'The little things mean a lot for the Milwaukee Bucks' - Rachel Nichols | The Jump
On The Jump, Rachel Nichols delivers her daily monologue and takes a look back on the Milwaukee Bucs postseason before game 6 of the .
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  • Kyle Brown
    Kyle Brown

    How this chick still got a job 🤔

  • Billy Walters
    Billy Walters

    Sports are all about inches. This dumb. And the 'little thing'? So the NBA Championship is a little thing now?

  • JJReva50

    Rachel shouldn't even be on television right now, let alone backhand complimenting the Bucks on their run.

  • Neil Kwok
    Neil Kwok

    If ifs and buts could make milkshake and nuts

  • LameWays Artistry
    LameWays Artistry


  • LameWays Artistry
    LameWays Artistry


  • Donnell Wright
    Donnell Wright

    That stock is in tail spin Rachel ...

  • Clyde Cromey
    Clyde Cromey

    Im not a Bucks fan and I don't usually hate on epsn...but this was pretty bad

  • George Bouleros
    George Bouleros

    Are we playing a "What if" game? I know it tastes "bitter", when you lose. That inch that made the difference, it does not secure the same result. If Durand did not step on the line, he might didn't make the shot. If Yannis didn't make the block, it doesn't mean that the dunk will be successful. If you change the variables of a play, the outcome will be different.

  • Marco Garcia
    Marco Garcia

    Rachel, just go home already. Nobody cares to hear from you

  • montblanc noland
    montblanc noland

    What if espn stopped creating narratives and say that Middleton was the best player ... lol stop it That's why perk got rosted by jalen

  • DDot

    I don't even want to watch this because Rachel Nichols is still here after her hateful comments and non-apology. I can do without her tiresome monologues.

  • Edgar Ortiz
    Edgar Ortiz

    What was the point on this statement by Rachel? Bucks got lucky with a What if monologue? This isn’t Disney Plus, there are no what ifs in real life.

  • Viscount King
    Viscount King

    Stupid video, Rachel. You're better than this. Hard to discern a knock on the bucks vs a compliment.

  • Bongo Fury
    Bongo Fury

    The salient question is did they kneel and did any “systemic racism” occur?

  • Alex Jernberg
    Alex Jernberg

    And just maybe if ESPN would stop sucking off the lakers and big market teams they would be a respectable organization

  • Gooccii MOody
    Gooccii MOody

    what a stupid session of dumb takes

  • D Money
    D Money

    Congratulations Bucks! Rachel's a racist 👎

  • Little Gipper
    Little Gipper

    Racist 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  • newthrash1221

    Rachel Nichols back at it with the garbage monologues. 🙄

  • Watch Video
    Watch Video

    blah,blah,blah, they won fair and scare.

  • David Flores
    David Flores

    Milwaukee fans know if Kawhi's shot in 2019 was just inches off, then they might have beaten Philly and Golden State, giving them their 2nd title.

  • Landrisslg

    So let me see if I can summarize. If the Bucks were less talented and hard-working, they wouldn't be a game away from winning an NBA title? That's a spicy take.

  • justfacts

    A lot of what ifs Lmao Im glad ur job got taken form u Rachel Karen

  • Lam Cheek
    Lam Cheek

    What if she didn't get this job years ago, we wouldn't be watching this. Don't get me wrong, "what if" is just ... nah, no time for this perspective.

  • K Lin
    K Lin

    Luck is part of the game

  • pakpala1

    What if the sun didn't rise or set in Rachel Nichols's world????

  • C-hawk 12
    C-hawk 12

    Rachel sucks!!!

  • ominous450

    Rachel stays hating smh

  • Sube Audio
    Sube Audio

    What if yo papa finished 1 inch next to where he did? You wouldn't be here bragging about the Bucks

  • jay

    Wrap it up Rachel were done with you!!

  • Arvin Aguila
    Arvin Aguila

    As if giannis didn't suffer almost season ending knee injury

  • Koji

    How is this a video? Everything except the kd shot was intended by the bucks. Bucks deserve this chip after all the media slander they get

    • LameWays Artistry
      LameWays Artistry

      Because Rachel needs to be fired

  • User 1
    User 1

    scott van pelt host the jump for saying the espn plus outro instead of stephen a and rachel nichols

  • I'm back
    I'm back

    Do you even understand how small an inch is? An inch off on that Middleton shot would still go in, do you even know how wide a basketball hoop is? The basketball is 9.39 inches in diameter, the hoop is 18 inches in diameter, one inch in a different direction on that shot and it still would have gone in.

