Jalen Rose and Perk's shouting match makes Greeny walk off the Get Up set
Jalen Rose and Perk's shouting match makes Greeny walk off the Get Up set
Jalen Rose and Kendrick Perkins get fired up about the Milwaukee Bucks' win over the Phoenix Suns in Game 6 of the 2021 NBA Finals as Giannis Antetokounmpo captures an NBA championship.

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  • JMS978

    Perkins is such an idiot. Everytime he speaks he says something dumber than the last. Jalen a real 1

  • Marcus Hester
    Marcus Hester

    Jalen weak for that. All the way round. It's was personal for him.

  • Abdulmajid Salleh
    Abdulmajid Salleh

    Jaylen tried to say the 2009 draft was weak back in the day. He’s had bad takes

  • monpekokero

    Jalen needs to learn to shut up

  • Johnnie Watkins Sr.
    Johnnie Watkins Sr.

    Jalen you dead wrong on this! You want to go at Stephen A but here you are trying to embarrass the brother on national TV. Go sit your azz down brother because you pointing a finger at Perk's suits but three are pointing right back at you and Perk pointed one out your spray painted hairline and hair. GTFOH

  • Shirt Jackers
    Shirt Jackers

    ..Morris chestnut- Hilarious

  • Simplyme Nowandever
    Simplyme Nowandever

    Jalen although his analysis was more accurate his sentiment wasn't. Seemed personal even though he stated it wasn't. One fan commented on Stephen A towards Max which is more demeaning I think of any of the commentators on ESPN as well. Max being as accurate even with NBA thoughts at times doesn't deserve the harsh criticism from Stephen A which is at times down right childish especially as an intelligent black man. Get it together J & P kiss and make up and keep it real.

  • pirota819

    "I can't help it that I got some kind of authencity" says Perkins. These are the kind of black folks they put on television to represent a group of people 🙄😒

  • Lawrence Hilton
    Lawrence Hilton

    Notice Jalen didn't touch the front of "his" hairline

  • RitotheRiot

    Jalen sounded like a straight up hater!!

  • Tommy Chaz
    Tommy Chaz

    Jalen was in his feelings

  • Natnael Ganoro
    Natnael Ganoro

    I aint never seen Jalen like this. It seems like he takin Perk’s success personal.

  • Scooter studios 2
    Scooter studios 2

    It’s one thing to disagree but it’s another to take shots. Jalen started with shots at Perk! He ain’t the real one we thought!

  • Saterial Harris
    Saterial Harris

    Is Jalen auditioning for the STEVEN A. SMITH act alike?

  • Wook Seven00
    Wook Seven00

    Jalen hating on big perk😂

  • reginald parker
    reginald parker

    9 I like I d9887 I I 9ippp9 9th 6i 89

  • DB104

    Hey Jalen, blink if your in trouble 🤣

  • Saint John
    Saint John

    "Address you like the numbers on a house" Mr catch phrase 😀

  • Ben Perryman
    Ben Perryman

    Perk = 18 Hol’Ons 10 No’s and 10 timeouts 😂😂😂 Triple Double

  • Tru Hefe
    Tru Hefe

    Big Perk Don’t play No Games 🤣🤣👍🏽

  • Marcus Flowers
    Marcus Flowers

    I love Jalen Rose.. But Jalen was wrong on this one..

  • Ron Anderson
    Ron Anderson

    Give them both a show together! High ratings and many awards when two legit brothers get real everyday on live. Jalen, you’re my Motown bro but you can’t step to anyone who’s won a ring…. Argument over!

  • AM W
    AM W

    Typical between those two...

  • Christopher Duncan
    Christopher Duncan

    Dude was drunk. Talking out of both sides of his mouth. In all honesty this is a fireable offense. He insulted KP intelligence, basketball acumen, and his manhood then this man then lied about it on national TV in the very next breath! This man apologize more than R. KELLY!

  • Aye Yo Kato
    Aye Yo Kato

    Suddenly everybody had Milwaukee winning it... LOL.

