Stephen A. responds to Perk saying 'CP3 needs CPR' | First Take
Stephen A. responds to Perk saying 'CP3 needs CPR' | First Take
Ahead of Game 6 of the 2021 NBA Finals between the Milwaukee Bucks and Phoenix Suns, Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman respond to Kendrick Perkins' claim that "CP3 needs CPR."

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  • Cali Oumar
    Cali Oumar

    I agree with Steve a Smith cp3 is true point guard like Jason kid 👍

  • Ave Jaly
    Ave Jaly

    CPR is trash. Glad he got exposed and earned NO ring.

  • Brandon Webb
    Brandon Webb

    CP3 isn’t an effective leader. A true point guard should be deferential; he isn’t. He pouts when things go wrong; seems to be quite selfish.

  • Djamel Mokrane
    Djamel Mokrane

    16 years in the league or not....CP3 lacks deep playoffs experience

  • Alfredo Chinnery
    Alfredo Chinnery

    That’s clever 😂

  • Registered305 Felon702
    Registered305 Felon702

    The gig is up for you two 🤡🤡

  • Alonso Jackson
    Alonso Jackson

    Buck in 6 world Champs

  • DarkKnight

    Loudmouth A Smith should take notice that Payne is not pronounced Johnson. He's more concerned about being heard and loud than getting the facts correct. Female energy.

  • James Upshaw
    James Upshaw

    Perk fighting demons

  • John Hargrave
    John Hargrave

    No video?

  • Fugazy

    Perk really is just being used as dummy on espn to make them money

  • Noah Fredette
    Noah Fredette

    "Ax Chris Paul"

  • Anthony Zarate
    Anthony Zarate

    Perk was finally!

  • ToneHealth

    How is okay to acknowledge “limitations” when it comes to cp3 … but literally no one else?? SAS picks apart certain players games who are clearly great players but does not give the same respect to cp3 but somehow he’s a top 5 pg of all time???? That is just simply not true. Let’s face facts, this was the biggest stage and when his team needed him most, he did not produce in a way that was conducive to winning an NBA championship. CP3 is a great player but this top 5 pg of all debate has to be stopped.

  • Catherine Perkins
    Catherine Perkins

    Oh my, Perk sitting there like his breath smells & he's full gas, can blow anytime

  • Andres Almonte
    Andres Almonte

    Great takes, but I hope Kendrick takes it easy on CP3, Stephen A. is right, CP3 is limited in what he can do. (He has improved the NBA as a whole by reaching the finals)

  • Rima Mukherjee
    Rima Mukherjee

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  • Mjnhexchao s
    Mjnhexchao s

    The Suns could not rebound. When you have Pat Counnagton getting offensive rebounds out of nowhere, you’re going to lose.

  • Terry Williams
    Terry Williams

    I totally disagree with all you sport anchors. CP3 and the team did their best. It was a blessing to see them make it to the finals. The Bucks has more man power and Giannis is so consistent in every game. I was routing for the Suns. Let's congratulate the Bucks!!!

  • Ryan Mcphee
    Ryan Mcphee

    Cp3 isn't the reason his team lost the last 2 games he had like 40 some points and 20 assists . It was on Ayton(he's young tho) a little bit. He wasn't scoring enough and defending well. Booker had a bad few games and the backups didn't play good since the second game. For the series cp3 had 20 ppg and 8 assists .

  • Alex

    “Debate Show” = Fake Takes

  • mostmost1

    They said cp3 was done after he left Houston. Guys like Perk and Max love ripping players before there done. Scoring wasn't the issue for the Suns anyway.

  • Ace Boogie
    Ace Boogie

    cp3 was injured but he wont say it idky

  • Kanzer

    Perk talkin like he caried a team to championship!!

  • Asante Black
    Asante Black

    CP3 needs CPR 🤣🤣🤣; 🥶🥶🥶

  • zak girard
    zak girard

    Kendrick has become an amazingly astute commentator.

