NBA Finals Game 6 highlights and analysis: Giannis and the Bucks win the NBA championship | Get Up
NBA Finals Game 6 highlights and analysis: Giannis and the Bucks win the NBA championship | Get Up
Mike Greenberg breaks down highlights from the Bucks winning Game 6 of the 2021 NBA Finals to capture the NBA title, then Tim Legler reacts to Milwaukee's win over the Phoenix Suns.

0:00 Mike Greenberg breaks down highlights from Game 6.
1:30 Giannis' postgame comments after the win.
3:54 Legler describes what Giannis winning the title means for the NBA.

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  • ESPN

    0:00 Mike Greenberg breaks down highlights from Game 6. 1:30 Giannis' postgame comments after the win. 3:54 Legler describes what Giannis winning the title means for the NBA.

  • C Howard
    C Howard

    NBA MVP voters DO NOT CONSIDER DEFENSE. But in my mind, Giannis or Embiid should have been MVP. You can't be MVP of the NBA and not only not be on an all-defensive team, but you were also outrebounded by a 6'3" guard! Congrats to Milwaukee.

  • Jordan Vande Guchte
    Jordan Vande Guchte

    Timmy Legs - check the receipts what you said this series, goofball.

  • Casualplayer

    downtown Milwaukee is a very old very European style buildings big beautiful churches Germanic style.

  • chendaddy

    Giannis truly is the best Buck since 1971 Kareem, and it's not even remotely close.

  • A Cloud World
    A Cloud World

    Legler is on another level compared to Stephen A. His analysis is brilliant.

  • HellasĜЯ

    AIR GIANNIS!!!!!!!CHAMPIONSHIP-MVP-RING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hank Kim
    Hank Kim

    Ya hear that KD, LBJ, Harden, Kyrie? He did it the hard way. Stuck by his team in the good times & the bad, did it differently, & won. Mad props.

  • Basiru Jabbi
    Basiru Jabbi

    Giannis save the NBA by resigning with the Bucks by not joining a super team I love it I’m glad Kawhi Choose the Clippers instead of the Lebron James LA Lakers

  • Ngoc Nguyen
    Ngoc Nguyen

    Please give Tim his own show! He’s a better analyst than max and Stephen combined

  • Spicer C
    Spicer C

    The bar is so low. Tim Duncan did this (multiple MVPs with multiple rings on the team that drafted him) and guess what? He faced criticism from clowns.

  • Mike BeerTrips
    Mike BeerTrips

    Giannis's Bucks, a bit like the early days of MJ's Bulls

  • Ryan Makarski
    Ryan Makarski

    The gaping ease increasingly spare because archaeology iteratively switch without a impossible poison. painful, few fierce sphynx

  • Yellow Flash
    Yellow Flash

    *This Laker fan did not want to see the Suns win. Congrats to the Bucks and Giannis*

  • Drew Ramlogan
    Drew Ramlogan


  • kapten senja fishing
    kapten senja fishing

    Very nice 👍👍👍🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩

  • Zed Stylo
    Zed Stylo

    2 time MVP 1 DPOY 1 Chip and finals MVP.... Safe to say his career is now better than Steph's?

  • kk

    Giannis is up there with duncan....

  • Martavious Tisby
    Martavious Tisby

    NBA finals

  • Real Is Real
    Real Is Real

    0:10, 0:50, It's only a matter of time before these shots become the norm

  • K2 Btw
    K2 Btw

    Kostas isn't the only one who has a ring now

  • TJ Gilbero
    TJ Gilbero

    He would've been champion in 2019 if it wasn't for the Bucks becoming Bambi in postseason

  • xwers1234

    I couldn’t believe what I was watching last night, what a performance

  • lilvenice

    Modern day Hakeem

  • moonoo23

    Not hating but giannis's 1 ring is so much better than KD's 2 rings.

  • javier book shadows contributor du
    javier book shadows contributor du

    214th comment

  • mark price
    mark price

    BREAKING NEWS= James Harden request trade to Bucks.

  • Fatima Daniels
    Fatima Daniels

    Well done to the Bucks on an awesome winning championship game. Giannis was freaking awesome and deserved this win.