  • Alonzo Snapps
    Alonzo Snapps

    Um this happens through the course of a season..why the long drawn out commentary 🙄

  • M Davis
    M Davis

    This is a super back handed compliment…she sounds dumb

  • The Zodiac
    The Zodiac

    Terrible video

  • Fovou Ton Elafon
    Fovou Ton Elafon


  • Yun Nicor
    Yun Nicor

    if the bucks wins tonight

    • Yun Nicor
      Yun Nicor

      i would wish them the best though

  • Trevor Glodowski
    Trevor Glodowski

    What if every team the Suns played to get to the finals didn't have one of their stars hurt for nearly the entire series

  • Zeenat Fatima
    Zeenat Fatima

    ESPN should be ashamed of themselves for this video.

    • LameWays Artistry
      LameWays Artistry

      She needs to go

  • Yuskoko Ko
    Yuskoko Ko

    What if MJ wasn’t born

  • Rei Mavis
    Rei Mavis

    3:09 Crowder grabs Middleton's jersey to prevent 3 on 1 💀 First time I'm seeing that 😆

  • Jacob Wichterich
    Jacob Wichterich

    ESPN has been posting some stupid videos lately

  • Jason F
    Jason F

    What a garbage take, why is she still on the air?

  • Fürst Fr
    Fürst Fr

    This is the dumbest video ESPN has ever posted. They’re literally just hating

    • gae

      Yea right

  • Kurt Cobain
    Kurt Cobain

    It would mean a lot to me if I can get my hands on a STEAM DECK. I will repurchase Shenmue 2 for a fourth time (DC, Xbox, PS4, Steam) just so I can finally play it on a handheld. It's only $400. Worth it!

  • TheKingJason3

    I don't care who wins the finals, but the media better not diminish that team's championship because of injuries. Media needs to remember, there are injuries in every playoffs. Injuries are a part of the game and the winning team won because they worked harder and were the better team.

    • Trevor Glodowski
      Trevor Glodowski

      They already are. Videos like this show exactly how biased ESPN and others are against teams like Milwaukee. Did they make this when the warriors we're winning? When CP3 got hurt when they were beating the warriors? No

    • kmh Jae
      kmh Jae

      Why should the bucks or suns feel bad that all the other organizations drafted injury prone players? Giannis has single handedly proved that some people are just anatomically put together better.

  • Ben

    Everything happens for a reason

  • Kurt Cobain
    Kurt Cobain

    It would mean everything for Chris Paul if Scott Foster doesn't officiate tonight. Too bad. He will. Bye, Phoenix. The Suns sets tonight. Over for you. CP3 will lose 13 straight games with Scott Foster officiating.

  • Kurt Cobain
    Kurt Cobain

    The reason why I'm happy updating to iOS 14.7 is it corrected my Bluetooth connection between my AirPods 2 and iPhone SE1. It constantly disconnected on 14.6. Listening to my favorite playlist and everything is working flawlessly.

  • JustMoseyinAround

    *OMG Rachel ffs stop it. Just let the ex-players/your goons talk. These cringe monologues are so much worse now*

  • Kurt Cobain
    Kurt Cobain

    Ok, updating to iOS 14.7 was worth it. There was bad battery drainage early on for me but that's just the new software indexing the files. That's expected. Battery life has been solid since.

  • Kurt Cobain
    Kurt Cobain

    For Rachel, someone else not taking her job means a lot to her.

    • Roberto Clemente
      Roberto Clemente

      This is some meh trolling. But yeah, I don't think she or The Jump are going to be on ESPN much longer. She's being demonized for being an aging white woman on a sexist, racist network. It's easier to cancel her than cancel the biggest sports game in town.

  • Anthony Gomez
    Anthony Gomez

    Maybe I’m just in a bad mood, but this seemed more of a “Milwaukee is lucky” video despite Rachel saying otherwise.

    • Hernandez Family
      Hernandez Family

      Talking about luck , why Rachel didn’t say nothing about the suns, 100 % if Ad didn’t get injured the suns wouldn’t be in the Finals , second round 50/50 if the second best player is not out maybe the suns wouldn’t be here and 100% in the WCF if the best player wasn’t out the suns wouldn’t be here

    • Dom Norwood
      Dom Norwood

      I feel you 😑

  • Brian Rodriguez
    Brian Rodriguez


  • Tree House 2021
    Tree House 2021

    What if nobody found out how racist you are rachel? .....

    • Anthony Buenavidez
      Anthony Buenavidez

      shut up

  • Rishu Prasad
    Rishu Prasad

    I understand her point (kind of), but I think a lot of analysts and general watchers need to realize one thing: hypotheticals don't matter. What could have been didn't happen, so focus on what DID happen.