  • Jared m
    Jared m

    Stephen A had a heavy underground bet lol for sure

  • Jimmy Gallant
    Jimmy Gallant

    Pace for Suns was hurried, sloppy at times. “Out of Gas” sign for CP3, & Booker looked uncomfortable, two big giveaways stand out. One was 1/2 point or so, Bucks steal and easy bucket, and the last play for Phoenix in the game. (pass the frigin ball already!). Congrats Bucks, enjoy.

  • Caleb Clemmons
    Caleb Clemmons

    I thought he'd be more to the stage's form like players tend to be in the Finals, this felt like a Thursday night game...

  • Caleb Clemmons
    Caleb Clemmons

    Cam Johnson is a slick Power Forward?

  • Corey Mays
    Corey Mays

    Perk be tripping..he just said the suns a dynasty in the making

  • TheKid

    Still wondering how Perk got this big of a role in nba analysis, anyone who watches nba knows his takes are a joke.

  • Patty Schmidt
    Patty Schmidt

    Brother Chris Paul is still a great basketball player.

  • Cindi

    It just wasn’t meant to be, for old turnover man CP3. 🤣

  • Andre roberts
    Andre roberts

    They sho be forgetting what they said earlier in this serious . They had CP3 as the best ever but I never thought that

  • darko nikolic
    darko nikolic

    I stoped at 4:15 Perk start to educate... Man,you need to learn English first....

  • Mr. Burgess
    Mr. Burgess

    PERK is the same guy that said the Bucks are the dumbest team in finals history.

  • JoKur

    I'm so sick of Stephen A. Smith obssessing over Cam Johnson like he's a 5* player. Man's got 8.2 pts average the entire playoffs.

  • Adrian Bishop
    Adrian Bishop

    No one is talking abt the "Kardashian Kurse" in the NBA...Humphrey, Odom, Simmons, Booker ! 💪💪💪😜😜

  • wienerdoggin74

    Why does RACIST Stephen A. still have a job?

  • Djuan Blue
    Djuan Blue

    his name is Cis Paul. 😂🤣

  • Kola Alade
    Kola Alade

    Perk is wrong for that🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Fuck You
    Fuck You

    Booker had another off game , missed all his 3s , reason theres no game 7 , fixed it

  • P. Williams
    P. Williams

    Please replace Max Kellerman. He never sounds credible in anything but boxing.

  • T J
    T J

    Jrue Holiday and PJ tucker are pieces that make championship team so great….

  • Earl Williams
    Earl Williams

    Stop talking about CP3, the basketball God's gave spoken; the Greek Freak is their choice. Zeus rules.

  • Donald Spicer
    Donald Spicer

    I think Perkins is a bit miffed about his prediction after Game 4, where he noted, in part: "Fans matter" [so his pick was still the Suns], where he kind of missed that: (1) the Bucks had the better team for starters; and (2) they basically had 2 great kicks at the can to get it done [Games 5 and 7] given not many could see Phoenix winning game 6 in Milwaukee. As someone who is of Greek origin and travels to Greece every summer [not from the U.S. however], I had already planned next trip to go and speak with the shop owner in Sepolia, Athens that had helped out Giannis and his family when the kids were growing up - also as part of an article I want to put together on the now NBA champion "Greek Freak".

  • Antonette Ormond
    Antonette Ormond

    Jrue holiday is a true point guard

  • Igor Begovic
    Igor Begovic

    Cp3 has that lebron toxicity about him

    • Ave Jaly
      Ave Jaly

      Banana boat bros

  • Paul Escamilla
    Paul Escamilla

    haha, Chris Paul remains a loser. hahahaha

  • tom lynch
    tom lynch

    Perk breathes and talks like Alfred Hitchcock

  • WHO DAT...?
    WHO DAT...?

    Momma's cookin...🔥🔥🔥..grinch why were you at them high schools boy....why were you at them colleges boy....🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥..momma's cookin

  • YLM

    Screamin A Sssss sucks n many people hating disliking him. Perkins is likeable anything all will not agree with what he says.

