Stephen A. reacts to Giannis leading the Bucks to an NBA championship | First Take
Stephen A. reacts to Giannis leading the Bucks to an NBA championship | First Take
Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman react to Giannis Antetokounmpo’s 50-point night leading the Milwaukee Bucks to their first NBA title in 50 years after defeating the Phoenix Suns 105-98 in Game 6 of the 2021 NBA Finals.

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  • Brittany Moore
    Brittany Moore

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  • CMc The P
    CMc The P

    Ok g

  • Gio1016

    I haven't watched this circus show in years. All I know is Max doesn't age well. Yikes!

  • Roland Swain
    Roland Swain

    I knew at one time in his NBA career Giannis would win a championship. He is probably in the top 3 best centers in NBA history. and I think he would have had more success against any other Centers in NBA history. Dat boi good..


    Lebron could never drop those kind of numbers

  • Brooklyn0212

    If anyone taking Bron place it would be the Greek God hands down thanks for coming

  • ongpong tv
    ongpong tv

    i love it when notification pops up "someone liked your comment", "you have a new subscriber"...

  • san mapholoba
    san mapholoba

    Stephan A is an idiot he laughed at Charles Barkley ,when he correctly predicted the win

  • Pahanin

    Disrespecting Giannis never ends well, especially if your name is Harden

  • Marky Mcdo
    Marky Mcdo

    As ever sas is pieace of sh&t 😅😂

  • Dan’s Healthy lifestyle
    Dan’s Healthy lifestyle

    He plays defense

    • doliio volay
      doliio volay

      LeBron and KD as the best players in the world 😆, y'all super weird and funny. I love to burst your out of touch bubble, the Greek Freak Giannis Antetokounmpo is currently the

  • Jeffrey Lord
    Jeffrey Lord

    I got just one question Stephen a…. Why was u in them colleges boy? MAMAS COOKING!!!!!!

  • David Baylon 🇺🇸
    David Baylon 🇺🇸

    Well Thank the Basketball Pagan Gods for creating a Commemorate The Buck Moon on July of this 2021. Rigged Bucs and Rigged Bucks won it in to be future freemasonic puppets

  • non ya
    non ya

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  • Infidel14?

    Nothing quite as gratifying as hearing Stephen A Smith having to give reluctant props to a team or player that he has previously trashed or isn't one of his favorites. When someone like Charles Barkley gets a prediction wrong its still cool, because he's enough of a good sport to poke fun at himself about getting it wrong. But when Stephen speaks in his monotonic 'I'm depressed' voice, you know he is sick to his stomach over his guys not winning, and he's left to do nothing but eat crow for his early Monday breakfast. And I'm here for every second of it...LMBO!!!

  • New Dork
    New Dork

    Steve gonna talk down to another brother what's new

  • Kevin-Vincent Elabo
    Kevin-Vincent Elabo

    I put KD in front of LB because of his playoff performance

  • Joseph Keller
    Joseph Keller

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  • V R Abhinav
    V R Abhinav

    Stephen A looks hhhiiiiiiiggghhhh

  • Ed Goodwin
    Ed Goodwin

    I’m surprised SAS didn’t comment about Giannis’ accent.

  • K T
    K T

    How about eating crow on live TV Stephen A. You basically said "no way no how" that the Bucks would win it all and made fun of Charles Barkley like he was a fool when he predicted it. You are washed up and no one trusts your take on anything anymore.

  • zuygj bnsv
    zuygj bnsv


  • Kenn Kenn
    Kenn Kenn

    These guys are so weird and funny. Acting like Giannis doesn't exist or didn't just win a Championship and fmvp in a historic fashion a couple of days ago lol. Talking about LeBron and KD as the best players in the world 😆, y'all super weird and funny. I love to burst your out of touch bubble, the Greek Freak Giannis Antetokounmpo is currently the best player in the NBA. Plus stop saying the best player in the world plzz bc these US top notch basketball players ain't currently playing better than most of the foreign players in the Olympics 🙄

    • PrinceKy

      You’re acting like the best US players are playing, where is Curry, Lebron, Harden, Kawhi, etc. The truth is that the best US players don’t care about the olympics and honestly who should? Also none of the games the US has played so far mattered, they are still going to win and all of you bandwagons will act like you never said this dumbshit about US not being by far better at basketball than any of these other countries

  • Daniel Garcia
    Daniel Garcia

    I just hope Milwaukee can beat Brooklyn next year when everyone’s fully healthy 😕

  • catm beretta
    catm beretta

    The both need to find new jobs.

