 26…..

    • Bonez001

      @Stephen A Simp Yessir lol

    • Stephen A Simp
      Stephen A Simp

      And that monster just scored 50 points…

  • SS

    I don’t think you can just regulate someone like Giannis to a specific position

  • Joseph Pfrengle
    Joseph Pfrengle

    He already is, 2x mvp and a DPOY, for sure is

  • yonis badar
    yonis badar

    Giannis is already top 10

  • Jastin Villarin
    Jastin Villarin

    Perkins is a 🤡

  • Styles!

    Rachel Nichols foh!

  • shayyy bands
    shayyy bands

    He already is

  • Nikos Papadopoulos
    Nikos Papadopoulos

    Winning will put him top 3 pf top 20 all time player

  • Alym Dennis
    Alym Dennis

    Giannis could have retired at the end of last season and been a top 10 power forward of all time

  • Jonathan Silva
    Jonathan Silva

    He's already top 3 imo

    • Brendan Bloom
      Brendan Bloom


  • Sleep Deprived
    Sleep Deprived

    theres only like maybe 3 or 4 pfs that are ahead of giannas but if he get a ring id say that would put him top 2 for sure, he hasnt had a bad game yet

  • Deandre Ray
    Deandre Ray

    I’m sorry but he won’t never pass Barkley, KG nor Malone if he played then he wouldn’t have won a ring then either

  • Rowan Alexander
    Rowan Alexander

    Name 10 better power forwards perk😂

    • Brendan Bloom
      Brendan Bloom

      Duncan malone Barkley dirk KG pettit mchale Hayes gasol AD

  • Sheikh Safwan
    Sheikh Safwan

    He is already Top 5 Duncan Dirk KG And maybe Karl Malone The rest are not better

    • Sheikh Safwan
      Sheikh Safwan

      @XXSteel I said more than 25 lol not exactly 25

    • XXSteel

      @Sheikh Safwan he’s scored over 25ppg 5 times while averaging a double double every year except his rookie year

    • Sheikh Safwan
      Sheikh Safwan

      @XXSteel Barley put up more than 25ppg 2 times in his whole career. Giannis did that 4 years in a row

    • XXSteel

      @Sheikh Safwan mvps don’t mean you’re the best player it just means your team did great. Charles put up really good numbers in his prime while get all star appearances all nba teams and leading the league in rebounds as a 6’6 player

    • Sheikh Safwan
      Sheikh Safwan

      @XXSteel tell me when Charles Barkley gets 2 MVPs, a DPOY and a ring

  • hendrix.

    SMH he is 26 years old why are we talking legacy already, sheesh! you'd swear they were killing players off on ESPN

    • Hash


    • Boobr

      I'd take it as a huge compliment. If you're that young and people are already discussing your legacy then imagine the potential of what you can achieve in those (hopefully) many years that are still to come.

  • BlaCO

    Wow this chick seems like she was given the job because she a girl

  • LaissezFaire2323

    He is already a top 5 of all time. 2 back-to-back MVP awards, defender of the year, all-star MVP, soon finals MVP.

    • Mr.E

      1.Tim Duncan 2.Karl Malone 3.Giannis 4.Dirk 5.Barkley 6.Garnett

    • LaissezFaire2323

      @Benaiah Knox PF for now. But he is on the road to a top 5 player of all time, for sure...

    • BigBoyMatt

      @Benaiah Knox I think he means in powerforwards

    • Benaiah Knox
      Benaiah Knox

      Giannis is already a top 5 what all time?


      Only MJ has done that.That’s Crazy. And Hakeem

  • Yaru

    "When you think about the past, that's your ego. When you think about the future, that's your pride. When you think about the present, that's humility." - Giannis Stop putting him in these conversations he doesn't care.

    • Mr.E

      Their job comment

    • fish (🐟)
      fish (🐟)

      Im sorry but thats there job

    • Joe Duncan
      Joe Duncan

      Well it's their job what do you expect them to do

    • LaernHowToSpell

      I mean… it’s kind of their job

  • Evan Morris
    Evan Morris

    he is top 3

  • Michael Heise
    Michael Heise

    when all is said and done we might be compairing him to Kareem.