    • Rishu Prasad
      Rishu Prasad

      @Landrisslg Yeah making embellished narratives is Rachel's thing. Just watch any press conference and listen to the questions she asks

    • Landrisslg

      What irks me is a lot of her examples are just plain "make the right play at the right time, and don't miss", which is the essence of every possession in basketball and team sports in general. Seems like ESPN doesn't have a lot to say, but needed to start The Jump with an editorial. It's on the level of the canned sideline interviews with the same questions getting the same answers.

  • H P
    H P


  • keepitahundo 365
    keepitahundo 365

    What if what if what if I hate these type of conversations!! It’s stupid because you can say what if to BOTH SIDES. Can’t just say what if for one side only!!

  • Tony Bayda
    Tony Bayda

    I can't belive ESPN chose someone other than Rachel to cover the Finals

  • Gabriel

    This is the most back handed compliment I’ve ever seen.

    • Roberto Clemente
      Roberto Clemente

      This is true of all championship teams, other than those that steamroll all opponents. We're in a transitional era where there is no dynasty-- I prefer it.

    • Dom Norwood
      Dom Norwood

      Facts 😑

    • Bates Yang
      Bates Yang


  • GxP

    Let me guy at the end, end all ur videos I can't hear Stephen scream every time


    Stop hating on Milw, they got here fair and square! It’s injuries every year B! Bucks in 6, the ones they love to hate!

  • Ignacio Ortiz
    Ignacio Ortiz

    i remember this stupid guys in the media saying giannis gotta leave the bucks, he is the winner of 2021 he's getting paid almost 50 million a year and wins a championship with no superstars as his teammates, giannis is the man

  • Octanes M4
    Octanes M4

    Gotta love them Rachel monologues

  • Soul Taker
    Soul Taker

    She said inches so many times like she’s reminiscing about jimmy butlers inches

    • Clyde Cromey
      Clyde Cromey

      Calm down little kids and stop believing rumors

  • Michael Austin
    Michael Austin

    Get Rachael off of here.

    • Anthony Buenavidez
      Anthony Buenavidez

      you get out of america

  • Jeffrey Soza
    Jeffrey Soza

    rachel nichols is racist

  • Kati Reei
    Kati Reei

    Yeah and if the bullet of the Serbian rebel went inches away from Franz Ferdinand, probably WW1 and WW2 wouldn't have occurred. If the meteor that extinguished the dinosaurs had inches different orbit, may have never fallen to earth and human race may have never been a thing. What's the point? History isn't written with the ruler but with a pen. So stop that narrative with Milwaukee just being lucky. They are writing history.

    • Kati Reei
      Kati Reei

      @RALK Rey yeah of course it's all yours

    • RALK Rey
      RALK Rey

      Man can I copy your comment... The best (slapOnTheface oh Haters) comment I can find

    • Olecram V
      Olecram V

      Lmao, exactly. What ifs are a waste of time.

  • Henn Doggs
    Henn Doggs

    Why is she still covering the finals 🤔🤔🤔

  • Lee Cannon
    Lee Cannon

    That's a lot of what if's

  • Corpy Hogan
    Corpy Hogan

    Small market teams/cities winning championships will always be something I love to see. Cleveland’s reaction To their first championship is something I remember to this day

    • Wesley Miller
      Wesley Miller

      Agreed on both.

  • ecolon217

    All these “What if’s“ are annoying and lazy AF. Just manufacturing “content” lol

  • Jr. Official
    Jr. Official


  • LeeTravius Mckay
    LeeTravius Mckay

    You can tell the media hates the Bucks

  • Aviation.Experience

    Do basically their there because of luck

  • LeeTravius Mckay
    LeeTravius Mckay

    It would mean that Giannis did it the hard way he didn't join or create a superteam he stayed with the organization that drafted him and they built a team around him

    • Chamber Davins
      Chamber Davins

      @LaCosa24 X happens every year. Sucks but what can ya do?

    • Wesley Miller
      Wesley Miller

      Hear! Hear! The anti-KD. Could not have earned a more respectable ring.

    • LaCosa24 X
      LaCosa24 X

      Just remember injured occurred in both conferences but yes I agree

  • Tyler Evans
    Tyler Evans

    There are what ifs in every happening of life.