    • zuygj bnsv
      zuygj bnsv

      on board with giannis if he wins more than 4 maybe i dont forsee it happening this one was a fluke the suns had them they quit

  • T

    Steven a smith is stupid

  • I 21
    I 21

    The question is: Is Giannis the best player in the world? We're not talking about who is the GOAT, no. We are talking about who is the best player in the world right now.

  • misolou fout
    misolou fout

    Stephen A needs a medal for being the “eating crow” champion! 😝


    Nobody gives af about what his clown saying … Giannis is a Legend .. Stayed loyal to his team .. Well Deserved 🔥👏

  • Youtube User
    Youtube User



    Y'all acting like the bucks played against a super team or even a healthy super team....y'all just need to chill and stop making noise cause that's all it is noise.

    • Beespool

      They beat the Nets which had 4 all stars.. When 1 All Star gets injured, it's not enough to beat the Bucks? Yeah... Right 😂😂

    • misolou fout
      misolou fout

      Look at SAS face? Haha 😂 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

  • Dante Capulong
    Dante Capulong

    Sure hope Stephen was watching USA vs France "best in the world" Durant 10 points LMAO 🤣 choked at 4th too...

  • Tom Ace
    Tom Ace

    As a long suffering Bucks, I love watching the National Sports Media have to give credit to the Bucks and call the Bucks NBA Champions!!!

  • Tokunbo Towobola
    Tokunbo Towobola

    Why the long face SAS?

  • cqvio doli
    cqvio doli

    Whoever has the Chip is the BEST stop hating man...

  • Henrys Bunter
    Henrys Bunter

    Kellerman a coward....... put your flag down chump

  • Iceman 420
    Iceman 420

    Stephen a really its only one title a lot of players have won 1 title 👎 not impressed giving too much praise if he wins anymore and can repeat that performance than maybe ill be on board with giannis if he wins more than 4 maybe i dont forsee it happening this one was a fluke the suns had them they quit

  • Gods Gaming
    Gods Gaming

    You can tell Stephan A lost money cuz the bucks won 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Mike Andra
    Mike Andra

    Espn sux

    • cqvio doli
      cqvio doli

      SHUTUP STEVE! You said, Milwaukee was going to lose! You were dead wrong! YOU DONT REALLY KNOW! KD is number 1!

  • Bo Rood
    Bo Rood

    Bob Pettit had the greater performance.

  • Rob R
    Rob R

    Sas in his feelings because he realizes all the times he spoke against the bucks.

  • Minecraft Musician
    Minecraft Musician

    Look at SAS face? Haha 😂 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

  • Gary West
    Gary West

    Start of the season, ppl said Giannis couldn't shoot free throws (and he couldn't). 17-19!!!!!! Strategy used to be to put Giannis on the line. No longer!!

  • Miguel Pérez
    Miguel Pérez

    Jordan 45 without Pippen (back) in Game 6 on the road...and the last secuence, 2 FG 1 stl 🤔 Really ?This was better? This topics...🙄¡ Congratulations Giannis !

  • ImStillShaz

    2:26 that’s what she said🤓

  • Punky Buddy
    Punky Buddy

    You better remember his Name he is GREATNESS

  • Edgar Allan Reyes II
    Edgar Allan Reyes II

    He was all wrong, contradicting chuck's prediction. Overrated analyst.

    • Quiet Monke
      Quiet Monke

      I mean tbh not to hate but do you actually think the bucks would have won if kyire and harden were not injured

    • T V
      T V

      Overrated by who?

    • Brandon Vasser
      Brandon Vasser

      Always has been

  • sweetburgers1

    Did max just say lebron always win the chip when he has a chance ? ☠️😂 according to his record he has had plenty of chances

  • Jake C
    Jake C

    Bro Stephen a shot talked giannis and now that’s the best performance I’ve even seen stfu

  • Abu Yusuf Hasan FALERO
    Abu Yusuf Hasan FALERO

    SHUTUP STEVE! You said, Milwaukee was going to lose! You were dead wrong! YOU DONT REALLY KNOW! KD is number 1!

  • Michael Pancake
    Michael Pancake

    Max said K.D. and Lebron didn’t have supporting casts 🤣 Just give it to Giannis, he’s the best player right now, no more proof needed.

