My sadness for Chris Paul is 'inescapable' - Stephen A. | SC with SVP
Stephen A. Smith and Michael Wilbon discuss what Chris Paul, Devin Booker and the Phoenix Suns should take away from their run to the 2021 .

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  • Mark Sines
    Mark Sines

    im just glad a person with cp3’s attitude isn’t winning a chip and icing on a cake a persona of gianis, jrue, lopez and pj won it, cp3 is gonna be a HOF but if lakers or nuggets was healthy they’re out early

  • Johnny Raymond
    Johnny Raymond

    Trade Ben Simmons to the SUNS for CP3 and Crowder. Booker with Ayton, Simmons, Bridges, Johnson and Paul with Embiid, Tobias, Curry and Shake balances out both teams and is the perfect trade. SUNS need more size and 76ers need a PG who can shoot from anywhere. Adding Paul would make 76ers the favorite with Bucks and Nets in the east. Paul’s ppg on the year is identical to Ben’s and his contract should be structured to be the same as Ben’s next year considering his finals production and the outcome

  • Sun'sayid Rahsad
    Sun'sayid Rahsad

    Lebron jinxed him🤣😂

  • T H
    T H

    The suns made a great playoffs, they should been proud of reach finals, no regret stand tall, milwaukee was reachin the champ, since 3 years earlier, so they have learned, suns was their first appeareance since so long, so the only thing i might say is, thanks suns, thanks bucks u gave us an amazing series, hope i can see u again in a rematch

  • broadstreet21

    Giannis is a piece of work.

  • David McVey
    David McVey

    Screw CP3. He flopped his way to the Finals. He almost hurt Giannis too!

  • Mccoy


  • Manuel Ayala
    Manuel Ayala

    Lol, CP3 is like carmelo, they more about getting paid than the championship.... If he was about championships he would have been to 4 finals by now.

  • Ryan St. Pierre
    Ryan St. Pierre

    Is anybody baffled at the word inescapable 😂😂😂😂😂 what a word lmaooo

  • Michael T
    Michael T

    I hope Chris Paul becomes a coach and wins multiple championships as a coach, if he doesn't do it in his playing career

  • Izzy Lok
    Izzy Lok

    I'm glad bucks won. Period.

  • Lvplack Bussy
    Lvplack Bussy

    My sadness for Stephen A hairline is inescapable.

  • Javier Alarcon
    Javier Alarcon

    Good for him… thats what you get for eliminating my LAKERS

    • John Belizaire
      John Belizaire

      Yeah at the end it's a wasted playoff year.

  • 2152westchester

    Chris to many turnovers last games. Booker weak and lost the ball in last quarters last 2 games plus tryingto shoot over a f tree shouldpass that ball. The koby comparison we hearing f up his head. Can't compare a lion to a cat.. Wanted sun's to win but they really f up last 3 games

  • Trendy_Charms

    J Crowder.. Last year with Heat, and this year with Suns. Bad coincidence for him to be so close to win the ring and not getting it. 🤔🤔

  • Ten Thirty
    Ten Thirty

    He went home to his mansion... I am not that sad for him.

  • Bruce McCowan
    Bruce McCowan

    Chris Paul deserves everything he's got. 😂 😂 😂

  • Seba J
    Seba J

    They could not guard Giannis at all😂

  • Da Bears
    Da Bears

    Congrats to all the bucks fans and there organization they did it.. coming from a die hard bulls fan it was an amazing run the Bucks this season.. with that being said I absolutely agree with SAS this was Chris Paul last chance to get a ring 💍 and he’s team choked

  • TheVotive

    cp3 lakers will get you a chip SUNS SUCK an only got there from injuries

  • nukeman444

    Chris ran into Giannis just like Iverson ran into Shaq.

  • Espectro De La Yautja
    Espectro De La Yautja

    Great series. Great suspense every game. Games were close and came down to the smallest of things. I really enjoyed the series.

  • Genesis Cruz
    Genesis Cruz

    Chris Paul only chance now of winning a Championship is by joining a super team He wouldn't get as much credit though had won it with the Suns.