  • Durand The Rapper
    Durand The Rapper

    May be the luckiest ring any NBA player has ever won. Smh 🤦🏽‍♂️

    • Durand The Rapper
      Durand The Rapper

      @Doomthinkingman haha 😆 mad?

    • Doomthinkingman

      Stay mad bro. That'll work well for you

    • Laura Felder
      Laura Felder

      Most Humble young man

  • Blessed365


  • Tyaire Ferrell
    Tyaire Ferrell

    Harden and your words!!

  • ken9sei

    This is the first time I have heard a Giannis interview/speak, and I am very surprised at how he sounds

  • SoulFly

    someday giannis will be MAYOR of milwaukee maybe even governor of wisconsin.

  • mcronn 100
    mcronn 100

    Giannis carried his teammates tonight to a NBA championship good win bucks 50 years is s long time.

  • Jae KiDd N His 508Cents
    Jae KiDd N His 508Cents

    Fun fact: Giannis tied the most points in a close out NBA Finals Game 🏆

  • SoulFly

    omg this is what i wanted to hear. lets build on it. lets do it again. but we gotta stay hungry

  • Jae KiDd N His 508Cents
    Jae KiDd N His 508Cents

    To think this guy's biggest weakness became his biggest strength in this series he shot over 90% from the free-throw line after having that be his struggle leading up to the finals

  • Jae KiDd N His 508Cents
    Jae KiDd N His 508Cents

    You gotta love this guy I don't care if you're a bucks fan NBA fan hes just a stand up guy an a easy guy to like an route 4!

  • fk427

    Had to find a clip without Kendrick Perkins in it. He’s been unbearable this season

  • Devin Mansfield
    Devin Mansfield

    The greatest game from a player you’ve ever seen is always the last one you saw lol. This ring don’t count.

  • TK_Drako

    Choke Paul🤡🤡🤡🤡

  • Marty Marl
    Marty Marl

    Tim not having his own show is a DISGRACE

  • Darlene McCracken
    Darlene McCracken

    Suns just burned OUT!!!I wish they played with the same drive when they beat LeBron?? They were pitiful!!!J Chrowder don't see you dancing on the floor NOW 😂🤣

  • Devin Mansfield
    Devin Mansfield

    Easiest chip ever lol

  • Edry M
    Edry M

    Durant thats how you do it🤣🤣the joy of doing the right way🏆....i know thats the feeling hes been looking

  • Savvas Plikas
    Savvas Plikas

    Best basketball analyst ever!

  • Adam Breat
    Adam Breat


  • King Am I (I Am King)
    King Am I (I Am King)

    Giannis vs LeBron career path: LeBron drafted 2003 Giannis drafted 2013 LeBron 1st MVP 2009 Giannis 1st MVP 2019 LeBron loses 4-2 ECF 2009 Giannis loses 4-2 ECF 2019 LeBron loses ECSF 2010 Giannis loses ECSF 2020 LeBron joins a superteam and loses Giannis stays loyal and wins.

  • daniel surtie
    daniel surtie

    Please give Tim Legler his flowers. The best NBA analyst there is.

  • Byron Yadao
    Byron Yadao

    Keeping the faith! 🙏🙏🙏 How sweet it is to win with the team management that trusted and developed you to be an NBA CHAMPION!!!👍🏽🙂🦌

  • DRoM

    If you've got Jae Crowder on your team ,your GUARANTEED to go to the Finals and LOSE

  • King Tshilobo
    King Tshilobo

    It’s amazing how he won without joining a super team. I hope this motivate others and the notion that you must join a super team to win

  • Gu Wop
    Gu Wop

    Shout out to guys like giannis and DAME

    • Laura Felder
      Laura Felder

      Hard work and dedication pays off sometimes we just have to stand still and trust the process 🏆🏆

  • Gab Gotti
    Gab Gotti

    Perk won’t say this because he’s a Klutch propagandear but…… *This championship means more than any championship LeBron & KD have ever won*

  • Poetic Writer
    Poetic Writer

    The only champion Finals MVP to be critiqued for winning the right way and playing his position as a big scoring down low instead of hoisting up jump shots then gets criticism for doing so. Played defense unlike 90% of the NBA and they cry about Giannis just runs and jumps. For a near 7 footer if that's all he does why don't other near 7 footers do it? Not Joel nor Jokic can say they're champions. No super teams, no big market just "running and jumping" which is about 75% of what you have to do in basketball. 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Young Dab
    Young Dab

    There's so many great players to never win a ring, Giannis honestly wouldn't have to win another, he's already solidified in the history books with the rest of the champions!