  • KJ will
    KJ will

    4:08 “it’s called authenticity” 😂😂

  • Luis Torres
    Luis Torres

    This is why ESPN has terrible ratings..

  • Kenneth Craddock
    Kenneth Craddock

    Jalen punked saying to Big Perk the weasel line 'it ain't personal' because he didn't want to run into Big Perk off camera where Big Perk would have turned Jalen into Motown Mincemeat.

  • LaDarrell Hickman
    LaDarrell Hickman

    Jalen came out firing! Pastor church suit with the Dr Seuss lines lmmfao!

  • Michael Hawse
    Michael Hawse

    Shut up Jaken and Perk talk.

  • B Mendoza
    B Mendoza

    ESPN really dirty for putting this up ESPN = 🗑

  • Antt r
    Antt r

    Jalen acting like he's never had bad takes lol

  • Mental Beatz
    Mental Beatz

    Greeny sucks, this argument is media gold and he makes it awkward.

  • Crimeboss AK47
    Crimeboss AK47

    I hated Perk as a player but since those days he a little okay. That’s my man from the D Rose go blue

  • L.O.V.E

    Jalen Hating on Perk peep molly now big Perk

  • King Stennis
    King Stennis

    Lol I’m weak

  • terrancej32

    Jaylen Rose very disrespectful for this one!

  • Andre Smith
    Andre Smith

    Perk weak

  • J P
    J P

    Now I see why C-Webb stopped messing with Jalen and I thought Jalen was a cool dude when he went at skip and saying don’t call Kwame a bust but how he act towards Perk idk Jalen smh

  • Courtnay Williams
    Courtnay Williams


  • Courtnay Williams
    Courtnay Williams

    When the playoffs started ....perkins was jacking the suns

  • Warren Rambo Terry
    Warren Rambo Terry

    Jalen rose sucks

  • Warren Rambo Terry
    Warren Rambo Terry

    Spray paint line hahahahahahahahahahananana got u jalen rose haha

  • jasyn zangari
    jasyn zangari

    Perk deserved all of it...stupid comments for weeks about Giannis and the Bucks, Rose said what everyone wanted to say

  • D Carter
    D Carter

    Perk will hurt that man STOP THE 🧢

  • Broke Folks TV
    Broke Folks TV

    Jalen seemed like he had some hen dawg

  • Learning OutsideTheBox
    Learning OutsideTheBox

    Jalen definitely did his research on Perk and some of his very outlandish takes lol. It's probably offensive to Jalen to hear Perks say crazy things like DeAndre Ayton is the next "Admiral" David Robinson, knowing their respective games are nothing alike lol. Perks is pure entertainment value, much like Stephen A Smith comparing Deviin Booker to being the next Kobe Bryant🤦‍♂️ Like who believes that ish🤷‍♂️

  • 100 Proof
    100 Proof

    Jalen Rose came right out the gate throwing shade and a blind man can see that.


    That Starbucks in Perkins beard is killin me

  • Eric Matterson
    Eric Matterson

    Jalen tells Kendrick to say Moses Moody and drops the mic

  • Jeremiah Taylor
    Jeremiah Taylor

    Jalen got Big Perk changing his whole suit game. just wait lmao

  • Chase P
    Chase P

    What is going on here

  • TheBlurReturns16

    Yoooo Jalen said nothing wrong Perkins could have just come back with a lil cap back and then kept it moving lol.

  • John Steward
    John Steward

    This was lite black conversation. That’s how we talk. It just makes white people nervous

  • Pgh 412
    Pgh 412


  • Doe Moore
    Doe Moore

    Jalen be drunk

  • C Manuel
    C Manuel

    Perk’s diction hurts my ears. Would you please take some speech lessons?

  • Derek B
    Derek B

    Payne should played more

  • Flawless Vic
    Flawless Vic

    This is why people hate podcasting with us folks...smdh

  • Shakeel Muhammad
    Shakeel Muhammad

    When u turn the music down to argue over the aux cord. Lmaoooo

  • Carl The One
    Carl The One

    Perk the Cupcake. "Can I, Can I, Can I?"