  • Mann

    She still a racist

  • Ali Ikram
    Ali Ikram

    ESPN is not slick. They are trying to sugarcoat everything they are saying by asserting the bucks still earned it, but the whole point of this segment is to stick it to the audience that they didint because they know everyone wont perceive it that way. The Jump in particular has always been one of the most biased segments on the channel due to the fact that it is funded by Clutch Sports. CP3, a major clutch sports client, is the bucks opponent, so they are clearly biased towards the suns, and not highlighting all the times THEY got lucky with injuries as well. They have also repeatedly tried to discredit Giannis at every chance they get because they believe he is in direct competition with the head honcho of the agency arm, Lebron James, ever since he won the MVP over him Once u start putting the pieces together, their intent becomes VERY clear. Dont ever listen to anything this program has to say if you want real non-biased basketball takes.

    • Josh Jones
      Josh Jones

      @Corpy Hogan make this man sound like Thanos pulling string behind the scenes, lol

    • Corpy Hogan
      Corpy Hogan

      @Josh Jones everything ties back to LeBron James for some reason Man 😂 It’s crazy

    • Josh Jones
      Josh Jones

      You put together pieces that don’t exist. We gotta chill with these LeBron conspiracy theories

    • Josh Jones
      Josh Jones

      1. Chris Paul is not a Klutch client. Him and LeBron are just homies. 2. ESPN and their sponsors fund the Jump, not a sports agency. 3. The discrediting of Giannis is wild and they shouldn’t get away with it, but players around the league are doing it a lot. You can’t say the entire league is run by a sports agency

  • King MJ6
    King MJ6

    Why people are discrediting Milwaukee? Mostly Giannis

    • King MJ6
      King MJ6

      @I'm back when he was back I said he ain't finna play well, he's going to do like LBJ. Dude came back stronger than ever


      Our crime rate and how shitty the city is they’re words smh

    • Trizzy

      Because he's not American...

    • I'm back
      I'm back

      Makes no sense to discredit Giannis and the Bucks for getting past teams dealing with injuries when Giannis himself dealt with an injury with his knee literally bending backwards and people all over twitter, including doctors, saying it was definitely a season-ending injury. He's just built different.

    • King MJ6
      King MJ6

      @The Man Around Whom This Card Was Built the man is working hard all games long and still getting discredited for his work

  • LeeTravius Mckay
    LeeTravius Mckay

    MJ got people thinking winning an nba championship is easy because he led the bulls to two three peats

    • LaCosa24 X
      LaCosa24 X

      Yeah but then teams were not stacked like how they are now tbh and these guys are stronger and better

    • Corpy Hogan
      Corpy Hogan

      That’s why I always roll my eyes when people complain about parity in the NBA like one team didn’t win six championships in a decade😭

  • Juancarlos B
    Juancarlos B

    Bucks in 6🐐🐐🐐

  • Gerardo Cortez
    Gerardo Cortez

    What if the suns didn’t play a bunch of injured teams, they wouldn’t be in the finals. I hate espn terrible

    • BuRnT_Luke

      @Umut Deniz Çimen everyone knows you would have lost to nets if they had all their players healthy even stupid espn knows that and you guys had to win in a game 7 overtime that’s sad and if they were all healthy it would be over for u

    • BuRnT_Luke

      @Umut Deniz Çimen the equivalent of the nets injuries would be if you guys faced the nets without jure holiday and kris Middleton but even harden and kyrie are better how can u say that u guys won in the overtime of a game 7 imagine you lost that overtime to kd kyrie gone injured harden playing through a grade 2 hamstring injury while having a 2x mvp one of the best midrange shooters and perimeter defender in Middleton and jrue

    • Seth Howard
      Seth Howard

      @dr. phylisphical how is it nope … trey young injured and Kyrie/harden injured… how would that not go unnoticed

    • Umut Deniz Çimen
      Umut Deniz Çimen

      @BuRnT_Luke you know they beat the nets 4 times in last 5 games. and dont act like fully healthy nets isnt just an unnaturally overpowered team that wouldnt be seen in a normal nba scene. the other 2 series was legiti they swept the heat which where seen as a bad matchup for the bucks . then beat the hawks fair and square. on the other hand the suns played against a team with an injured allstar every single round.

    • dr. phylisphical
      dr. phylisphical

      @BuRnT_Luke nope

  • M P
    M P

    The bucks better win these finals because everyone acting like the series over

    • Arvin Aguila
      Arvin Aguila

      Hey when the suns up 2-0 everyone acts it's raise to 2 to win the chip

    • Alan Acevedo
      Alan Acevedo

      Everyone was acting like it was over at 2-0

    • GxP

      @Rudy Joseph there is a difference, they were saying the series is over but the next 2 games were to Milwaukee now they say the series is over but the game in not at Phoenix its in Milwaukee

    • Russell Westbrook and Gus Malzahn Fan since 2010
      Russell Westbrook and Gus Malzahn Fan since 2010

      The Bucks are going to win by 30+

    • Brian Dieck
      Brian Dieck

      Most people with a mic still picking Suns but the eye test + their brains are screaming otherwise, that's what you're seeing M P

  • Laker Lover
    Laker Lover

    Where’s Malika

  • Blake Gordon
    Blake Gordon

    Can we just appreciate that excellent call by that referee to call KD's shot a 2 and not a 3

    • LaCosa24 X
      LaCosa24 X

      I mean it was a 2 they looked at it

  • Paul Jansen
    Paul Jansen

    Giannis will be the best european player ever to play in the NBA pretty soon....