    • laskin riubn
      laskin riubn

      Your crow, sir...

  • Robert

    I am not impressed. The Nets were better and loss because of injuries to 2 of 3 stars.

  • Temptt

    I’m so sick of Stephen a smith…

  • Shawn Hester
    Shawn Hester

    bucks won cause they have players and coaching staff wanted to win the whole time.everybody on the bucks where more aggressive and motivated then any team in the playoffs. people think that just because you got KD, James harden and Irving on the nets they're going to win all the time. upsets have happened n sports. i mean think about the spurs wasn't a superteam they won 5 championships but when the bucks win its like oh they lucky cause every team was dealing with injures. give the bucks credit they deserve this moment

  • CaLiDaRi

    "If you cannot speak Engrish you are not welcome here in America." --Stephen A

  • shani yan
    shani yan

    We forget that he did all that coming off a scary injury, wow 😲

  • Aaron Velasquez
    Aaron Velasquez

    Anybody can hate and talk, but can u play the game ? Or can you even touch rim? 😜

  • Moey Gregory
    Moey Gregory

    Feel sad for Phoenix, third NBA Finals, still no title.. Milwaukee..2nd Finals ..2 titles.

  • Martin G
    Martin G

    best moment of this video at 00:20

  • Yeah mate Whatever
    Yeah mate Whatever

    Lebron doesn’t even score 30 points anymore, he wants everyone around him to keep him at number 1. Doesn’t work like that

    • shani yan
      shani yan

      Chris Paul will never win a championship now 😒

  • Nick Beef
    Nick Beef

    I’m glad he stirring things up. Lebron and Harden have stagnated the league. No personality.

  • Thicc Potato
    Thicc Potato

    Stephen A has been super mean to max since Kwame called him out and he became so race fueled. :/ I miss when they used to go back and forth without him being so venomous towards max .-.

  • Colton Marshall
    Colton Marshall

    Did nobody in this comments section NOT notice molly and her suit?!? I need that watuh.. my behind thursty🚰💦

  • Robert wilson Jr
    Robert wilson Jr

    they said Lebron and KD didn't have there supporting cast as in all stars? Giannis played with no super team got hurt came back and dominated.. I can say Giannis won without a super team.

  • Herbert Brandes
    Herbert Brandes

    Stephen Smith the Carson Tucker of sports.

  • Jwend392

    Your crow, sir...

  • J S
    J S

    Yiannis has heart and determination that has taken him to the top of this elite game , he didn’t need a super team to win , all he needed is great players like Middleton and holiday and the will to win 🏆 congrats to him and the whole organisation 👏👏👏

  • Asim Arnold
    Asim Arnold


  • black hooded
    black hooded

    Max was scared to comment due to the kawhi comment

  • Stizzle Rizzle
    Stizzle Rizzle

    Chris Paul will never win a championship now 😒

  • Dama Doms
    Dama Doms

    I only watched this in hopes someone would say Giannis last name so I know how to pronounce it lol.

  • The Real Talk Show
    The Real Talk Show

    Literally just listened to Max say nothing for 6 minutes....I want a refund

  • Joker06

    Y'all gonna talk about best player in the world and not even mention Steph, really? The disrespect

  • mvang9

    Does he need an interpreter since he's Greek?

  • Mike Vick
    Mike Vick

    Let's go 🦌 s thanks Mr stephen

  • ben davies
    ben davies

    "Most likeable superstar in sports" When will Americans learn that there is a world outside of America.

    • Yeah mate Whatever
      Yeah mate Whatever

      @Mr Pilapil you see? The French just beat team USA at the Olympics Wake up bro, best players in NBA aren’t even American anymore. And they keep calling the bucks world champions. USA basketball is no longer the best it’s soft with no defence and the bucks are only American champions which isn’t saying much

    • Kestered

      @Yeah mate Whatever keyword warmups. You are talking the olympic teams as well, where the USA sent not even it’s best players, while the other olympic teams have their best players out there. Any NBA team would take out a foreign team.

    • Yeah mate Whatever
      Yeah mate Whatever

      @Mr Pilapil yes I agree with your comment about the NBA however it is ludicrous to label them world champions without playing and defeating other club teams around the world. I understand they would probably win but you cannot just presume they would. Just like team USA losing to Nigeria and Australia in the Olympic warm ups!!!! Correct?