  • Luis Macias
    Luis Macias

    Everyone sleeping in cam Johnson. Cam Johnson needs more ball time. He has a lot more potential

  • Trivium 17
    Trivium 17

    CP3s playoffs are consistent...FAIL got sewpt again

  • Darius Kellar
    Darius Kellar

    I think CP3 will need CPR right about now :)

  • k s
    k s

    Cp3 choked again. Better luck next time bruh, easy $$$$ picking bucks . Especially with foster in the Ref. Line up🤪🤪🤪2-15 …wait 2 for 16 now hahahhahahaha

  • temi

    it’s over

  • edm9600

    Lakers in 6!!

  • Nijit Twerdle
    Nijit Twerdle

    God I hate Max Kellerman. Brings pain to my ears every time he opens his Dorito hole.

  • Michael Nguyen
    Michael Nguyen

    Bucks won I guess KP is right now stephen a is still 💩

  • abraham abriza
    abraham abriza

    CP3 ... Mr. Almost a Ring.

  • harlequin75

    You idiots called Booker the next Kobe and now you are dissing him for playing hero ball??? Shut up

  • AK RAY 11
    AK RAY 11

    Are people allergic to giving credit to the Milwaukee Bucks!!??? They're the better team clearly

  • Brian Young
    Brian Young

    Stephen a's lost. Completely lost. Like get a clue lost. Like not sure if you ever had a clue. Like don't think he's capable of gettin a clue! Talkin Cam Johnson is a sniper & a marksman. Huh. Man shut it wit all that nonsense. Dumber than dirt. Big Perk keep bring the noise bruh.

  • Betsy Pecos
    Betsy Pecos

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  • Omar Rosel
    Omar Rosel

    Yall have ruined the NBA for all basketball fans.

  • T

    SAS boutta K.O lmao

  • Hector H.
    Hector H.

    Who wants it more? Everybody wants it. That’s like asking who wants to win the lotto more you dang fools!

  • T

    Payne was playing big and they stopped going to him also! All the players matter in winning a Championship!

  • Hector H.
    Hector H.

    Wild man S.A.Smith! I have a new job so I don’t get to watch the wild man live. Because the coach calls the plays that’s why cp3 doesn’t get the ball as much but if your memory were any good you’d remember both of his hands were injured. So maybe that’s the reason !??! I’d like to see and hear more from that beautiful lady on the show. You guys is ulgy especially Perkins!

  • Marcus Aurelius
    Marcus Aurelius

    Don't hate on the little man. The Bucks are big and physical. When Jrue Holiday yanked the ball out of Booker's hands said it all. Jrue said in the post game interview he thought Booker was going to shoot, but instead he turned around. That was all he needed. He's the bigger, stronger guy and he already showed he could steal the ball with finesse, but he didn't need to. The Bucks played Bully Ball and it was too much for the little Suns. Even when the Suns were able to hold the lead for most of the game, the big men were too much.

  • Bernard Johnson
    Bernard Johnson

    Main max ....I'm trying to tiprocate his druwv main dis her be scraite lubish rujc! Someone please get Kendrick Perkins off all panels!

  • Tamas B
    Tamas B

    All I see is a tired worn down body. When the body is tired tired, everything is liable to go haywire. Hence..the random ill-advised ?!jump passes?!

  • Bryant Brenton Brito
    Bryant Brenton Brito

    Psalms 105:1 “Give Praise To The Lord,Proclaim His Name;Make Known Among The Nations What He Has Done” HALLELUJAH HALLELUJAH AMÉN THANKS BE TO GOD🙏❤️🤲🙌

  • Michael Birmingham
    Michael Birmingham

    Stephen A an max your wrong cp3 is a beast without the ring his legacy is safe

  • Sam

    Why is Stephen A talking about offense?? They are down 2-3 in this series because of their DEFENSE - giving up 120 last game on their own home court.