    • c o n
      c o n


  • Robb Noble
    Robb Noble

    Top 10? He's already top 10. Duncan, Dirk, Malone, Barkley, Garnett, McHale, Giannis. Look at his resume already. By the end of his career, if he keeps it up he should be top 10 all time of any position, and a top 1 or 2 power forward.

    • Robb Noble
      Robb Noble

      @Akash Singh I guess that depends how much weight you put on championships vs MVPs. Mchale is 3x champ, 1x first team, 6x all defense. 7x allstar Giannis is 0x rings, 2x mvp, 1x dpoy, 1x allstar mvp, 5x allstar, 4x all defense, 3x 1st team. Giannis also fills the stat sheet better, but McHale had to share the floor with Bird and Parrish. I was going back and forth on which I wanted ahead of the other, but honestly I think you're probably right, Giannis has passed him. I would argue that it happened recently though, not a long time ago.

    • Akash Singh
      Akash Singh

      he's surpassed mchale a long time ago

  • Jo

    Bruh what? he already is a top 10 pf😂

  • Robert Zollicoffer
    Robert Zollicoffer

    Stupid Take, Giannis is already top five. 2x MVP with a DPOY, doesn’t even need the ring😂

    • KDeezzyyy


    • Tuomas Kallio
      Tuomas Kallio

      @Astrooo nobody is questioning that. People are just wondering where he ranks in the 2-6 range with Dirk, KG, Malone and Barkley

    • Astrooo

      5 rings 2 MVPs 15x All star 3 FMVPs Tim Duncan is the best PF of all time rn

    • cap cap
      cap cap

      If he wins tonight he's #2 behind Duncan

    • drlee2

      He's way too close. The ring immediately puts him up there with the best ever.

  • Russell Westbrook and Gus Malzahn Fan since 2010
    Russell Westbrook and Gus Malzahn Fan since 2010

    Rachel Nichols 🤮

  • Dionicio

    Top 10 sound better than the top 5/ top 3 talk everybody spewing

  • Fraser Hay
    Fraser Hay

    did somebody call for captain obvious? duhhhhhh

  • MonsAK

    Did u he say top 10 PF, try top 10 of all time.

  • CWE Bed-Stuy
    CWE Bed-Stuy

    Giannis will need to win another ring that’s not a asterisk to be top5

    • Brendan Bloom
      Brendan Bloom

      It's extremely dumb to rank players off of rings.

  • Chigz

    He's already top 5. Winning puts him in the conversation with KG and Dirk.

    • Chigz

      @AWi It's not recency bias what he's achieved over the past 3 years culminating in a chip is better than most of those dudes. If he retires today he'd be above Barkley and Malone for me

    • Zoe_God

      @R you must forget dirk had bad moments in the post season. He’s passed dirk

    • AWi

      Recency bias… imagine he gets injured and barely makes the the all star team for the next 5 years and then retires early. Would you still rank him over KG, Dirk, Mailman, Barkley? Guys who did it for 15+ years at an all nba level? You simply can‘t rank 26 year old players objectively. After Rose had his MVP year people also where fast to say he is already a top 10 point guard at 22 years of age. Look where they rank him now

    • Stephen A Simp
      Stephen A Simp

      @R remember me how many times Dirk Choked before wining his 1st title … A LOT !!! Keep hating

    • R

      @Zoe_God so he passes Dirk for having 1 good postseason against injured teams?

  • Bejtulah Sadiku
    Bejtulah Sadiku

    Bro perk be flip flopping opinions on Giannis like a Sandle smh one second giannis is robin and the next second he’s the goat make up your mind

  • LeeTravius Mckay
    LeeTravius Mckay

    Giannis if he wins tonight: 2x mvp 1x dpoy 1x all star game mvp 5x all star 3x all nba first team 2x all nba second team 3x nba all defensive first team Nba all defensive second team Nba MIP Nba all rookie second team Nba champion Fianls mvp

    • CWE Bed-Stuy
      CWE Bed-Stuy

      Hospital asterisk ring 💍🏥

  • Uzuva Mariine
    Uzuva Mariine

    If Gianns wins this ring he’s better then Steve Nash

    • Uzuva Mariine
      Uzuva Mariine

      @Hashman Boxing Ik but some people disagree

    • Hashman Boxing
      Hashman Boxing

      He already is 😂😂

  • Giannis Antetokounmpo
    Giannis Antetokounmpo

    if any1 says hes not already top 10 power forward thats disrespect lol hes top 5

  • Oladapo Okunlola
    Oladapo Okunlola

    Hahahaha, he is already top 10. If he continues at the pace he is playing at he will be top 2.