    • Mr Pilapil
      Mr Pilapil

      @Yeah mate Whatever The NBA is the elite of the elite in basketball around the world. The best basketball players are in the NBA so that is why they are called world champs.

    • Yeah mate Whatever
      Yeah mate Whatever

      Exactly, soon as the bucks won game 6 they were calling them world champions 😂

  • Turn Up The Volume
    Turn Up The Volume

    Bucks were no better than the Suns - Giannis saved them, avoiding game 7, by making his... free-throws - a miracle, c'mon !!!!!! That's it, no more no less. It could have gone either way

  • J Clutch
    J Clutch

    LBJ KD Kawhi and Curry have been battling injuries on and off the last few years. Giannis has continually played at the highest level in the regular season and playoffs on both sides of the floor. He’s been able to stay healthy so I say he’s the best.

  • Veer Chasm
    Veer Chasm

    Stephen is really WOKE now 🤦

  • prophecysoundz

    Right now as it stands, he's the best player in the NBA...all the supposed best before him didnt make it and they all had their share of ups and downs. And like many already said, did it without another superstar, and even better, he did it when his complementary players didn't have it going. I can't say Lebron could do that or anyone else could either.

  • Respected Slayer
    Respected Slayer

    Chuck is laughing at this

  • Sir Ronvid
    Sir Ronvid

    Max did well on this take, sas just seems to not like it that an european is the best, idk why he brings max to say no, a no is Not justified, Giannis did prove that you do Not an A Davis, Harden or Irving to win a Chip

  • Sir Ronvid
    Sir Ronvid

    Giannis>>>Harden, Irving and KD

  • Cronos  Jupiter
    Cronos Jupiter

    Giannis, an immigrant from Greece helps the Bucks win their 2nd Championship in 50 years by 50 points!!!!

  • jason oh
    jason oh

    can tell the pain he needs to say nice stuff after trash talking so much

  • Raphael Marcelo
    Raphael Marcelo

    He's not a legend yet we should let him finish his story first and then that's the time we can call him a legend. He has more than a decade still on his legacy so let's just witness greatness.

  • senni bgon
    senni bgon

    Stephen A needs a medal for being the “eating crow” champion! 😝

  • Juan Pagan
    Juan Pagan

    Rasistas. No quieren desir que es el mejor simplemente porqué no es de América...

  • Tony Pedroza
    Tony Pedroza

    What do you mean you don't have proof??? Max as an analyst is puzzling . Giannis just dropped 50 in a closing game in the Finals, he is the Finals MVP... averaged 30 points per game in the playoffs..sorry currently he is the greatest player in the NBA.... until he is knocked off as Champ.

  • Tombo Slice
    Tombo Slice

    For some reason Stephen A seems like he's not happy about the fact that Giannis dominated the game the other night. I wonder why this is? Giannis is easily the best in the world right now and he didn't take the easy route by going to a super team to win a title

  • Owen

    Stephen A better buy him 50 more chicken nuggets and some flowers

  • ingmar van der hoek
    ingmar van der hoek

    These guys never played the game, like most commentators, but they have a mouth full of opinions. They just want to buddy up to LeBron and KD and other traditional star athletes because they know Giannis does not care for stuff like that. So they grudingly give him props or still doenplay him. Giannis does not fit the buddy buddy system that is Hollywood, does not care for it and these tailcoat guys cannot understand that.

  • ingmar van der hoek
    ingmar van der hoek

    Stephen A is not happy. He has been proven wrong AGAIN! Giannis is humble and genuine, two things Stephen A is not.

  • Sultan Niazi
    Sultan Niazi

    Hey U said they would lose ????? Learn from sir Charles please.

  • LaserSauce Retro Archives
    LaserSauce Retro Archives

    Stephen A's reaction looks like someone died 🤣

  • RenaiLofi

    This 2 are clowns calling giannis best player in the world or top 3 but back in the days made fun of dirk because the question was is dirk top 10 they tried to put him top 20 even higher dirk was in the same situation as Giannis and even beat the Miami big 3 they need to quit there job

  • MrViver11

    Stephen Smith is a joke.

  • twoqueens

    Sure I don´t like him, but I do not know how these discussions always include KD. He is not LeBron or Freak level. Skills apart, his personality does not suffice.

  • vamsi jayasimha karanam
    vamsi jayasimha karanam

    Stephen A getting paid for talking nonsense and spreading hate. This is a special L for you.