  • October 17 Lefty Jason
    October 17 Lefty Jason

    Chris Paul needs to give up his leadership in the NBA to CURRY

  • Kathi Lawton
    Kathi Lawton

    I am really sad for him too. It's heartbreakings


    Sadness. I’m sure he’s fine with his millions.

  • Jon Alvy
    Jon Alvy

    Oh I'm so sad for millionaire ballplayer with his beautiful wife and lovely family. He'll be fine his legacy is not effected ring or not. Plus he's got allstate commercial on TV. Yeah he's so sad

  • revolt81

    Everytime the bucks logo gives wilbon antlers I die...

  • Neonnxnxr

    People, please give some respect. These players are all top notch whether you believe it or not. They have made millions while you sit at home full of sarcastic and sadistic remarks… let them play. Let them enjoy the job they love. I wanted my team to win , but am proud of the Bucks as well. Job well done boys, number 1 and 2 team in the country!

  • Doctor  Sleep
    Doctor Sleep

    Chris has to join a superstar, an already built contender team!!!! Or else he is finished!

  • TheExclusiveOne720

    You know what's amazing & such an eye opener about causal fans: When Toronto beat the Warriors in 2019 for the title, 2 things: 1: NOBODY elevated Kawhi Leonard's ALL-TIME status & greatness 2: NOBODY called out Steph Curry for not stepping up when it mattered most (go check his game 6 numbers) The ONLY theme was: -KD & Klay were hurt & if they play the series, Toronto doesn't win Notice how Giannis won his title &: -EVERYONE is elevating him & his ALL-TIME status -EVERYONE is knocking Chris Paul NOBODY is talking about the real theme: -If Kyrie doesn't get hurt, the Bucks do not win anything You can clearly see the average fan is a day to day, moment to moment fan

  • TheExclusiveOne720

    If anyone in this comment section had Brooklyn going to the Finals (and possibly winning the title) BEFORE the season begin, after the season ended & before the series against the Bucks (and we know most of you did) & you're in here praising the Bucks, you just clearly have no standards, morals and don't really care about the "game" just care about "moments" And for any/all Laker fans, if you are in here knocking the Suns because you think they wouldn't have been in the Finals if AD was healthy but vouching for the Bucks knowing they only won because Brooklyn was hurt, then you guys are also characters that just care about "moments" and not the "game"

  • yung mayo
    yung mayo

    Ayton crumbled like a cookie when gianiss pimped him

  • JC Torres
    JC Torres

    he always has jake from statefarm



  • Paul Harris
    Paul Harris

    If you have to count on injuries to get you to the finals you're probably not in a good situation. A healthy Laker team, a healthy Clippers team and a healthy Warriors team are going to be very tough to beat. Add to that a more experienced Mavericks team and Phoenix is facing a battle getting to the finals next year.

  • GuardianJordann B
    GuardianJordann B

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 so what. Everybody goes through the same thing and yall trash them. I dnt want to hear that.

  • Alex Seidel
    Alex Seidel

    Im done hearing how the suns neever were expected to get to the finals. They would be first round exits of the lakers were healthy and if somehow they miraculously beat the lakers healthy they were not beating the clippers to took them to 6.

  • Adam Selby
    Adam Selby

    As a Suns fan, I'm just happy for a winning season. I'm happy for a playoff run. It's okay to not win, it's okay to fail. We will see where they fall next season.

  • Rodney Drakeford
    Rodney Drakeford

    Cp3 will never ever win a championship - they stretching to the moon and back on his career and he got swept 🧹 losing four in a row, Phoenix never had a chance to win, not sure why cp3 even on the trade table for any team - 🤷🏿‍♂️

  • VIBEZZ_92

    So just forget about Devin booker rite ....?

  • Ciceroboi 419
    Ciceroboi 419

    Why so sad ? Just a year ago everyone was saying his career was over he was just two games away from being a champion how many other players can say that

  • jj mak
    jj mak

    Cp3 had his chance and now for his age it will be impossible to win a championship next season cuz of the level of competitive teams out there. Suns got lucky this season to be in the finals and they blew it so back to Lakers nation next year. GO LAKERS!!!