  • Ceent Blank
    Ceent Blank


  • Charleston Brown
    Charleston Brown

    He is still injured, can't rate him under these circumstances

    • 1990758

      And that's the excuse that they will probably use in a couple of days first he choked but now he was playing injured

  • dayone dad
    dayone dad

    CP3 and the rest of the team including Coach are feeling the pressure to get CP3 his ring....not gonna happen IT ENDS TONIGHT IN MILWAUKEE

  • yulwaski graham
    yulwaski graham

    Perk is real good doing what he's doing now because when he was in the league he was mediocre at best! I guess he found his niche!😂😂😂Zaydasickest Zaydasickest Zaydasickest

  • Rodwell Roberts
    Rodwell Roberts

    Steph Curry keep proving you guys wrong. Steph is the greatest point guard ever.

  • Erick Serrano
    Erick Serrano

    Cp3 is a bust…!!!! Just like James Harden… always choking in the playoffs and then blaming Scott foster for his losses.. 🤡🤡🤡

  • Clint Coleman
    Clint Coleman

    I crack up every time Perks says the word "successful" as "Susscessful". Also, the way he says "in the Buuble"

    • mixsignal91

      @Al Nick concerned? Nobody's concerned we just laugh at it because it's funny. You on your period or sumthin?

    • Al Nick
      Al Nick

      ....only a dork would be concerned with that guys ..

    • mixsignal91

      Haha I thought I was the only one that mocked the way he says the bubble still.

  • smo diddley
    smo diddley

    Suns win tip-off in Game 1.. ESPN: series is over

  • Robert Murdock
    Robert Murdock

    No the Suns need to start Paine at point because paul was horrible

  • Teyae T
    Teyae T

    Okay 🙏🙏Blessings forever GOD loves y'all too forever tell everyone you know and don't know. Jesus loves y'all too forever. Teach everyone how to see and enjoy their blessings too forever...

  • Wm. Brewer
    Wm. Brewer

    Perkins needs to be off the air. This guy makes less sense than Shaq or Marcus Spears. They all ramble, try to sound intelligent, and give me a headache.

  • gentlemen begga
    gentlemen begga

    From what i can see, CP3 needs to create more shots for his team and take easier shot when available, as in don’t force himself to take contested shots. As for booker…. Well, he’s making points and what can we say? But he needs to have more assists than 0. Booker makes points but the rest of his team goes cold cuz he’s playing great hero ball. Hero ball works amazing when you win but, if your not winning then somethings gotta change, right?

  • Erick Solis
    Erick Solis

    I personally think CP3’s confidence is gone and it ain’t coming back this series.

  • Yun Li
    Yun Li

    Is that Harden?

  • Tyron Yaw
    Tyron Yaw

    Who is max parents they should be ashame of him always the pass

  • Mr. Josh
    Mr. Josh

    It's simple, cp3 is choking

  • Aaron kumbier
    Aaron kumbier

    I can't remember the last time the NBA had positions.... thought in the modern NBA everyone is a point guard.

  • Delrico Taylor
    Delrico Taylor

    "Why is you not takin this matchup personal" -Kendrick Perkins Grammar

    • jonunderscore

      lolol thats what we love about him

  • Ely Farkas
    Ely Farkas

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  • Who Dat
    Who Dat

    I was NEVER big on Chris Paul. Bucks will win because Chris Paul is handicapping the Suns 🤣 I fear the Suns more with Chris Paul on the bench and Payne bringing the ball up.

  • Kenny Planter
    Kenny Planter

    The bizarre tempo uniformly kick because cook osmotically compare beyond a terrible sunday. boiling, spotty waitress

  • King Pin
    King Pin

    As a long time CP3 fan i need to admit the headline 'cp3 needs cpr' got me laughin😂

  • H W
    H W

    Stephen A keeps hyping Cam Johnson. Lol every player in the NBA can play, If Cam Johnson is that nice, his teammates would know. He might be slightly better than Crowder offensively but might be a liability on defense. He also might not have that Dog in him to demand the ball. Freaking MPJ from Denver knew he was nice and started demanding the ball and he got it