  • the4thRøb

    Kareem said he couldn’t do it

  • Anthony Dumas
    Anthony Dumas

    This year's (2021) N.B.A finals really Sucks! It would've been more exciting (and i think u'll agree) to see BKLYN Vs LAKERS!! I was really hoping to see LeBron Vs Durant!!😩

  • Nightwing690

    Middleton should've had the Finals MVP, not Giannis, they just gave it to him for Game 6 alone.

    • Raph. C
      Raph. C

      youre joking right? lol you must be a nets fan

  • tamahl hazelwood
    tamahl hazelwood

    "Nigerian Nightmare"

  • jose castro
    jose castro

    Underdog put that on the T Shirt. Superman is in the Building

  • T McBride
    T McBride

    Yes, if your front office is capable, you can do it 🤣🤣

  • Adan Bean
    Adan Bean

    Mikal Bridges reaction @ 0:50 😂

  • Fun Guy
    Fun Guy

    Giannis "I could of left and joined a superteam and won the easy" "I won the right way" Shots fired!! Proud of Giannis and the Bucks!!

    • reggie1742

      So any team within good players is a super team?

    • DalSom Team
      DalSom Team

      @Brandon Aguilar LeBron had came back to a team that had 2 first round pick kyrie and traded the second for Kevin love in his prime/all star ... so a bonified super team

    • Brandon Aguilar
      Brandon Aguilar

      @Todd Packer Lol get out of here. Did your kind already forget 2016? Might honestly be one of the greatest championship series ever. Lebron has earned his right to be on your mind for the rest of time apparently.

    • Todd Packer
      Todd Packer

      @Yellow Flash if I hated greatness I'd hate Giannis and MJ i just hate bums

    • Brokey

      @HolyBackboard holiday and khris have improved a lot

  • Esteban Barragan
    Esteban Barragan

    You cant hate this guy

  • damnSENSEI

    There is no obligation to stay with the team that drafted you. The team has no loyalty to the teammates so I don’t get why there’s this notion that the players should be loyal to the team. With that being said when a player does choose to stay with one team the story is definitely much sweeter, especially when they win. Look at dirk with the mavs, Kobe with the Lakers, curry with the warriors and now giannis with the bucks. HOF status solidified 🏆

    • damnSENSEI

      @david oneil exactly. That’s an example of a good front office. But look at someone like lebron the first time he was in Cleveland.

    • david oneil
      david oneil

      It depends how the team treats you. They literally built a new stadium for giannis, gave him a supermax, signed his partner Kris to a max and got jrue . The team did good by the bucks and giannis did it good on the team

    • Arthur Callaghan
      Arthur Callaghan

      @mark price Durant with Oklahoma

    • mark price
      mark price

      Yeah, look at Harden with Oklahoma ...oh, well, never mind

  • Saiyajin Beard
    Saiyajin Beard

    A New Legend is Born

  • TheCricketer15

    Was Giannis bashing harden or kd lol?

  • Terence Winters
    Terence Winters

    Kris Middleton's shot making down the stretch and GA shot blocking AND YES HE MADE HIS FREE THROWS 17-19. Two WAY SUPERLATIVES OFFENSE AND DEFENSE. Creating his own super team . Ended the curse of the Jabbar trade by sticking and staying.

    • Terence Winters
      Terence Winters

      @Doomthinkingman You know the Bucks had the smallest arena in the NBA at the time shy of 11,000.