  • Respect  Begets Respect
    Respect Begets Respect

    Good to see Rachel still doing her thing!

    • DDot

      @Respect Begets Respect And I see your. Much respect.

    • Respect  Begets Respect
      Respect Begets Respect

      @DDot I see your point.

    • DDot

      @Respect Begets Respect I don't know if she did. I certainly hope so. That's between her and Maria so I don't mind not knowing. She doesn't have to tell us if she did or not but what she did say was woefully inadequate.

    • Respect  Begets Respect
      Respect Begets Respect

      @DDot Do we know if she went to Maria off camera and apologized? Then again, whether she did or didn't I guess she could have said more in her apology.

    • DDot

      @Respect Begets Respect I don't think she meant anything personal against Maria necessarily and I wouldn't want her to lose her job purely for aesthetic reasons. But she had an opportunity when these comments aired to stand up for Maria. To reaffirm Maria's value and the value of all women in a male dominate industry. To make it clear that her comments were not personal; it was just business. To actually address anything about what she said. She did none of that in her "apology". She acted like she couldn't be bothered. She mentioned Maria Taylor's name as an after thought. Kendrick Perkins and Richard said more in that "apology" than she did when we all know she lives for the long-winded, never ending monologue. She isn't an advocate for women. She's an advocate for Rachel Nichols and that's fine. Be honest about that because I can't support hypocrites.

  • Steven White
    Steven White

    Ewww Rachel Nichols still with ESPN

    • Steven White
      Steven White

      @X ACE X ok sweetheart thx for your opinion

    • Steven White
      Steven White

      @Kevo The Goat facts

    • X ACE X
      X ACE X

      Yep! Still there because she did nothing wrong!

    • Kevo The Goat
      Kevo The Goat

      @airzii airzii because they hit

    • airzii airzii
      airzii airzii

      They won’t drop her. She has to many connections with players and staff of the teams.

  • Sam Baker
    Sam Baker

    Giannis is so consistent it’ll take the other guys messing up to ruin his chances

  • stephforthree

    I swear Middleton will go for prime kuzma mode tonight

    • Blæck Mïrrör
      Blæck Mïrrör

      @Chai Well be HAPPY LETS GOOO

    • Chai

      @Blæck Mïrrör id be happy if I’m wrong 😂

    • Blæck Mïrrör
      Blæck Mïrrör

      @Chai I'll be back to this comment after tonight.😈

    • Chai

      Yes these media clowns already crowning the bucks. This will be a huge jinx for the bucks

  • Evan Morris
    Evan Morris

    giannis best playar in the nba

    • Mordo and Rigbone facing forward
      Mordo and Rigbone facing forward

      @Nikolas Cruz Stfu Bucks in 6

    • Nikolas Cruz
      Nikolas Cruz

      Curry and Jokic are better buddy

  • Davyun Washington
    Davyun Washington

    The Greek freak on his way to top dirk as the best European player of all time

    • Mordo and Rigbone facing forward
      Mordo and Rigbone facing forward

      @M P 🖕🏾 Bucks in 6

    • MontyCMG

      @M P Giannis also wasn’t playing basketball at a young age. Giannis is also a 2X MVP 1X DPOY & he is in the finals… Luka hasn’t gotten out of the first round. His year will come, but rn stop it.

    • Wii DuB
      Wii DuB

      He can become best European player that played in Nba but basketball is not just Nba, there was many legendary players who won multiple medals and trophies but never played in nba, Giannis haven't got any big titles in National team if he starts wining those than we can put him in that conversation although it's ungrateful to compare different era's..

    • gbemi arubi
      gbemi arubi

      @M P rn giannis is better clown

    • M P
      M P

      Giannis at 22 was nowhere near Luka

  • Ian K
    Ian K

    I was swimming in grass downstairs in the attic 😩

    • Clear Motives
      Clear Motives

      Funny thing about that is I cried cause the cat barked when I looked outside my box cause the window couldn’t connect to the wifi

  • T

    I’d still take it down 🤷🏽‍♂️