  • Double 00
    Double 00

    He a top 10 player in today’s league I got number 7 behind lebron,KD,kawhi,Steph,Luka,and AD

    • Brendan Bloom
      Brendan Bloom

      @Double 00 defense and rebounding matter

    • Double 00
      Double 00

      @Brendan Bloom Steph and Luka is better than him 2

    • Brendan Bloom
      Brendan Bloom

      He's 5 behind kd AD kawhi and lebron

    • Double 00
      Double 00

      @Bennie Baldwin the fact is west always been tougher than the East even though the East got better the west still the tougher conference why you think it took Cp3 16 years to make it to the finals if it wasn’t for injury who knows if he would of have went this year this is facts

    • Bennie Baldwin
      Bennie Baldwin

      @Double 00 east west north south it doesn't matter if you're a "superstar" you make the playoffs and it's not like Giannis ever had help besides Middleton and Lopez before this year

  • CWE Bed-Stuy
    CWE Bed-Stuy

    Ahhhhhh asterisk hospital ring

  • D Thomas
    D Thomas

    Giannis has potential to become the 🐐

  • JUST

    Tim Duncan, Dirk, KG, Karl Malone(🤢). Who else on the list ahead of him?

    • Dream

      @Russell Westbrook and Gus Malzahn Fan since 2010 “got him nowhere” He carried bums to the Conference Finals won DPOTY an MVP is an NBA Champ lol you’re an idiot. Giannis had an easy path to a ring. 1st Rnd - Weak Miami team 2nd Rnd - Injured Kyrie & Harden while they were up ECF - A Hawks team with their best player being injured & only 22 yrs of age nowhere near his prime Finals - A Suns team that was good but not great KG had to go against.. Prime Shaq, Kobe & Phil Jackson Tim, David Robinson, Tony, Manu & Gregg Pop Dirk & The Mavs Sacramento with Webber, Peja & Bibby Far better players than what Giannis went up against.

    • Russell Westbrook and Gus Malzahn Fan since 2010
      Russell Westbrook and Gus Malzahn Fan since 2010

      @Deandre Ray That man is overrated. That weak as elbow jump-shot got him nowhere.

    • Jonathan Silva
      Jonathan Silva

      @Deandre Ray You're completely right. Put some respect on KG's name. Giannis is still better though.

    • Deandre Ray
      Deandre Ray

      @Russell Westbrook and Gus Malzahn Fan since 2010 let me school you youngest cause only somebody under 25 would think that they never put enough talent around him the Timberwolves wasted his career anybody that’s watched basketball knows that

    • Deandre Ray
      Deandre Ray


  • norvinzor

    What do you mean hes already a top ten with 2 Mvps and 1 finals appearance, if he wins it all and gets finals mvp he's top 5 power forward

    • Brendan Bloom
      Brendan Bloom

      So you don't compare players, just resumes? So because kd has big feet and Kyrie and harden were injured that suddenly makes him a better player?

  • David Rieder
    David Rieder

    He already is bro👀

  • Sam Lee
    Sam Lee

    If he wins? He's already top 10 imo

    • Jordan Dean
      Jordan Dean

      @Hassan Mahas Power forward

    • Jonathan Silva
      Jonathan Silva

      Top 5 even

    • Hassan Mahas
      Hassan Mahas

      Player or Pf?