    • Terence Winters
      Terence Winters

      @Doomthinkingman you will find racists anywhere if you look for them including L.A. KAJ just wanted a more Cosmopolitan environment and go back to his UCLA BUDS LIKE LUCIUS ALLEN and the potential for higher earnings in a bigger market. Cant blame him or bucks owner as he had trouble paying the likes of Bob Dandridge and Alex English until his cable business took off which took time . Wayne Embry didnt leave and he made the best deal he could BW JB DM and Elmore smith . Unfortunately . KAJ s arms an legs were greater than the sum of those parts. E.Smith retired, Dave Meyers too , marques johnson came along to make them respectable . Then Lanier , and a young developing sidney moncrief . By the time they restructured it was the Moses Malone erving , kAJ magic, bird mchale era . Then the 90s pistons, bulls , rockets HO, spurs. , lakers shaq, decade . Then 2000-2010 lakers spurs some more, 2010-20 Cleveland lbj miami , warriors steph kd klay dg 3 ball era. So yeah 50 years is a long wait for a city with only 3 non football champions that's sports crazed. Ie 57 braves, 71 bucks ,77 marquette, and now this. Great individuals came and went like Lanier sikma but the sky hook was unique and unrepeatable. Even so it took nearly 8 years for L.A. to gather the pieces to become an 80s dynasty. Think doomthinker about production not detraction. It's a blue collar town MILWAUKEE TOOLS AND BEER .

    • Doomthinkingman

      Well Milwaukee was hella racist back in the day (I can't personally speak on today's Mil). That's why Jabber left. If they got better then they deserve Giannis and this chip

  • Facepalm Gaming
    Facepalm Gaming

    Giannis' ring is 100x better than all of Lebron's ring combined.

  • EveretteJay

    To bad they not going back next year

  • staygreezy

    I was watching the game like “which clowns were calling Booker Kobe” 😂😂😂 why tf was Jae crowder taking the big shots to bring you back??????

  • Rudie Obias
    Rudie Obias

    Remember when Perk said Middleton was Batman and Giannis was Robin? Haha! It's hard to come up with hot takes everyday, folks.

    • Todd Packer
      Todd Packer

      It's ESPN really can't expect much

  • Mga Maal na nga Idea
    Mga Maal na nga Idea

    what now Harden??? hahahaha

  • xgurl10

    Congrats Giannis and the Bucks

  • DeeRendain

    True definition of trusting the process.

  • vsChris

    Make the praise as loud as the disrespect ESPN. We’re listening allllll day

  • Louie jay Rekamadasu
    Louie jay Rekamadasu

    Giannis freak mode 50 points 5 blocks

  • Sicelo Sibiya
    Sicelo Sibiya

    He's oozing with confidence.

    • yeahyeahyeah what
      yeahyeahyeah what

      This chip gunna make him even better next year along with the bucks

  • Bilanguanya

    Holiday was the missing link


    All y'all buccs haters die slow


    Giannis from humble beginning to being a champ 🏆 and winning finals MVP 💪

  • Alex Lopez
    Alex Lopez

    Lebron first title with Heat superteam: 🤡 KD first title with Warriors superteam: 🤡 Giannis first title after 8 years with Bucks that drafted him: 🤩 Demarcus Cousins zero title despite joining Warriors supersuperteam: 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

    • Random dude
      Random dude

      @Yin Yang Middleton had wade numbers and Jrue had bosh numbers??? Are you out of your mind , you didn't watch the gams did you??? Jrue was shooting 25% and airballing shots , Middleton had 11 points in a game and other games were also average , he had one 40 point game and that's it . They are both inconsistent , atleast Jrue was good on defense , but dont even compare this to the amount of help Lebron had. Wade was lalready a FMVP and Bosh was one of the best players in the league

    • Yin Yang
      Yin Yang

      Middleton had Wade numbers and Jrue had Bosh numbers .Giannis had similar kind of help that Lebron had in miami from wade and bosh .Nobody wins by himself .

  • TJ Stark
    TJ Stark

    Could someone get Adam Silver a sandwich please?

  • Kinson Cooper
    Kinson Cooper

    I Hope the media and fans keep that same energy... not one hand shake or congrats from the Suns players to be shown..🤔

    • Kinson Cooper
      Kinson Cooper

      @Laura Felder ... yep... I thought the Suns fitness was a problem.... those mistakes were in part to exhaustion... the Bucks were prepared for the long haul and wanted it more.