  • Reginaold Wells
    Reginaold Wells

    Stephen A. Get your response wright. Sadness, really? Chris Paul. Said it himself over a week ago, this is only basketball a sport. People in America getting shot and killed every night and racesism, that's sadness. This is only a disappointed to CP3. this man is a millionaire. And made more money in the play offs and championship game then any of us will see in a lifetime. and for the rest of the players on Arizona. Booker and others thay tried.

  • Efren Grullon
    Efren Grullon

    Lots of love for Steven A and michael w but one thing very obvious, you guys looked like you just came out of funeral. Praise Giannis first and then talk all you want about chris. Analysts can show their favoritism, oh maybe Gianni is not black enough since he wasn't born in usa

  • Falkon 77
    Falkon 77

    Nobody cares

  • Tariq Rahman
    Tariq Rahman

    Trade chris Paul to the wnba.

  • Alberto Gonzalez
    Alberto Gonzalez

    He'll sign with LAL

  • Jing Qi
    Jing Qi

    Chris Paul had the LOWEST plus/minus of any player in the finals and didn't deserve to win the chip based on his quality of play. This is also just more proof that CP is NOT a top 5 point guard all-time. People need to stop with that recency bias nonsense.

  • Big Cat
    Big Cat

    Stephen A. STFU!🤨

  • Ronny Joslyn
    Ronny Joslyn

    I'm thoroughly enjoying how Wilbon gets antlers every few moments

  • Carol Phillips
    Carol Phillips

    Bucks now won Back to Back championships Tampa Bay Bucs, Milwaekee Bucks in 2021, what drought

  • Ge W
    Ge W

    Stephen a. Sounds normal when he's loosing his voice

  • Mo Lester
    Mo Lester

    oh please. I guess he'll just have to go enjoy his $200 million net worth. I feel soooo sorry this pansy didn't win a title

  • Carol Phillips
    Carol Phillips

    I actually Like both team Clippers, and Sun until CP3 Moment at the end of that game, him mouthing off at the fans. He got what he deserves, I actually only saw 1/2 of game 6, I couldnt stand watching to see CP3 play any more. I feel for Booker and the rest of the team, The championship was all their till they lost their focus.


    Some players are not destined to win a championship. Chris Paul is on that list.

  • Jordan Issaquah
    Jordan Issaquah

    The series was lost in game 4 when Chris Paul turned the ball over

  • Get the bag
    Get the bag

    Paul is the dirtiest player in the league .so glad he didn’t win , so how do he do it the right way

  • Boost Lee
    Boost Lee

    Maybe if he actually played basketball instead of flopping all the time, he might win a championship like giannis. He even taught his whole team how to flop. Smh

  • iamram 19
    iamram 19

    Not sad at all. His attitude has always been salty and bitter with other players. Never liked him. And he's NOT a point god. Stop it!

  • Alex Johnson
    Alex Johnson

    Ayton is just entirely too soft.

  • Tony Keo
    Tony Keo

    I like how they ignore how CP3 play poorly the last four games of the Finals. Making turnovers at a critical moment and not showing up when he need to. CP3 is a great player but he is not a leader.

  • L D
    L D

    He is a healthy, famous millionaire Hall of Fame basketball player with a beautiful family and half his life ahead of him. Not sure there is anything to be "sad" about.

  • kabook4000

    I'm taking curry, Irving, and dame , rondo over Paul any day all day!! Bucks got it done.

  • bball kingoe
    bball kingoe

    Chris paul was lookin for fouls instead of hoopin. That’s why they lost

  • JustNickPeriod

    No one on the Suns team is going to feel good or look fondly at just making it to the finals and losing. Respect to them all but the guidance counselor mentality ain't working.

  • savy zay
    savy zay

    Chris Paul y'all had it y'all just choke

  • Dien Auto
    Dien Auto

    So many greats and hall of fame don't have a ring. It is never granted. He has the choice to stay, reinforce his team or do a KD LBJ move to get a ring.

  • 101 on ARSENAL
    101 on ARSENAL

    now he knows how Karl Malone & John Stockton feels.

  • Nate Mallory
    Nate Mallory

    Ayton’s complete milk carton performance in this series is reminiscent of Richard Dumas and most recently James Harden with OKC.

  • Jaime Nava
    Jaime Nava

    Let’s not forget that Smith is a racist!!!