  • GetGo App
    GetGo App

    Nobody has ever accomplished what Giannis accomplished this soon

    • Stephen A Simp
      Stephen A Simp

      @ihateyoutube that’s dumb comparison made by a dumb person why you compare a dude who wasn’t even a factor on any of this championships…

    • ihateyoutube

      @Stephen A Simp Patrick McCaw has 3 rings and he’s 25 so is he better than giannis😭😭😭😭

    • Stephen A Simp
      Stephen A Simp

      @ihateyoutube and still have a better team than Giannis and he played with Kareem and Worthy stop the comparison idiot. And stop acting

    • ihateyoutube

      @Stephen A Simp magic won more finals mvps than him and had to go agaisnt, Dr j, Larry bird, and the bad boy pistons giannis had to go against a 36 year old Chris Paul *********context

    • Stephen A Simp
      Stephen A Simp

      @ihateyoutube how about Magic playing with the greatest big men of all time. *Context

  • B A
    B A

    If robin Giannis is a top 5-10 PF of all time, is Batman Middleton a top 5 SG Ever according to perk? 🤡🤡🤡🤡 this idiot changes his opinion everyday like people are dumb.

  • Argi Par
    Argi Par

    perk is a joke man. he is already like top 8 and if he wins he goes top 4-3 in my eastimation. STOP disrespecting this man

  • thekingbradable

    I think he’s already top 10 tbh. Look at his resume, even ignoring this year We’ll have to start looking at him in possible top 20 all time discussion when his career ends if he wins the finals. His resume is better than MJ was at 26.

    • Mr.E

      @Asafo Rider how about read again

    • Asafo Rider
      Asafo Rider

      @Mr.E Bosh and Klay never were in top 10-15 stop smoking

    • Mr.E

      @Asafo Rider kd and curry top 5 to 10 players with Klay top 10 to 20. Wade and Lebron top 5 to 10 players with bosh top 10 to 15. Nets with KD and harden top 5 to 10 with kyrie top 10 to 20. Mj and pippen top 5 to 10 players with rodman top 10 to 20. KG and pierce top 10 players with allen a top 25 player. Etc. Just use common sense

    • Asafo Rider
      Asafo Rider

      @Mr.E By your logic only Super teams ever were teams with 3 top 10 players. Not even Lebron Miami Heat or GS with KD fits that bill. Klay is about as effective as Middleton. Klay is no superstar. No top 10 guy. Draymond is no top 20 guy. Ppl acting like GIannis led the Allen Iverson sixers to a ring. He had massive help

    • Mr.E

      @Asafo Rider neither Middleton nor holiday are top 10 players in the league. If we are going by salary, then you are saying that anyone getting paid is a superstar. You saying Porzingis, Wiggins, kemba, al horford, john wall, etc are all top superstars huh? Gtfoh with that bs

  • nikeairjordanfly

    There will never be another big like giannis. His got shaqs dominance but with versatility

    • Lonzo Haythe Jr
      Lonzo Haythe Jr

      @Joe Duncan not to mention he’s in his first full season averaging 27, 7 , and 4

    • Lonzo Haythe Jr
      Lonzo Haythe Jr

      @Joe Duncan bro you don’t watch Zion , he doesn’t hog the paint if you give Giannis all non shooters he would in the same situation Zion is in.

    • Joe Duncan
      Joe Duncan

      @Lonzo Haythe Jr it dont matter I'm taking giannis over Zion. Also giannis doing way more than giannis Zion is just gonna be hogging the paint(even tho that's what paint beasts do)

    • Lonzo Haythe Jr
      Lonzo Haythe Jr

      @D. Hunt 😅😅ima huge Zion fan bra and rn he not better but in a couple of years he will be I totally agree. He’s a force to be reckon with

    • D. Hunt
      D. Hunt

      @Lonzo Haythe Jr thanks for agreeing with me, but I'm saying Zion id going to be better. They are saying Giannis is more versatile and I disagree. You got it mixed up 🤣.

  • Deveaux

    He already top 5.. He wins this ring he top 3 and if he gets 2 or 3 more he's on that Duncan level or might go down as the best PF ever..

    • Zoe_God

      @R like I said giannis is better

    • R

      @Zoe_God u r too dumb malone and Barkley had to play the goat in the finals they didn’t get the luck Giannis is getting facing an injured nets teams or avoiding the lakers and clippers who would have all beat him

    • Zoe_God

      @Deandre Ray two guys who never led they team to a ring? LMAOO please giannis better

    • Deandre Ray
      Deandre Ray

      He ain’t better then Barkley in his prime Malone in his