    • Laura Felder
      Laura Felder

      @Kinson Cooper they wasn't as hungry to come from two games down

    • Kinson Cooper
      Kinson Cooper

      @Laura Felder ... Booker was looking for them and just gave up... CP3 was gone...

    • Laura Felder
      Laura Felder

      Bitter they thought it was over like my southern grandmother always said don't count your chickens before they hatch they got that K curse lol🤔

  • rich McKinney
    rich McKinney

    Key point.. This is good for the NBA. Sick of 3 all stars on one team

  • Eli Wise
    Eli Wise

    Giannis and MJ combine for 7 for 7 in finals with 7 finals MVP's and 0 game 7's

  • Christopher Jackson
    Christopher Jackson

    ESPN is wrong. Giannis is the second youngest to win 2 MVPs and a Finals MVP. Tim Duncan was 27 when he won his second MVP. Sooooo imma need ESPN to get their ish right.

    • melvin barnett
      melvin barnett

      Giannis won his first at 24 his second at 25 and finals mvp at 26, so yeah he's the youngest. And defense player of the year also at 25.

    • fotisnas

      Giannis is 26

  • Let'sGoDancin'

    The NBA won not just Giannis and the Bucks!

    • Chris Smith
      Chris Smith

      @mark price AMEN

    • Chris Smith
      Chris Smith


    • mark price
      mark price

      No lebrama this added plus

  • Joel A
    Joel A

    50 points from Giannis and 50 years year ago Bucks won a finals

    • Pritam Thakuria
      Pritam Thakuria

      Bohut jana de basa

  • Alex

    Stop comparing him to Kareem, He just won one.

  • Birdgang dee
    Birdgang dee

    Incoming Kendrick Perkins to still say Middleton still the Batman

  • pancon5

    Give Legs more airtime next season!

  • Kurt Cobain
    Kurt Cobain

    Giannis refused to be in Space Jam 2 because... "I don't like being Hollywood. I don't like all this extra drama. I am just going to try to be me."

    • Yin Yang
      Yin Yang

      Lebron 1 Laker ring >0 Clipper banners .Make more hollywood excuses why your team sucks please .

    • Mohammad Awesat
      Mohammad Awesat

      @Yin Yang You have no idea what you are talking about, Holywood is full of drama, no one said anything about Lebron james, yet you are still salty.

    • Yin Yang
      Yin Yang

      Lebron is in space jam for a reason .Giannis has long way to be as great as Lebron. .Lebron won 1 ring just 1 year ago ,what hollywood ,what drama u talking about ?This year they were just injured .

  • Aaron Lawrence
    Aaron Lawrence

    The scary racing indirectly use because enemy unfortunatly wish as a stupid tornado. pumped, axiomatic adult

  • Andile M
    Andile M

    Giannis gave PJ Tucker a ring 🤣🤣🤣 something Harden couldn't do

    • mark price
      mark price

      Harden's agent trying to get him on the Bucks now.

    • deboman81

      Harden is probably pissed too (as he strokes his beard with his beard comb) 😂

  • Jay Kelly
    Jay Kelly

    As a Raptors fan. Super happy for the Bucks, losing in the playoffs those 2 years help light that fire. There’s no turning back for this team now, and that’s bad news for the east

  • Don Mike
    Don Mike

    He can retire today and be a 1st ballot hall of famer & he's only 26 wow 👏 🏆

  • Carlo Brooks
    Carlo Brooks

    The media is gonna clown Lebron and KD today. 😂😂😂

    • Yin Yang
      Yin Yang

      @Random dude it was vs hawks right ?Sry but i couldnt watch the NBA this season .Too many injuries ruined it for me .

    • Random dude
      Random dude

      @Yin Yang Didn't Giannis hyperextend his knee and miss 2 games??

    • Carlo Brooks
      Carlo Brooks

      @Yin Yang Yeah but don't tell the media that Stephen A, Kellerman, Bayless, Shannon Sharpe

    • Yin Yang
      Yin Yang

      What clowning ?Their teams were injured .Bucks were full healthy .

  • Tee Roch
    Tee Roch