  • The Basketball Historian
    The Basketball Historian

    "At 36, you can't help but think THIS IS IT." Winning the championship as the #1 guy on the team, sure. But I don't think it's over for CP3. Contenders want him even more now. As an older player, he's going to be a great 2nd or 3rd best player for a team with a chance at the championship.

  • Bet that
    Bet that

    Not all great players win championships unless you form a super team in todays NBA, shots fired🔫. Congrats to Giannis for the love of the game and his team.

  • Justin Humphrey
    Justin Humphrey


  • Earnist Se
    Earnist Se

    Im a bucks fan , but the suns were my second favorite team all season long . I have no sadness for him 1. Because my bucks won! And 2. Because cp3 didn't ball out like he needed to

  • Sucrose

    They wouldn’t even be in the finals if the lakers were healthy, this was their chance at getting a ring.

  • k3n12ock

    Hate to say but the window for CP3 to get a ring has closed.

  • Efraín Jiménez
    Efraín Jiménez

    Profound sadness?1? It's a freaking basketball game you big forehead biach.

  • A P 3
    A P 3

    Sadness for Chris Paul, why? He's a top 20 PG all time... But please STOP with the top 10 Point God talk. They lost 4 in a row in the Finals, that's it.

  • 허미경

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  • Brice Cordova
    Brice Cordova


  • RC3

    scott van pelt is an excellent host

  • walter hank
    walter hank

    SVP looking like a orange

  • sebastian absolution
    sebastian absolution

    remember when devil stern nixed the cliff paul 2 the *lakers bac then. the association owned the hornets an stern pretti much made sure cliff would never win a ring.🥴🥴🥴

  • Aaron Farley
    Aaron Farley

    CP 3 was the Bucks second best player turning the ball over and choked !!!

  • Greg Sizemo
    Greg Sizemo

    I'm not sad for the nut punching flopper. The basketball gods have chosen to forsake him.


    Cp gonna be having nightmares about this series for the rest of his days 💀 I really enjoyed this championship series both teams fought hard every game congratulations to the Bucks

  • bang skott
    bang skott

    Chris Paul is a CLOWN. Such a flopper and dirty player. He doesn’t deserve a ring

  • Sir Evol's Random Video Official.
    Sir Evol's Random Video Official.

    Chris paul you can get champ next season

  • Gerald Walls jr
    Gerald Walls jr

    Chris retire... U done... Sorry u got. To thr finals

  • Brody Siqueiros
    Brody Siqueiros

    I'd argue the suns would still be in it for game 7 if cp3 would've showed for game 3 or 4

  • Constantine Edmundson
    Constantine Edmundson

    Losing is part of the game but I feel him😇!

  • Alic4444

    "His priority has always been winning the right way" meanwhile dude has starred in more crotch shot montages in his career than Patrick Beverley, Draymond Green, and every other "dirty" defensive player in history combined. Not to mention constantly undercutting players... and the good old flops.

  • Clay Page
    Clay Page

    Meteors go downwards.

  • rob19ny

    This is karma for Chris Paul punching players in the nuts since College. And to lose in the promise land that is the Finals is the greatest despair he can experience. Beautiful.

  • Yeng Vang
    Yeng Vang

    Devin Booker's first postseason of his career was amazing. You can't ignore that.

  • DJ OoWee
    DJ OoWee

    I feel bad fpr cp3 but he had every thing set up for him after running thru the injury plagued west comf losing their best players up 2-0 & then he just didnt make the plays wen it mattered most also he ran into a force of nature in giannis

  • 99jaymes

    Iverson set the standard for how a smaller guard could be if they respect their game enough to speak for itself. no on-court dirty plays or sideways actions that made u question his character. Even tho he never got a chip he earned hof status while in uniform thru his unique playstyle, But cp3 is a shiesty player and he will be questioned when hof voting occurs. His on court antics are in-escapable. He has always been an " habitual linestepper "(-charlie murphy) and his game does not speak greatness like others. its full of questions like - was he ever the best point guard in the league during his career ? Was his impact on the two teams he spent the majority if his career with - a positive impact ? Was cp3 a dirty player ? Overall definantly a one of the better players in the league but, is he even a top ten point guard of nba history?

  • Jesus Figueroa
    Jesus Figueroa

    Come win a championship with us 💜💛