  • Anthony Pierre
    Anthony Pierre

    I love these two going at it! ESPN, and everyone else should stay out it. These two grown men can handle themselves just fine

  • Awall Wallace
    Awall Wallace

    Now this sport case at its BEEEEEEST ROAST SESSION 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Justin Hughes
    Justin Hughes

    Jaden is purely a corporate clown


    80s pastor suit🤣🤣🤣....Reverend Perk just got that volcano 🔥🌋🤣🤣

  • Geechee Sean
    Geechee Sean

    I agree with Jalen 100000000% don't even know how Perk still got this gig. ESPN y'all falling off

  • Warren Rambo Terry
    Warren Rambo Terry

    Jalen rose shut up!!!

  • Socially Detached
    Socially Detached

    That authenticity, catch murdered Perk

  • James N
    James N

    Perk is a clown and horrible analyst same guy that said MJ didn't accomplish anything at 35 he literally won a title at that age. He shouldn't be on tv

  • corey goree
    corey goree

    Spit the truth Jalen

  • Colin Forsecs
    Colin Forsecs

    Jalen Rose with his Becky with the good hair cut now

  • Tori Newkirk
    Tori Newkirk

    Jalen you did come off as you was hating ,hatin alittle❗😆🤣👍🏾

  • Fernando Arboleda
    Fernando Arboleda

    rose usually does a nice enough job but shut your trap when you finish and let the man talk, respect to perk, comon on jay len

  • Franco Vincente
    Franco Vincente

    unwatchable...switched channel

  • JK number5
    JK number5


  • Big Slim
    Big Slim

    The guy in the middle leaving and coming back made this a thing, it’s not that bad

    • J Dolo
      J Dolo

      Exactly...overreacting. he was scared bc they black. Like they were somehow going to fight


    Perk is trash ESPN is using him

  • YouTube Hudson
    YouTube Hudson

    Jalen needs to stfu and let a man talk. You can’t put words in a mans mouth and not let him defend himself. Lawd jalen fix that hairline yo!!

  • A.Johnson

    Thts not the Rose I kno

  • chironjo

    Problem is he started personal talking about Perk coming in a pastor suit and that kind of stuff.

    • chironjo

      @JMS978 Tgey both are idiots.

    • JMS978

      Good. Perk is an idiot.

  • Rodney Johnson
    Rodney Johnson

    You see how us blacks will go at each other don't make no sense jalen apologize that's the bigger man a man can accept his wrong doing move on ✌

  • Mike S
    Mike S

    Perk you a 🤡 and thank you Jalen for exposing this 🤡

  • hater623

    Jalen is about to get himself kicked off another show

  • Poppa Wheelie
    Poppa Wheelie

    Jalen A. Smith...

  • Calvin Evans
    Calvin Evans

    What a despicable display.

  • Erik Grubb
    Erik Grubb

    Jalen Rose is a buster!!

  • B.Allen

    80's pastor suit💀💀💀

  • Troy F
    Troy F

    Why did JR had to apologize? What was so wrong this?

  • Facetious Monkey
    Facetious Monkey

    Kobe biggest failure was letting the Boston Celtics win that one chip. Everyone on that team is milking that one chip as if they were some kind bball genius.

  • Doug Hef
    Doug Hef

    Get Perk off my TV!!!

  • Joshante Howard
    Joshante Howard

    Omg cant believe the producers allowed them to do that

  • Comedian Mo Green
    Comedian Mo Green

    Most white folk don't understand black folk roast and play the dozens. This clip was entertaining. Absolutely nothing wrong with it... This is WHAT WE DO! relax and enjoy.

  • Wayne Scriv
    Wayne Scriv

    Perk cried after this debate 😆 😆 😆

  • Peter Ellis
    Peter Ellis

    All scripted... look at the likes!!! A Perkins and Rose show up next... watch this space!

  • Poorhouz

    Perkins you act like a 1st grader bro... this is hood sh... that's why they don't have black people on TV as much.

  • Poorhouz

    Told ya'll Greeny's show is awful now. Love Jalen but this show sucksssssssss!!!!